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About me:

To create photos that convey texture, nuance, lived-
life, the light, the dark and
shades in between. The real moment passess and
cannot be re-visited again, even
in a parallel existence.

'Do you want to be known as the one who has the
best camera (sensor noise,
DR, lens sharpness etc...) or the one who took that
superb shot?'
'The biggest variation is in the photos you take, not
the cameras you take them
'A sharp lens is only one of the factors to shooting a
keeper in the field - and
often it's not even the dominant one'


AnandaSim | Published on Mar 24, 2012 |
We often see Beginners ask for reading material. The usual one or two books are recommended and then a few dayr or month later, the same question is asked. Time for a sticky - a forum post that doesn't float away into the mist following forum interactions.
AnandaSim | Published on Jan 28, 2012 |
Beginners repeatedly ask the question "Photoshop or Lightroom". This article tries to summarise the rationale behind using either or both programs
AnandaSim | Published on Oct 9, 2011 |
We often have questions by newcomers on what free software is available. These requests for information could occur in any forum and we often come up with some favourites. Here's a reference point where we can point newbies to.
AnandaSim | Published on Oct 6, 2011 |
A roundup of UV filter discussions.
AnandaSim | Published on Sep 30, 2011 |
A brief summary of formatting vs deletion on flash memory storage cards.
AnandaSim | Published on Sep 29, 2011 |
A summary of aspects of the Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera class
AnandaSim | Published on Sep 29, 2011 |
Quick summary of my approach to lens cleaning
AnandaSim | Published on Sep 29, 2011 |
Welcome to a resource of photographers, Beginner and Otherwise. DPR currently does not have stickies so here is my perspective on what I found interesting and fairly accurate / worthwhile articles for us to refer to.