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mpgxsvcd: I don’t think this guy has ever actually seen any camera other than a Canon.

That is exactly what I was thinking as I read this interview. I couldn't help but wonder if he had even wandered around the show to see what was being showcased at his competitor's booths. About three-quarters of the way through the article, I suspected he has never checked out cameras from any other manufacturers. He seems to be living in a Canon world where everything is Canon.

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On Budget M43: Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review article (137 comments in total)

For an 'entry-level' four-thirds camera... and assuming it will be priced competitively... the sample photos really are quite nice. It appears to be a simple, no-fuss camera for the mass market. Most people (read none of us in this forum) just want to be able to pick up a camera, point it in the right direction, and capture a decent photo. Zero learning curve. A very basic camera lacking options and controls found on more advanced cameras is a good thing for the general public. Back to my original thought... the sample photos looked much better than I thought they would look. If priced below all other new m4/3 cameras and put in the right stores, it just might be successful. The price really needs to be low, though, to tempt all those who are satisfied with their cellphones for capturing photographic records of their family adventures...

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On Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview (583 comments in total)
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Lawrencew: Any suggestion as to why the video quality from the X-T1 and the X-E2 is so poor?

Is it something that can be addressed in a firmware fix down the line, or is it something inherent in the sensor?

Fuji has always been notoriously behind the competition when it comes to video (even long before xtrans). It seems to me that video is only included on cameras just so they can add it to their marketing jibberish. That being said, Fuji video is 'okay' for family clips on family outings. There is nothing 'professional' about it though. It is just a basic functioning minor feature.

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expressivecanvas: I agree with many previous comments. First time I attempted to view this, couldn't get past the 1:22 mark. Went back a few hours later but had difficulty for the same reasons. I ended up skipping through and fast-forwarding.

One reason why this was difficult to watch is because the clips are so short. Many of the clips are more like a slideshow of still shots with slideshow panning transitions. Lighting was problematic. Perhaps more planning should have gone into creating more artistic clips of very specific highlights... building to a climax... la de da... you all get the idea.

cont'd... As a musician, I felt the music chosen was a poor choice. I like the piece, it was just a poor choice for this production. This music evoked feelings of monotony and boredom rather than excitement and exploration into the unknown. Perhaps the music should even have had a slight 'underground' DSP effect to match what we are viewing. If the music was more appropriate, that would have made a tremendous difference in how I felt overall. Even with no improvements to the video side of things, more appropriate music may have helped hold my attention for longer than 1:22.

Great idea but really poorly executed/produced. They really should go back to the "cutting room" floor and start over... this time effectively listening to the constructive criticism. This really could be a great idea.

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I agree with many previous comments. First time I attempted to view this, couldn't get past the 1:22 mark. Went back a few hours later but had difficulty for the same reasons. I ended up skipping through and fast-forwarding.

One reason why this was difficult to watch is because the clips are so short. Many of the clips are more like a slideshow of still shots with slideshow panning transitions. Lighting was problematic. Perhaps more planning should have gone into creating more artistic clips of very specific highlights... building to a climax... la de da... you all get the idea.

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If Sigma dropped all Nikon mount lenses over this nonsense by Nikon, who would be hurt the most? It would not be Sigma...

Sigma should put more effort into m4/3, Pentax, Fuji X and maybe one or two others. Significant numbers of annoyed Nikon users would be annoyed that Nikon forced Sigma to drop development of their mount and probably drop their Nikon gear for greener pastures with more options available.

In the end, Sigma could garner more sales... along with more users of m4/3, Pentax, Fuji X...

If Nikon wants to stand alone and push away all third party development, let them play with themselves...

I believe Nikon is isolating themselves which just may be corporate suicide in such a small world.

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On Two photographers re-imagine city potholes article (147 comments in total)

This idea could have made for a very interesting and artistic series of photographs. Poor angles (the palm tree hat is perhaps the worst offender), VERY poor modeling, some poor lighting (including fill imbalances), and some truly disgusting ideas makes for a poor series in general. DPR really felt the need to report on, share and waste space with this garbage?

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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1657 comments in total)

Outstanding job, Fuji... watch out Canon and Nikon! Before long, I can see Fuji putting a serious hurt on Olympus and Panasonic too. Great job, Fuji!

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On Fujifilm X-T1 real-world samples gallery article (187 comments in total)
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Heefe: As always pictures look unsharp on high res displays like the Retina. Flickr can do it, why not dpreview?

In my experience, Flickr over-sharpens and over-saturates everything. Please, DPR, don't do anything Flickr does to photos!

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evogt500: After seeing Fuji's new line of bridge cameras, I'm happy to still have my S200EXR.

Agreed. I'm glad I never parted with my S100FS. This announcement is an amazingly huge disappointment... and amazingly underwhelming when compared to the rumors on the street. That kind of publicity only hurts a manufacturer.

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I was about 99% sure I will be moving to a Pentax system to replace my obsolete Olympus system but if Tamron is going to be passing on making lenses in Pentax mount from now on, I might need to reevaluate. I'm not implying that I think this particular lens will be a 'good' lens, but Tamron does indeed make some really nice, fast lenses. If they are dropping Pentax, I definitely need to reevaluate systems...

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I find this lens fairly interesting... Seems like M42 mount would make more sense for an all manual lens. It would be much more easily adaptable for all cameras in that mount, wouldn't it?

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Mike Walters: Is it that the 3rd party batteries do not work, or just that the reporting of the remaining charge doesnt work? If it is the latter, then what do you expect with a 3rd party battery. The remaining charge reporting is a firmware function and if Nikon decide to change that (which they are within thier rights to do) then the camera may not have the ability to report the remaining charge of a 3rd paty battery....what a surprise.

Reports are that the firmware update renders some 3rd party batteries useless. And by 'some' that means that enough batteries had this problem that this was a well known problem around the globe within hours.

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egk4260: I never even considered a third party battery until the V1 battery issue with OEM batteries branded both Nikon and Sony showed early failure and no support or recognition by Nikon. In correspondence with them they sent me this link:

which you will note carries order info for OEM batteries with no warranty and third party batteries with up to three year warranty. OEM 70USD batteries with 2-3 month life span in a throwaway like the V1 was unacceptable.

Holy moly! Approx $60 for one battery!?! Why, oh why, oh why, would anyone in their right mind by a Nikon if that is the legitimate cost of batteries? Thanks Nikon for all this nonsense which brought this to my attention (and which you caused yourself)... now, not only will I never buy a Nikon, I will never recommend a Nikon to family/friends. That price is absolutely insane for a battery! One battery!!

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hectorsm: I currently own nine 3rd party batteries for several different cameras. Some of the batteries are around 10 years old. None of them have ever failed or overheated. I'm yet to see any statistics or numbers that point to 3rd party batteries causing damage to Nikon cameras.

I believe Nikon reason for the firmware block are pure marketing. Nothing else, just that.

I agree... I use 3rd party batteries for my Fuji and Oly gear... been using them for years because I get more shots per charge and the 3rd party batteries cost significantly less. I have never had a problem with my batteries nor do I know of anyone having any problems other than age and no longer taking a charge after years of use. This Nikon nonsense probably has nothing to do with warrantees... maybe, however, about crappy, cheap voltage regulators in Nikons if Nikon cams are seeing a lot of power issues. Seems to me this nonsense is just about Nikon trying to block other manufacturers' sales rather than taking care of their customers and subsequently boosting their own sales. Maybe they are blindly under the assumption that ANY ink is good ink... meanwhile more and more customers get annoyed and jump ship. Sorry Nikon fans, but I am seeing desperation and poor decisions while leaving customers in the dark...

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runamuck817: It's becoming impossible to recommend Nikon anymore. I wanted a small cam with long zoom and passed over the Nikon P520 and got a Panasonic FZ200 instead. The Nikon won't take filters--the panny will.

I was thinking about the D5300 with the wifi built in, but I found out it won't play nice with any of my Sigma lenses. I bought a wifi card instead. Sorry, Nikon.

Will the last person out of Nikon headquarters please turn out the lights? Nikon is digging its own grave and we may as well start dumping Nikon gear while we can still get something for it.

I agree, completely.

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Biowizard: This is very "Apple": they did this with their iOS device interface, where first the depracated one of the pins that used to carry analogue audio, giving it a new digital function, and then a couple of years later, when they binned the interface altogether for the new, sleeker "lightning" connector.

A number of third-party add-on companies got badly burned: one, in particular (Blue, who make microphones) had just brought out a high quality stereo mic for the iPhone, complete with free matching recording app. Within weeks, the mic was made obsolete by the change in pin assignment. So Blue continued to work on a Digital mic instead - and just as that was ready, Apple switched to Lightning. Blue have (understandably) gone away in a huff, and have pulled any attempt to produce a mic for iOS, and have stopped developing the app.

The losers are the Users. And Apple, because some of those users will have switched to Android to avoid this kind of crap. Another reason I will stick to Olympus.

I was with you, completely, until that last sentence. Oly abandoned their mounts twice now leaving users hanging and needing to start collecting lenses all over again. Screwing the users (your customers) is bad for business (and, as a result, profits). Olympus is closer to an example of how NOT to do business than an example of how to do business.

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dougjgreen1: This kind of garbage makes me glad that I bailed on Nikon for Micro 4/3 earlier this year.

I recommend others do the same.

...or also dump Nikon for Pentax if you want to stick to APS-C...

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Kubicide: Nikon has every right to do this - so why the hate? Does everyone think the aftermarket folks really care about your camera or compatability, or bringing you some sort of "fair value"? No, they want your $$$. And as a manufacturer Nikon should do what they need to do to protect their product and support expenses.

No one knows for sure just how compatible or incompatible the aftermarket product is except for the engineers at Nikon and the other companies. This battery issue is just like the reverse engineered lenses. It's the old "buyer beware" thing. If you are out to save a buck then do it 'eyes wide open' and know that the aftermarket product may not work and the vendor just wants your money for their product. That's it. Nikon doesn't make any claim to state that their product is designed to work with anything coming out of any 'brand x' manufacturer.

Absolutely... Nikon does indeed have 'every right to do this'. And, they will quickly realize the consequence in doing so when a significant number of their longtime customers abandon everything related to Nikon. Anger your customers = a loss in customers. And that means a significant loss in income.

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olivier_777: As a consequence, nobody can produce soap bars any more, because soap bars look like a Nikon 1.

I'm glad someone said exactly what I was thinking... These cameras in question each look like a slippery bar of soap... and yet, they clearly are two different cameras. Nikon can't possibly think that this similar looking camera is why their sales are so low. If they do believe this ridiculous notion, there are more serious issues within Nikon to discuss...

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