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BNapa: When I shot weddings regularly about 7 years ago. I suffered through Canon's sub par focusing and flash system. I envied my friend's Nikons for what Canon lacked. Then again I was shooting mid-range Canons and they were shooting high-end Nikons.

When I picked up my Pentax K5IIs, I had high hopes that the focusing would be better than my 6D's but it was not.

What I charged did not warrant or support buying high-end Canon or Nikons to get a camera that would focus when i asked it to. I have high hopes that K3 would be the camera.

I would gladly use manual focus just so the camera allows me to triger the shutter at the right moment. But my eyesight is not what it used to be so I have to rely on autofocus.

I miss a lot of good shots because of the focusing problem. My 5D, 7D and now the 6D and the k5IIs all have the same problem.

Do I have to switch to Nikon to get it done?

My OM-Ds (EM-5s until I got my EM-1 a couple of weeks ago) focus fast and accurately. I have a Canon 1DX too and it does likewise but for much more. I keep the Canon for the wides and the Olys for the teles. They´re brilliant.

The K3 is supposed to be getting rave reviews everywhere. Don't diss it. It's probably the biggest bang for the buck yet.

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Merry CHRISTMAS Dpreview!

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