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misha marinsky4: This is pure speculation: Who is going to be next with a FF M-ILC?

I'm not trying to start an argument. For the record, I have an OMD-5 and a Sony NEX 3n. I did that just to try different systems.

My first camera was a Pentax Spotmatic, and my next was an Icarex TM, with the Ultron 50. I still have it, and the Ultron is still a stunning lens. For those who do not know, the Ultron's front element is concave, and it's the only lens made this way.

I'm not brand loyal. Just curious. One thing I'm sure of - now that Sony has a FF M-ILC, prices are going down quickly. Moore's Law and all that.

Thoughts, anyone?

The Olympus 50mm f/2 macro has a concave front element, aside from that though no other lens I know of.

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Does it come with that hot shoe cover?

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smallcams: Nice, but what about AF? built in flash? Forget it.

Not a fan of tilt screen which feels cheap.

I'd far rather the tilt screen than the flip and fold out screen of the E-5, et al. Years back the folding screen of my old C-5060 always made me jealous of Canon G-series shooters with their similar to the E-5 screen, but now I have one I really miss that simpler arrangement, shooting from the waist looking straight down rather than having to face slightly away from my subject.

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