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I have no need of a desktop system, but the iMac Retina manages to pique my interest. That's a beautiful piece of design and engineering.

I'll likely wind up with an iPad Air 2 at some point - my current iPad Air remains a system I use routinely, and the surprise demo of Pixelmator suggests it might be a viable device for D7100 RAW editing. It'll be most interesting to see if that hope is born out.

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On Tiny fps1000 high-speed camera boasts 18,500fps article (137 comments in total)
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nerd2: 1080p200f looks very interesting (AND changeable lens too!) but price is bit too high.... Now we have 480p 240f (iPhone, and other android phones will soon support this ) and 720p120f (most android phones) on smartphones already.

http://vimeo.com/106557317 says otherwise.

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1666 comments in total)
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topstuff: This is what happens when they let western marketing people take over. I bet this was conceived and created in California.

It is something Ehrlich Bachmann would have said.

All we need now is for Canon to say that they "can make the world a better place".

> I bet this was conceived and created in California.

From http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/canon-s-new-camera-ads-focus-people-not-products-160595:

"Grey New York is executing the brand strategy, integrated creative, event, promotional and public relations work behind the campaign."

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Peiasdf: Wow, this is the longest DSLR superzoom ever made. Sigma and Tamron only made up to 270mm.

Nikon is a late comer to the superzoom scene (compares to Sigma and Tamron) but I guess with the price Nikon can charge they can afford better design and parts.

Not strictly - there was also Tamron's 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3. But, having used mine a fair bit (until the AF *and* VR died, a whole 18 months after purchase, and outside warranty), I wouldn't recommend seeking one out - quite soft at the long end, and prone to noticeable CA.

With three ED elements, I'd hope this is a superior performer.. !

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On Skating Pricess in the Your Best Photo Ever.... challenge (7 comments in total)

Absolutely beautiful, not to mention incredible timing. Simply excellent.

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