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nice photo id pay $100 for a big print

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On Opinion: Do we really need the Fuji X30? article (311 comments in total)

Sorry but Im quite rigid about needing optical viewfinder for composition and fuji have lost me with this model. Im quite happy with the X20. This is too close to the XE2 for me in size as well.

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On Pentax Q preview (279 comments in total)

I have just picked one of these up mint second hand with the 47mm f/1.9 fixed lens and have to say I love it.
Its ergonomics and build quality are frankly amazing
I shoot mostly in Aperture mode and I have direct access to A/E Lock and Aperture, one button press to ISO and Exposure Compensation my most used buttons.
At launch RRP it was clearly overpriced and with the small sensor seemed like there was better value elsewhere but with prices coming down it makes more and more sense as a fun but serious photographic tool
Very addictive, its hard to go back to bigger cameras regardless of ultimate image quality .
If you are not fixated on resolution and IQ that goes beyond what is discernible in real life uses, the image quality is good enough and you can get on with focus on important things like what it is exactly you are shooting and composition, exposure and light which is what its supposed to be all about isnt it?

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On Fujifilm XF1 Preview preview (128 comments in total)

I really like the way the zoom lens and popup flash are mechanical. Its not just because its retro but it makes the device inherently simpler which to my mind is a good thing. Saves battery power and one less electric motor to burn out over time. I hope this trend continues in cameras towards more robust sustainable design.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Hands-on Preview preview (624 comments in total)

Impressive specification and I cant help being impressed by the sheer technological uber-ness of this camera but I cant help thinking this camera lacks a bit of class, its like a V8 muscle car, fast in a straight line but how will it handle in the corners? Im not sure for everyday use the extra grunt in the form of full frame sensor would make as much difference to my shooting as all the hype makes out. Im still using my lowly 5MP Lumix LC1 which is clearly slaughtered by by this monster in the pixel wars and by every objective measure of camera horsepower, but enjoying my photography nonetheless. Lest I be pigeon holed as one of those lo-fi "crap camera" makes more "interesting photos" types I will say Im not averse to nice technology but its got to have a bit of soul as well. I did own a Nikon d700 for a year and enjoyed its amazing low light abilities but I felt self conscious walking around with so much $ hanging round my neck.

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Vladik: Could have taken the opportunity to move production to a more developed country. A place like Nevada would be perfect, cheap land and free of natural disasters, just have to fight the heat.

Well what the worker takes home isnt just determined by their productivity its also determined by the share taken by the employer or capital, and that depends a lot on politics. I dont want my cameras to be made by semi-slave labour.

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On Android and iOS App Tools For Photographers article (70 comments in total)

I bought photobuddy on the strength of review above only to find the Sun Moon calculator does not allow the iphones GPS to automatically set your location. You have to enter your latitude and longitude manually. Tedious and disappointing, no reply from support either.

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On Ricoh to make 16MP APS-C GXR zoom module article (136 comments in total)
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fzand: Ricoh's strategy of creating complex modules that include everything on a relatively dumb chasis is an interesting idea, but it also presents a big cost and complexity challenge that everytime you want to buy a lens you are practically buying a new camera with all its issues regarding firmware, etc.

On the other hand it means you dont have to buy a new set of controls and body each time you buy a camera. For me the controls are just about perfect and I can get to know them off by heart and they will be the same for each lens. The other thing is that the shutter is one of the things that wears out so again replacing this with each new lens makes sense.

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Hmm Amboyna Burl..."Southeast Asian tree".... better not be old growth forest, but then again plantation pine would'nt give quite the same effect

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noobdprseller: Posted by magnumgf :
"Do you actually take pictures or do you just spend your time writing in forums?
What you wrote seems to make sense, only of you have some ulterior motive such as selling cameras. I wish you the best of luck with that. I suppose the suckers who fall for your nonsense deserve what they get."


My dpreview gallery, some taken with almost a decade old dslrs needing photographer to think like film days & not rely on the cameras thinking.
I have also been shooting rangefinders since the 80's, starting with Yashica Minister.

Anyone with experience of shooting fim rangefinders, sould find shooting through X10 OVF easy.
Anyone who has used compact digicams with an ovf should find shooting through X10 OVF easy.
Anyone who has not used digicams with ovf shouldl after a while become accustomed to X10 OVF.


What a silly attack you made on me magnumgf.
You made an idiotic & immature attack on mr.
Moronic twit attack as you have made should be sent to the trash.

I think what noobdprseller may have been trying to say is that having a clean viewfinder removes any distraction from the shot which sounds fine in theory. As ThomasX mentions you can always look at the LCD screen but I agree seems a bit awkward to be looking through VF and then back to screen. I would prefer having easy way to change OVF display on and off. I guess you have to pay extra for that sophistication in the form of the X100?

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Possibly lifesaving innovation. If you were ever lost in the wilderness with this you could burn it to help stay warm

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