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JoostL: Well at least they didn't put an X in the name - very refreshing!


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What no Nikon?
So sad Nikon always kind of missing the point of what a good compact should be.

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What shallow depth of field?
At 10 feet this lens gives 3.5 feet DOF and that is nowhere near to being shallow!

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I had very high hopes when rumors started about new Nikon 1 system.
And then when it came it seams to me Nikon made all wrong decisions.
Sensor size and resolution I could actually live with, but no useful dedicated controls, body too big and slippery very uncomfortable to hold, ugly viewfinder on V1, not compatible with Nikon Speedlight flashes, slow and boring lenses ... nothing to like really.
And now we have this "new" J2 model and new 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens that is same speed as kit 10-30 lens but without VR and will be sold separately ... I really wonder if Nikon really lost it with system 1 ...

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rondhamalam: what?
don't we have 24-120mm already?

I really don't understand what's that with Nikon and 24-120...
Previous AF-S version was softest lens ever, and the new one is a bit better but much too expensive for what it offers.
On the other hand old 24-85 AF-S was very nice, and new one seams to offer even better IQ (according to MFT curves) and adds VR and sealing rubber gasket at similar price so it should be a great lens for upcoming D600.

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mugupo: Panasonic would buying Olympus, access to their zuiko lens.

LG stands for Lucky and GoldStar ...
Anybody remembers GoldStar?

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The Scurvy Dog of PR: I was one of those who were originally abandoned when Olympus discontinued the OM series- 'way back when'. I had thousands in the system. So I was little apprehensive when they chose to start the whole 4/3's thing. Now I'm glad I waited to move on a new system. Micro 4/3's was suppose to be the little brother to the ridiculous Digital SLRs we have today. I'm not surprised it never happened. They lack vision and do not innovate like they did in the early days of 35mm SLR's I still wish there was a spot metering system available today, that could do what the OM3 and OM4 could do. Pro level finesse. I also know Sony is now sitting on many of those Minolta patents, Olympus used. Have you ever compared an OM SLR next to any current D/SLR? I have. The camera industry as a whole is about 'unit sales', not about creating great products. Though there are a few exceptions.

Nothing really but the guy obviously wanted to express his disappointment with Olympus.

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learnerguy: I have a Nikon D3100. Kindly suggest me a 'good flash' unit which can be a good alternative to these pricey Nikon units.

Nissin Di622 MARK II or Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital would do great on D3100 and at much lower prices.

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V1 is twice the price so they are not in the same class, then again P7100 is a looser on the long run because if not Nikon then the competition from other mirror less systems will eventually kill it.

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jorepuusa: quote starts
More flaws, if i see it right:
- no touch screen
- no electronic horizon
- no GPS
Sigh....even more flaws: no typewriter, no surfing board, no radio and tv, no electronic drill, no discolights etc. For me as a professional cameras are for taking pictures.

By the way P7000 has electronic horizon and I am sure this new P7100 will have it too.
Other than that there is no pacman game as far as i can see...

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