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"Sharpness is a bourgeois concept" - Henri Cartier-Bresson Open Talk 8 months ago
Why Ebay, despite its flaws is a better choice than Craig's List or Kajiji Open Talk 9 months ago
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Now that MF Analog prices have come down so much... Open Talk 9 months ago
Now that full frame is cheaper than APS-C Open Talk 9 months ago
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Has Sony overtaken Leica as the *new BMW of the camera business? Open Talk 9 months ago
The shortcut to becoming a better photographer Open Talk 10 months ago
645z, Holy Crap Batman Pentax SLR Talk 10 months ago
Do you use the AA filter emulation on K3? Pentax SLR Talk 10 months ago
Ready to buy a K3 but need a recommendation on a lense please. Pentax SLR Talk 10 months ago
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX Opinions Pentax SLR Talk 10 months ago
Acropolis Pentax SLR Talk 10 months ago
Lens for portrait for K3 Pentax SLR Talk 10 months ago
Are mirrorless cameras pointless? Open Talk 11 months ago
DA 50 f/1.8 or FA 50f/1.4, Please advise Pentax SLR Talk 11 months ago
How much to charge for a print? (1st ever print sold) Pro Digital Talk 11 months ago
Why do you shoot Jpeg? Open Talk Oct 30, 2014
If Full Frame is so good, why is there no difference in photos? Sample attached. Open Talk Oct 21, 2014
Would my prints ever sell, or should I just keep shooting for fun and improving? Pro Digital Talk Oct 7, 2014
Thinking of Switching to Pentax... Pentax SLR Talk Oct 7, 2014
The freeloader portfolio-building-opportunity epidemic Pro Digital Talk May 31, 2013
Aftermarket FFs — an obstacle for Pentax? Pentax SLR Talk Apr 9, 2013
Film vs Digital SLR Open Talk Apr 8, 2013
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Epson scanners Pro Digital Talk Dec 30, 2012
Where is digital photography going???? Open Talk Dec 23, 2012
Amanda - looking for some feedback, what do you think? Portrait and People Photography Dec 10, 2012
Are the camera prices heading for a crash? Open Talk Dec 6, 2012
Quality of Hitech Reverse Grad filters vs others Pro Digital Talk Dec 5, 2012
B&W portrait CC please Black and White Photography Nov 10, 2012
which printer clogs less Printers and Printing Nov 9, 2012
B&W or Color? Leica Talk Nov 8, 2012
Brand new 10,660dpi [!] medium-format film scanner from Plustek Retouching Nov 7, 2012
Why are there 50mm lenses for APS-C? Open Talk Nov 1, 2012