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For all the critizes this, maybe you should see the final shots:

Of course then you can argue if you could get the same results with any other full frame camera and that budget :-)

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On Sony SLT-A99 Hands-on Preview (326 comments in total)
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jdc562: For four years I have been using the Sony A900 to photograph wildlife, especially flying birds. In this preview of the A99, the DPreview writer errs in describing the focusing tracking system of previous Sony cameras as a complex, multi-step, process (in Section 4 of the preview). To the contrary, in continuous focus (tracking) mode, focusing on a moving object is simply a matter of partially depressing the shutter button to lock on the object. There are no time-consuming multi-steps as described in the preview. The A900 is superb at initial, instantaneous lock-on, then tracking the moving object, even in dim light when the object is moving toward the camera, which is where other cameras fail. If the A99 focuses better than this, it will be fantastic for photography of fast-moving wildlife (and sports). The A99's reduced noise at high ISOs will expand its use into the early morning and late evening when many animals are most active and fast shutter speeds are essential.

I agree, I have an A850 and I shot soccer ganes and the continuos AF is excelente, even with a beercan :-)

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On photo The Hotel in the The Swimming Pool challenge (3 comments in total)

"Taken from your room no doubt", how can you be so sure, I didn't see anybody when I took this one.
BTW is not taked from any room.

Don't be so sure that you are the owner of the truth before try to ask how things are done.This no composite even if you said so.

And yes, this image is crap. But you never know what ppl like.

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On photo Petronas Twin Tower Kuala Lumpur in the My favorite spot in town (@Night) challenge (7 comments in total)

An excellent image and reminds me my vacation in Malaysia.
I want to go there again.

Thanks for showing this!

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