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  • Last week Minnie posted a great question. The question was, “Are We Becoming Each Other? “ Also, Mike Fewster gave the links to two great articles. These articles helped give me an answer to ...
  • A B Which do you like better? Why do you like it better?
  • Excellent macro technique. I would remove the red areas from the picture. There is something about the seed pods that reminds me of Vincent van Gogh.
  • http://99u.com/articles/51575/the-4-phases-of-developing-your-creative-voice
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    I did a little experiment. I stripped the exit data out and got the 1/10000 shutter speed. You can see the redesign of my flower picture here http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/56402835
  • Lovely pictures. The Pansy Orchid is my favorite of the three.
  • I clicked on the original link and saved it. If that is the original file then it must have been stripped from the original on upload. The data is stored in the file when it is captured. When it ...
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    It is not.
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    Thanks Zin.  Very insightful.  I will be remaking this image with a much smaller frame.  Maybe post a remake of it.  Thanks for taking the time to look and comment.
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    Roel, thanks for looking.  I don't think a rampage.  It takes a long time to figure out a style..  Maybe later in the year.  B&W is something that is evolving and might get very complicated.  This ...
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    Thanks mike for the insights and encouragement.  You are right about the black frame.  I think that you are right about pushing the image to the right.  I probably could push it the better part of ...
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    Thanks Lou.  I am sure that some of this will carry through to other projects.  I have learned a lot in exploring B&W.  Exploring other styles will allow me to have new ideas about how to process ...
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    As far as B&W, this is the culmination of my B&W processing so far.  A B&W masterpiece will come later after I refine my B&W technique.  I am still at too early of a stage in figuring this our, ...
  • Yes, we all influence each other. This place is an informal school or photographic technique.  I am sure that others have learned a lot from your styles.  The flower was a double Hibiscus.
  • This is something that I have been exploring for a while now. To me just a regular B&W conversion is boring. I wanted something different, unique. I started exploring processing different parts of ...
  • The reason for no exit data is because you uploaded it to DPR.  It stripped the information from the file.  I downloaded your image and pulled it into 2 editors and did not see any information.  ...
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    Roel did you shoot this as a 4:3 or 16:9? I used to have a problem with perspective control on pictures until I started to give more breathing room around the subject.  As long as you do not allow ...
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    Have you tried using white balance presets of your camera?  I have heard that this can give you better colors than using auto white balance.
  • How would the picture feel if you had used a circular Fisheye lens.  I think it might put them in their own little world.  Might be interesting.
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