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On Canon XC10: What you need to know article (233 comments in total)
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The Vorlon: So we have the usual - a device not available till June, and two people 'had it' and 1 'owns' it... smh

Funny! In the same note why not having another choice added: "I don't want it"

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Can someone tell me how a camera bag looks like? I wonder what is the idea with a bag which "doesn't scream camera bag" when you open it and bring out an expensive looking camera out of it!

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yesman12: Thanks DP editors. Good Interview. I don't blame Pentax for not sharing details. Looks like Canon is forced to respond to the 645Z with a 50Mp FF.

On the K mount and mirror less, I think the registration distance issue is a bit overplayed.
1) The over all size of the camera and standard lens combined is what counts, not just the camera w/o lens. The difference in length as measured along the lens axis between a Sony NEX and any other APSc dSLR becomes less when a 18-55 lens is mounted.
2) The "dead space" could actually be utilized by rear protruding lenses (indeed they Planned a few for K01) specifically designed for a mirrorless K-mount.

Indeed I see other reasons for mirror-less ( simplicity of design, live view of in body IS, data insertion including histograms, no mirror box for size reduction) but I am not sure that cutting a few MM off the registration distance is that critical. The K-01 had more issues than its registration distance (ugly being one).

There is a rumor that Fujifilm considering a Medium format camera with the same sensor as Pentax 645Z. It is not a matter of being big and small in business. In Capitalism you have to consider everyone around you. In camera industry it is not only Canon, Ricoh should be aware of. Capitalism in simple language: If you have 1000 dollars and I have 1 dollar. You have to do whatever to get that only 1 dollar from me!

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On Kowa announces pricing for three Micro Four Thirds lens article (149 comments in total)

Build quality seems to be great. If the quality of the output is also good then they are worth the price.

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On For the family album in the Look at the Birdie! challenge (23 comments in total)

Interesting! This picture has got the first place!

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cgarrard: *Cracks knuckles*... lets see, what would I like to see in the upcoming FF DSLR... well

1. Class leading viewfinder (magnification, biggest brightest view of all FF DSLRs)
2. No AA filter using K3's shift mech tech
3. Weather Sealing (best in class)
4. Intervalometer w/in camera time lapse video making/editing
5. All of Pentax's standard excellent features carried over from previous cameras like the K3/K5IIS such as multi-exposure, dust alert, tv mode, high frequency dust removal, etc... etc... etc...
6. A very fast processor able to take on all tasks as fast or faster than the K3
7. Built in lightning trigger technology
8. 24mp or more resolution
9. AF system more advanced than K3's
10. Advanced manual focusing aids for live view (split screen simulation mode, better focus peaking options)
11. Video that rivals cameras of its class, or better

And that is my "short" list. Yes, you like the idea of the built in lightning trigger mode, nobody asks for that.


The Nr.7 is excellent. I pay $100 extra just for that function.

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select: only 15 years late... LOL

What 15 years? FF cameras as reality begin only in around 2007-2008 by Nikon joining the single-man club. The EOS 1Ds and Kodak cameras were in hands of a very few professional people. In fact we can say year 2008 is the year for FF cameras as it came to market to cater a much broader customer group. Nikon D700, EOS 5D and Sony A900, all came in 2008.

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This time, it seems that the news is real. As I have waited in years and have not realized my dream, I still say: If it is true, I will be truly thankful to Ricoh for that. I assume, it will cost, so I start saving right now. This alongside to a process of making the wife ready for the disaster! In fact, I searched for a rumor about Pentax today. No mention in the sites established for rumors, but here I found it. One word: Happy!

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OH! What a fantastic camera! What did photographers do before emergence of this camera?

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On Fujifilm X30 First Impressions Review preview (471 comments in total)
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Tord S Eriksson: This camera is a clone of the XZ-1/XZ-2 and the MX-1, as they use exactly the same lens and very similar sensor type. Evidently an OEM supplies the optics and the focusing mechanism, while the brand name makes the outer casing and add their own, tweaked, firmware (possibly the electronics, too, but the similarities are scarily similar).

The two that stand out, is the X30, with built-in viewfinder, and the MX-1 with none (not even a external, mechanical/optical, option, as the X10 has)! They are also the two heaviest, by the way:

And this Fuji takes photos. It must be a clone!

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview (457 comments in total)

Too expensive!

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On A second glance: two takes on the Leica X article (400 comments in total)

Is this an advertisement?

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article (344 comments in total)

Do the leds have any function except abusing the battery?

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On Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 article (344 comments in total)

We people are different. Many of us get exited by gimmicks and business holders enjoy this big group of people who pay for nothing essential. If you are in imaging business however, you should know that some of us only care about real progress. I for one am fed up with lots of colorful ordinary (good) dslrs with crippled sensor. I care about Full Format. Everything else is playing in playground. thanks!

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On Ricoh expands Q series with Pentax Q-S1 article (364 comments in total)
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Revenant: The naming scheme really makes sense. First the Q, then the Q10, then the Q7, and now the Q-S1. Anyone dare to guess what they'll call the next one?


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munro harrap: IMHO this person photographed as images communicate better than our words do. I take pictures for the same reason. Any verbal remark or comment sounds "preachy".

But her pointless death need not be followed by any more photographers pointlessly dying- and death is pointless anyway, especially when it need not have happened.

If you have lived with anyone who has "served" in a war, or lived through it, they do not talk about it as it is obscene beyond words.

Obscene in the sense that it should not be shown as it corrupts and depraves the mind of the viewer. War photographs are as obscene as child pornography, and should not be seen.

We become as viewers the helpless distraught victims of the photographs of situations about which WE CAN DO NOTHING, because they are PAST.
The war photograph cant stop what has happened at all, any more than famine pictures stop a famine, or pictures of a fire put the fire out.

War pictures are suffering and hate recorded and perpetuated, Spock out

On the contrary of what you claim, I am myself a war veteran. I have wasted 5 of my best years of life in a meaningless war. I would talk about what i have experienced with no problems. I believe those 5 years, if wasted, are still part of my life. Only by talking and by showing the reality of war, we can truly understand the cruelty of war. Comparing war photography with child pornography is total nonsense. While the latter is the ugliest crime the war photography, in my view, is a sacred act.

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)

I understand that this law is meant as a necessary tool to have for stopping Paparazzi like photos and sounds recorded on politicians. Stupid politicians make such ambiguous laws to save their sorry selves but in reality they open for more corruption in the country. With such a law handy and vague to interpret, policemen on the street can stop anyone with a camera, check their photos and earn some more money!. I was in Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities I have visited, last year, no need to go there anymore time.

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)
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jkoch2: Another reason why smart phones will survive and traditional cameras will die out. Authorities cannot possibly police everyone who appears to use a phone, even if some snap pictures.

Public opinion at large, not just in certain countries, holds casual public photography in contempt. It is on par with soul-snatching or humiliation of the subjects. Property owners fear they will be reported for code violation or illegal renting. Spouses, employees, or public functionaries fear photos will be used as evidence of misbehavior. An Iowa law makes unapproved photography of farm property a felony, since someone was taking pictures of migrant worker shanties, confined animals, or manure dumps and run-off.

Trouble, trouble, trouble. Ban cameras. Out of sight, out of mind. Or wink and nod.

Meanwhile, there is widespread support for official or owner video surveillance of public spaces, workplaces, and private property of any sort. Might makes right.

In Chinese cultural revolution, they even attacked birds in the sky. Do you think smart phones are more difficult than birds?

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On DPReview Top Picks: Stand-out third party lenses article (85 comments in total)
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Fuzzfuzz: I just wish the Tokina 11-16 2.8 existed in Pentax k mount... That lens is the only lens i really miss to the k-mount

I'd like a zoom in k mount like 15-35.

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