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Τhe don't likes are the reason for the lower price,
Original addons are more overpriced than the products they refer.

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On HDR for the Rest of Us article (199 comments in total)

1. Natural is all about perception, Isn' it? So...
2. In some cases a sole and only one good photo it only needs the appropriate software to HDR (Topaz suite for example)...
3. Realistic lies in the eye of the beholder.

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Samsung, Apple and Google?
The first just has to pay 1 bn$ to the second for patents... lol
Great consortium... or deliberate play?

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On Pentax announces X-5 DSLR-like 26x zoom 16MP CMOS superzoom news story (408 comments in total)

Nice price, smashing looks for the people they care about such looks, AA batteries, more than descent IQ I guess, a bridge cam offering all those most people needs, aiming in this particular segment of market, filling the low end of bridge cams with a brand name more than recognizable...
A slow seller and a more than a welcomed gift for youngsters...
Not bad...

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On Just Posted: Canon EOS 650D / EOS Rebel T4i review news story (233 comments in total)

Ι will wait the forthcoming 650 1/4 model next month or maybe the 550 1/2 DDT in two months...

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On Panasonic DMC FZ200 preview (155 comments in total)
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In ALL your super-zoom reviews, including this about the new Pana FZ200,
you methodically "forget" Fuji X-S1 ... !!!!
How can you say of pana FZ200 that it is "at least on paper, by far the best choice in the superzoom segment for low light shooting" ???
This is simply A BIG LIE: Pana FZ200 has a RIDICULOUS 1/2.33" sensor, whereas Fuji X-S1 has a HUGE 2/3" sensor, and both have equally bright lenses.
WHY, by the way, you never tested X-S1 ? Are you objective reviewers ??

Hi Marcus,
after all it's the quality you take and not the specs.
The Fuji's specs may seem alright, in a way, but the results are not.
If lens and sensor do not have a "love affair" the results are disappointing.
We all know that...
Fuji, Sony and Canon especially.
Not to mention Olympus and Nikon...

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toomanycanons: How dare this guy shoot with a D4 at the Olympics instead of an iPhone or a Panasonic G5.

Pana G5? What a waste of gear... Even FZ150/200 with or w/o an 1.7 tele adapter can produce better images than any cams 10 or 12 years ago using film which had to be scanned etc etc etc...
For what? To be printed in a newspaper's cover on newsprint yellowish-beige paper?

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Quite few photos...
And small... Too small...

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On Panasonic DMC FZ200 preview (155 comments in total)

Well, they may say that it's not just the lens, but it sure is.
I' ve seen almost any other bridge cams results, some of them are marginally better in low light conditions, but one thing is for sure. The "writing" of the lens is practically incomparable with other cam's lenses. The printed result is far by far.
Now if you also have the ability of pp your pics you 'll find out that in some cases FZ 30/50/28/38/45 arguably competes with some entry level SLRs with their kit lenses in A4 and in some cases in A3 paper size.
Sad but true! For the other's kit lenses...

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On Panasonic DMC FZ200 preview (155 comments in total)

As usually Pana strikes always on July. And that was a good strike.
Now let me be a little more demanding.
Where are the long awaited FZ30/50s successors?
Let's say with 24-360 lens, new sensors, with a constant 2.8 or a little less perhaps?
I still enjoy my FZ30 for personal use...

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On Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers article (98 comments in total)
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Melvinphoto: Does the standard license which is 831 euro's for CS6 include the usage/installing on two or three computers (of the same owner?) I own a laptop and desktop and cannot find if I can use CS 6 on both.

I think that there is no policy of any sw company taht denies to use its sw in both your own desktops and laptop....

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On Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers article (98 comments in total)

Seriously now, can someone claim that we 've seen miracles in Ps after the version CS2? Anyone with the CS2 plus the plugins that a serious user needs is almost ahead of the CS6. Pls add LR too..

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On Just Posted: Fujifilm X-Pro1 review news story (271 comments in total)

This camera is a true Noise eliminator!

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maboule123: Do I need this technology to take better pictures of nude girls?
Am I missing something here?

Yes you do! The girls!

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On Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V review news story (130 comments in total)
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peterpainter: If you look around the internet you'll find that a number of people use superzooms primarily for bird photography and get surprisingly good results. The long lens reach with image stabilisation for the lowish price makes these cameras attractive - alternatives in MFT / DSLR etc. work out a lot more expensive. The smaller sensor allows for shorter focal lengths to supply this reach, easier macro because of depth of field.....
Before the world went digital I used to use a 24X zoom Hi8 video cam with steady shot for birds and got some good footage.
I have to admit, though, that I think the studio shots are actually, well, pretty horrible (as are those from the Panny - not really sure why DPR were so enthusiastic!). I was considering getting one - perhaps the Canon SX40 - but it looks like for general purpose photography it may not be a good idea.
Still, iif people are managing to get good photos from them, 'internet size,' ..
I'd prefer the small sensor with less pixels.

No matter the descent efforts of Canon in bridge cameras Panas still have the lead in this niche. Fuji especially suffers from its optics. These are all round cameras so someone needs overall performance.
One thing that pro photographers cannot understand is those cams ability for photo reporting or paparazzi staff content, since their vast majority are mainly Canon Nikon loyal subjects for some reason (lol).
As a camera this very Sony camera is just what marketing wanted for just to fill the brand's gamut gap.
Pana is the "inventor" of the niche, if I may say so, still has the more feedback of enthusiast owners/users and a good partner (Leica) so still offers very good products (except some mishaps such as FZ100, lol).

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Please Dpreview make sections asap. We still need you...

Direct link | Posted on Apr 17, 2012 at 02:01 UTC as 23rd comment

Τime for DPreview to create sections...
Amateur, Enthusiast, Entry Level, Educational (!), Semi pro, pro ....
Photography, Cinematography...
Lenses, Printers, Various...
With serious sub sections under each one of the above...

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 Review news story (72 comments in total)
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Rachotilko: Thank you DPR, you made my day ! Was waiting for this review for some time.

Anyway, I hope Panasonic would produce an ultimate bridge camera, with FZ150's sensor (with all the current technological advancements) enlarged to 1/1.7" or 2/3" and a mechanical zoom.

Fuji tried with their X-S1, but its let down by the soft lens.

Fully agree. It will take some years I guess for the marketing people to understand what they can really ask for their clients and I guess they can't really understand the inelastic need for a charismatic tool, no matter the (non huge) cost...

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 / SD1 Merrill review news story (388 comments in total)

Αn excellent yet idiosyncratic tool.
Suitable for all fine detail eager photo works in a pro level while keeping low investment cost.
The true pixel peeper amateur holly grail.

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On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X review news story (525 comments in total)

Brilliant example of confusion.
Close to APS but no 4.3...
Close to G12 in size but not a G series...
With a rather dark lens along with a lot of rathers..!

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