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steelhead3: The subscription service has made Adobe irrelevant.

your delusional

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gskolenda: They are way over priced! They need some stiff competition.

HPRC are a very good alternative.

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mailman88: A camera for the Rich and Shameless

@dash2k8 I don't think for a second that FF DSLR's are less than stellar, my point was that for some types of work, MF is critical.

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papa natas: There are
short order photo-cooks,
And then, there are THOSE, who PLAN and CREATE an image.
Those using tripod, light meter, bellows, and bring a thermos with coffee.
For THOSE, Lee Filters are still the benchmark on photo filters since many years past. Lee Filters are STILL most popular among movie directors.
Ask David Lean (Dr. Zhivago)
Maybe one day this new generation will rediscover COKIN Filters.

Halleluja! You nailed it!

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stevevelvia50: A lot of my friends have used filters with great results. I have only used polarizes and NDs. I generally expose for the brighter horizon area in a shot like this using my D7200. Occasionally I will bracket couple of exposures, always on my tripod. I simply use two adjustment layers with a layer mask and brush. I will vary the opacity of the brush and carefully paint in the desired exposure until it looks natural. Works perfectly and you can continually adjust to taste. For the past 15 years I have been doing all of my basic darkroom work in Photoshop with no more than two differently exposed images made on a tripod. Remember, subtlety is the key.

But there is nothing more satisfying then getting a great image straight out of the camera, that maybe just needs little tweaking.

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mailman88: A camera for the Rich and Shameless

Why is it so hard for amateur's to grasp the concept that these cameras are tools of the trade? The return on investment for some career photographers is such that a top of the line camera like this just what they need to get the job done. How is this different to say a truck driver buying a $100,000 truck so he can do his job? And no, a FF DSLR is not 'good enough'..

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Frank in Bridgewater: I guess people must buy a camera like this for the same reason that they buy a Rolex watch. Because they can?

" I can't afford it and have no use for it , therefore neither does enyone else"

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David McLean: I've been using a Nex-5T with a forty year old Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 'brass & glass' manual lens (+ inexpensive Fotga converter). The Nex-5T's on-board focus highlighting works beautifully and includes a LiveView focus zoom. The lens cost me $30 and is delivering some of the best portrait shots I've ever taken. The Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 works a treat too and has slightly better bokeh. I'd recommend trying one of these old lenses on the A6300 for pinpoint focus control.

new sensors+old glass=stunning results

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noflashplease: Is there anything less "cool" than another new iPad? Somehow, the iPad became a device for elderly people? Of course, the iPad only makes a negative contribution to Apple's bottom line, as overall sales have been in decline since late 2013. Sales declined 20% last year alone.

If Tim Cook really wants to be innovative, it might be time to pull the plug on the iPad line. It's a dying product.

I didn't realise we had an Apple business strategist in our midst. Thanks for your insights.

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On Connect post Instagram is changing its feed to use algorithm (45 comments in total)
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arhmatic: I think this is a good move.

I do have some followup on Instagram... I get well over 50% of the likes within the first hour, then the interest drops considerably. 12 hours later, I barely get any activity.

The idea is, the lifespan of an IG is EXTREMELY short. I hope this move helps!

i agree. the images effectively die after about 2 days. Hopefully this will show up more interesting posts, regardless of when they were posted. I also don't get why people have such a strong emotional reaction to the trivialities of life (how dare instagram/facebook change something!!!) Just read the hilarious comments below.

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On Connect post Instagram is changing its feed to use algorithm (45 comments in total)
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tkbslc: I quit using it since I still can't share stuff from a PC and the resolution is poor.

the whole point is that it is optimised for mobile use.

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Ruy Penalva: I would like to see an update to double the megapixels!

Naaaa.. A bigger sensor would make this camera a killer. But we all know that would never happen in the Panasonic environment. More mp will just equal more noise.

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This is still the only camera under $4000 that can output superb 4k 10 bit 422 over HDMI. Its does better skintones and gentler picture profile than the sony and canon dslr video offerings. I cant wait to see whats next from panasonic!

Link | Posted on Mar 16, 2016 at 09:58 UTC as 22nd comment | 6 replies

If you were shooting interviews on apsc sized video cameras, it would be hard to imagine why you would need any other lens for that kind of task. Ill have this the first day its released, its completely ideal in every way.

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nicolaiecostel: How many of you guys actually have 4k monitors ?

Are you asking because your genuinely curious or do you want to know so you can tell people why they don't need a camera that can shoot 4k video?

Link | Posted on Jan 21, 2016 at 20:45 UTC
On article GoPro's poor holiday sales lead to staff layoff (124 comments in total)

Corporate mentality of the infinite profit expectation. Unfortunately we live in a finite world, and this model is destined to be disastrous.

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Horshack: I'm for any non-destructive photo editor that is destructive to Adobe's market share.

Bashing adobe on DPreview at the mere mention of another photo editor. How very original you are.

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jakegrahamphotography: Why is everyone whining about battery life?
Toss a few spares in your pocket and problem solved, the things are tiny

Because this is the internet and every individual snow flake thinks its their duty to find something to complain about.

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happypoppeye: Compressed RAW is not RAW. Its compressed.

Oversimplified statement. It's possible to compress without loss of data. And it's always important to consider file size and the effects that come with it.

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OBI656: I wonder if people in these forums are even interested about photography merits in aspect of creativity, art and commerce beside pixel piping ...

Very much all of these forums became to be boring and tasteless with all these pictures of sunsets, ducks on pons and cats in windows ...

If I like to recall some outstanding photography I have to refer to H. Newton, Mr. Brazier etc. I have strong doubt, that these photographers have ever worried them selfs with problems nowadays photographers have beside taking a great photographs.

Have I mention, that these folks have shoot film ...

OBI656. I personally come to these forums to get a general feel for what cameras are doing in the real world. You get some people who trash brands solely on their names, and others that brand worship. The answer for most of us is somewhere in the middle. In the end the community will give you uncensored info about what cameras are worth it and which are not. And then you can make the right choice and go out and shoot! (or be more confused than before lol)

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