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It would be a lot of use as a machine vision sensor rather than a photography one. I wonder would it have applications in self driving cars ?

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Those are stunning photos.
he really has a talent.

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It is about giving as many options at as many price points as possible for the minimum amount of extra engineering.
The innovation is the 24 Mpix sensor, which is available in 2 different bodies at prices $100 apart.
You don't have to get angry about it, just buy the one which best suits your budget.

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a: No-one drives around at night with their lights off - they drive around with them on.
Thus, you do not need this capability for automotive applications.

b: The image quality at +72db of gain is fairly awful - but what would you expect with +72 db gain in an image.

c: I think the news is the ability to do +72db if gain at all, or to get usefully clean images with (say) +36 db gain.

As far as I can see, this is about 2x as sensitive as normal sensors.

Which is something, but not driving cars around at night with the lights off.

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It is like an industrial camera, but 4.3" and from Olympus.
So it should be excellent, excellent indeed.

I hope it is affordable and has a simple SDK with all the basic functions implemented first.

(Shutter speed, focus, auto focus, aperture, ISO, single / multi snaps, video of various formats and speeds).

Forget the hdr and the art modes etc.

(Do them when the rest is solid)


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totzoli: So what about this:
53000 found photos from 1900 to date.

This is a fantastic website.
It is like a Hungarian time machine.

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Why don't Sony make a monochrome body of one of the Nex cameras (say 5r) without a phase plate.
The bodies are small (compared to the lenses) so carrying a second one would be easy enough (much smaller than a DSLR body).

This would give much more of a Halo effect than the crazy RX1 [ IMO ].

They could also do a retrofit for certain models so you could trade in / recycle your old colour body for a mono one.

That would cause some buzz.

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Why don't camera companies make the occasional monochrome camera - no bayer filter, no quarter wave plate, just very sensitive, very sharp images.

It would be very specialist and would sell in small-medium numbers, but if you can build an astro version, you should be able to build a mono version.

Apart from the different software/firmware, can anyone think of a reason ?

Canon sell so many 60Ds and 600Ds, they should be able to run a few mono versions.

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Nerak50: What is someone who is looking for a camera that takes great pictures to do??? Nearly every comment is negative on most every camera. I come to these sites for help. Is there ANY camera worthy of praise?? I just want to purchase a camera, point and shoot or DSLR that takes great pictures AUTOMATICALLY. I know nothing about aperatures or anything. Please help!!

There are loads of excellent cameras.
Here are some I like.
The Panasonic Lx-5
The Sony Nex 5n or C3
Canon Eos 600D
Also Panasonic Lumix TZ20 or TZ18
I could go on, but any of these will not let you down

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