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marc petzold: A 50mm Lens -FF eqivalent- , even F1.4 for that price...and only for the Crop-Sensor APS-C Leica T, compared to this, a Sigma ART 50/1.4 for either Canon/Nikon Mount seems like a very good Bargain...and being FF, too.

Even i'd become a billionaire, i'd never burn that Money for some serious overpriced Leica Stuff, and i am german, too.

There are so many better alternatives for the price.

Marc, I agree with you. It's an electronic lens and will have a limited service life.

Link | Posted on Mar 24, 2016 at 16:25 UTC
On article How to: iFixit disassembles the Fujifilm X100T (109 comments in total)

Sure would like to see a WR X-100 series.

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On photo Savonlinna, Eastern Finland in the I love my country! challenge (7 comments in total)

Excellent! Very surreal.

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User2623759823: I think those last days were exciting ,Canon D80 ,Pentax K1 ,and now a Foveon sensor camera.A new player ,let's hope their image quality will be pushing the limits.

These are great special purpose cameras that give the average snapper MF quality at an affordable price.

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Marty4650: You folks just don't get it.

A photograph of this neck strap recently sold for $1.1 million.

It is a wonderful image and I will enjoy it 4 ever. ;-)

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)
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Biowizard: Gotta say, I am in love with my Olympus OM-D E-M1, not least because it handles so much like my original OM-1N from 1976. If I wanted a second body, this Pen-F would be a very good contender.

Olympus are producing the cameras I've always wanted: excellent picture quality, lovely handling, and sizes comparable to the best of the 35mm world. AND pretty! By comparison, even their own E-1 feels like a lump of lead, and as for the big Canikons, yikes! I'd need to hire a sherpa before getting one of their flagships!


Or eat more Wheaties. ;-)

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Franz Kerschbaum: Everybody who did under waterphotography knows that you have to position the flash as far as possible away from the optical axis to reduce light scatter from particles in the water. Lets hope there is a connector for external ones and not only this hump on the lens...

This REALLY isn't an underwater camera.

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disasterpiece: Correct me if I'm wrong, but $3000 buys you a full frame DSLR, a prime and a case.

Yes, but there is no Red Dot. ;-)

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X70 (266 comments in total)
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nicoboston: Sony, Canon, Panasonic and others can make compact cameras with a decent sensor and a decent zoom.
Did Fuji give up?
This X70 looks great but the fixed 28mm lens is not very versatile.
Why don't they make something to compete with the Sony RX100s,which are among the most popular compacts on the market?

Which maker produces a zoom lens APS-C sensor camera?

Leica X-Vario

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2456 comments in total)
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carlnor: I'm a Nikon/Fuji user, and I'm quite satisfied with both systems.
In Norway the X-PRO2 will cost only around US$ 60 less than the Nikon D750.
That does not make much sense to me. I think Fuji's gonna struggle getting this one off the shelves.

As a Leica film user in days gone by I'm happy to see this camera and will get on in a year or so.

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KTClown: Only 16 megapixels?

Peter Piper peeked a peck of pickled pixels and still made boring images. ;-)

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misspiggy01: the level of detail is astounding! i like it best at iso 3200. not too far from TriX, my favourite film.

i just recently shot my d800 in b/w at iso 3200 medium jpg normal, ADL auto, exp comp -1.3. also gives a very nice filmlike texture. but not anywhere that level of detail.

but i´m not sure if the difference would be worth € 7.500 for me. (camera plus lens).

so nikon, please, next up Df monocrome!

You could sell a kidney. ;-)

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On article Field Test: Brad Puet and the Fujifilm X-T10 (120 comments in total)
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sneakyracer: Enjoyed this video.

Not many people print anymore!

I have used the X-T10 and it is a superb camera. Loaded with cool features in a tiny body. It's a bit too small for all day use handheld IMHO but amazing for travel.

Not many people print anymore!

A print is the only way to judge a lens. A monitor is a joke. :-)

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On article Primer: Why would I buy a mirrorless camera? (560 comments in total)
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justmeMN: Thom Hogan put it "Mirrorless cameras are turning into smaller, lighter, excellent performers that do well in a limited range of focal lengths, typically 16-105mm. It’s when the subject starts moving fast and/or you need lots of reach that those three adjectives (smaller, lighter, excellent) tend to disappear."

I used Leica M's in the film age and mirrorless, to me, is much better.

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Barney Britton: Well this comment thread went pretty much the way we thought it would...

Perhaps, but I have not seen many images I have not seen before including my own. Maybe it was Dad showing the way? At any rate I'm not going to buy the book. True photographic artists are few. I just like making pictures. :-)

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Barney Britton: Well this comment thread went pretty much the way we thought it would...

An image does not have to be 'technically' perfect to be thought provoking.

Once upon a time center to edge sharpness was only expected in a macro lens. :-)

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On photo Crash Landing in the Astro photography challenge (18 comments in total)


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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)
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b craw: Leica always prompts polarized opinions. I am not in blind support of their cameras - they hit and miss, as do all makers - but to bemoan the build as gimmickery in an attempt to simply command excessive price is a less than inspired perspective. Leica, particularly in film cameras, has historically focused on solid and clean builds. And, many including myself have appreciated this as a matter of feel; that feel as holistic element in the photographic experience. Add to this consistently good optics and performance, and the price becomes either reasonable or not, based on what individuals value. As to the exact feel and performance of this model, I will withhold judgment until more information emerges, or, preferably, I use it. But, I do find it somewhat obnoxious when so many here have reduced it to status symbol; for a good many photographers, it has never been about that. And, if we are to go down such a presumptive road, can we not indict some full frame users as simply posturing, defaulting to a fashionable sign of one being a serious photographer (and at considerable cost).

I have used M's in the past but todays prices have made Leica a boutique brand. Looks like it would be fun to use though.

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Shamael: After having photo cameras that shoot video, we have now a video camera that can shoot photos. How deep we have fallen in the last years. Maybe in a few years it will include a coffee maker, a phone and a TV modulator.

2 mpix for picture ridiculous, for video in FF a step forward. For those who dream of the 500 000 iso clean shot, they are served now. It is just sad, and understandable, that this high iso shooting folly is made on the expense of resolution. 12 mpix is ridiculous and we come back to the time of the first digital consumer camera, Nikon's d70, which had the same resolution with the 6 mpix APSC chip. For me, the day we get a correct chip in 24 and higher pixel count that can do 500 000 iso clean, I will speak about an evolution in sensor technology. Making the pixels bigger and reducing their count is just faking you, it is no evolution at all. Maybe Nikon will now counter attack with a 8 mpix FF for a next D5 or Df II, to get you clean shot at 1 million ISO.

No convection oven...deal breaker. ;-)

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On article Kodak reborn: A look at JK Imaging's 2014 lineup (201 comments in total)
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justmeMN: No, Kodak isn't reborn. Now, it's just a hollow brand name, owned by an obscure company.

If Kodak did that Fuji is doing they would have a chance...maybe.

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