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The solution here is simple, NEVER admit someone else took your photo! That's an advice for the future :))

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samfan: In addition to my previous posts, one more - it shows how photographers are often equipment-centric when they think they own a photo just because it was taken with their equipment.

Sorry, but if a a 5-year old or a monkey grabs your $50000 preciously set up Hasselblad system and they proceed to take the most amazing photo ever, it's not your photo. Sucks to be beaten by a 5-year old or even a monkey but that's how life is.

Next time carry a disposable or a cellphone so you won't be so bummed that someone takes a great image while you spend all the money.

The solution here is simple, NEVER admit someone else took your photo! That's an advice for the future :))

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Frank C.: monkey business

Haha :D

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1486 comments in total)

Wow, these are some vibrant photos!

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On Samsung Galaxy S5 camera review post (83 comments in total)
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Peter62: Sorry, but the Galaxy S4 is BETTER!

Look for yourself at the studio scene image comparison, low light, then look at the coloured, concentric cirlcles !

Another reason not to buy the S5!

Peter, I dont see how iPhone is better. I hate Samsung phones, but the camera works pretty well, not worse than iPhone for sure. I use Lumia 1520 right now and it's way over hyped, it only takes good photos under perfect conditions.

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On A look at the Lomography Petzval 85mm F2.2 lens article (163 comments in total)
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Duckie: The bokeh makes me lose my sense of balance. Very funny effect but not enjoyable!

Same here, I dont get whats fuss is all about!

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Pixnat2: My Canon 5D was plagued with dust, I had to pay to clean it.
My Nikon D600 will be forever free to clean.

Lifetime cleaning warranty, how can't I be happy? :-)

well, you wont have your camera for weeks at the time, thats what not to be happy about. 5D is very easy to clean. ;)

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There's a saying, cheap pays twice. They used the cheap a$$ labor and thats what they got in return!

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Jogger: Ive had a Surface Pro since day 1 and its the best laptop/tablet out there. Those with iPads.. have fun letting Apple/NSA spy on your every move and the walled-off ecosystem... hint, its a millstone, not a feature.

Most people dont have anything to hide!

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On Sony announces pricing and availability for Alpha 7S article (131 comments in total)
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Petroglyph: Sony is running with the FE mount cams! They'll release the 16-35 OSS and fast prime soon I bet. Esp. since Canon is releasing theirs (16-35) with identical stats. They're feeling a little competition perhaps?

Alex, you're being a bit harsh, A7 is certainly a good innovative camera, it will be remembered. I'm personally a sucker for Canon smooth gradation and color pallet. I have Nikon and Canon and 90% of the time I grab my 5D. Canon's aren't perfect either, so it's a matter of preference.

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On 1939: England in Color (part 1) article (220 comments in total)

So pristine!

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2298 comments in total)
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dspoel: People here always complain about Leica prices. But at least these cameras are not made in sweatshops under slave-like circumstances.

Whats your point?! It's not our fault OSHA doesn't extend internationally!

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F M: Baan says "the new 24-70mm", but does this imply the f/2.8L II USM or an advance unit of the f/4L IS USM?

The f/4 would lose an f-stop of sensitivity, but pick up 4 f-stops in stability for a static image, perhaps a better result, especially at 1/40 sec.

Net would be 3 f-stops?

Also, would f/4 with the f/4 lens have better fidelity than the f/2.8 with the f/2.8 lens?

I'm sure, since he was using 1D X, it was the 2.8 II, also in the moving heli and shaky hands, IS most likely would not be of much help, but perhaps it could.

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On Shooting Raw with the Nokia Lumia 1020 post (72 comments in total)

Lord Jesus, this thing is so over-hyped that it's not even funny! So is the image quality of my Lumia 1520, love the phone, but the image quality leaves a lot to be desired and focusing is slow as hell!

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On Lytro announces Illum light field camera article (347 comments in total)
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vintoe: Although the propriety file format and low mega pixel count is definitely a con, in terms of depth of field this isn't too shabby.

At the 11.1mm (30mm equivalent) and f2.0 the depth of field of images would look like:

APSC 20mm (30mm eq.) f3.6
u4/3 15mm (30mm eq.) f2.7

And at the portrait end 31.5mm (85mm equivalent) and f2.0 the depth of field of images would look like:

APSC 56.7mm (85mm eq.) f3.6
u4/3 42.5mm (85mm eq.) f2.7

At least it has a shallower depth of field than kit lenses. I mean it is overpriced by a lot and you could get a nice prime for that price lol but for an all-in-one package it's not too bad.

Compared to the RX10, the lytro has shallower depth of field across the board (f2.0 = f5.4 in full frame vs f2.8 = f7.6 in full frame). I know the lack of a 24mm equivalent is a huge difference and the sharpness (or dullness) of the lens combined with the resolvable power of a 5MP is going to be miles lacking... and lack of video... but hey at least it's something new!

What is the MP? I dont see them mentioning it anywhere.

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On Past and present: NYC's changing streetscape article (49 comments in total)

Doesn't look like it's a good change!

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On SmugMug Films: Capturing what you can't control article (11 comments in total)

wow, incredible stuff!

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I downsized 1020 file to 13mp and S4 still stumps all over that image. Very disappointing. What is the point of packing all those pixel, I dont get it. Why not just make excellent 8 or 10 MP sensor with superior JPG engine, that stumps over all other cameras. I have 1520 and the camera produces rather disappointing results as well.

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On Oppo Find 7 features QHD display and 50MP images post (61 comments in total)
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peterwr: "With a 13MP *1/3.06-inch* Sony Exmor CMOS sensor..."

FFS. When are camera manufacturers going to start quoting sensor sizes in millimetres? This 1/x.x business is needlessly confusing. OK, so maybe that's the point - big numbers sound more impressive to the inexperienced, even if they have a 1 over them - but still, millimetres (or even millimeters) would make imaging chips a lot easier to compare. It would make it easier to estimate the 35mm equivalent focal length of the lenses, too.

C'mon DPReview - how about you start doing it unilaterally? You're influential enough that maybe you could change industry policy.

Whats real funny, is that we dont even have a full frame sensor with that many pixels. I dont understand the point of this crap. They never perfect 8 mp sensor and went pretty much straight to 40-50. My lumia 1520 20mp cam is crap. that must be a lot worse.

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Henry M. Hertz: another lame interview....

i don´t know why the interviewers never ask the questions that come up on every forum.

as only one example... why not asking why canon is still using 7 year old sensor manufacturing? a 500nm process.
they improve sensors... well not as much as others do.

the 18MP sensor get´s a bit long in the tooth even with dual pixel AF.

the 1DX sensor is fantastic and it´s a wonder canon can do this with a process that is at least 3 steps behind sonys manufacturing process.

still the question is when will canon update to the same manufacturing process as, for example, sony?

canon builds the best overall DSLR´s. i love my 1D X.
but the real question is .... when will canon improve sensor perfomance?
with improved DR and low read noise of current sony sensors canon would be unbeatable.

They dont need to do much, because in sensor with that 18 MP sensor they were already ahead of their time and it is still good. Most people don't want gigantic files to deal with. I personally think that 24 or 36 mp is way too much. You are partially right about DR and it needing to be improved, it's a yes and no. Canon still to this day offers silky smooth gradation that no one else offers IMO. Yes, Nikon has incredible shadow retention, but files are a bit rough and color gradation not as smooth.

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