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So it's an M240 with more ram built to look like an MP? I'll take a real MP, a truly spectacular instrument.

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This monkey's selfie looks better than at least 90% of the selfies I've seen taken by human beings.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1531 comments in total)
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phoman: It really is a silly thing to say that D810 is not suited for wedding photographers

One of the best in the business, Ben Chernivsky, uses a D800.


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On Nikon announces full-frame D810 with no OLPF article (98 comments in total)

Looks like a great update to the D800/E. I hope Canon is eventually able to match this sensor in terms of dynamic range (I'm less needful of more resolution, although it's always nice to have and not need). I'll see what the 5D Mark IV looks like, and make a decision then. I think a lot of Canon users feel the same.

As a side note, wow, some mirrorlesss enthusiasts are laughably insecure about their choice. Different tools for different shooters, people.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (660 comments in total)
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Sergey Borachev: Canon really really need to put sensors that are competitive in their cameras. It seems all their cameras are DR challenged, from compact to FF. Time to consider buying Sony sensors and just give up on making your own sensors, Canon.

Sony won't sell sensors to Canon until their market share has gained and Canon's is smaller. Right now the imaging sensor partnership with Nikon is a business strategy to weaken the current market leader. Since Canon invests all of their R&D in videography equipment, their sensors are stuck in the last decade. Sony and Nikon are hoping to gain market share by offering the best image quality available. I hope it works, and forces Canon out of its complacency.

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On Updated: Creating the Leica T article (197 comments in total)
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pinnacle: If you need a "prestigious" name to brandish like a fine piece of jewelry, this is another piece of jewelry from Leica.

A brand new mount?
No viewfinder option?

For those who feel inclined to use Leica lenses, why not use adapters on existing cameras with better offerings in ergonomics and more features?

When I see the rare Leica in public I am not impressed in the way the owner may hope to impress me. I am wondering for a few seconds if the user has a skill set to produce quality images with their camera. I am sure that some Leica owners are fine photographers as well as wealthy enough (or vain enough) to have purchased the brand in the first place. I do believe that the vast majority of Leica owners are a lot more driven by a potential badge of social status than the desire to produce compelling photographs.

The same could be said for owners of a lot of cameras from brands without a red dot. Thing is, Leica makes some beautiful lenses. I don't think you can say that most M-system Leica owners are out to impress someone. Non-M system Leicas? That's another story. I can't for the life of me understand why someone would buy a Leica branded point and shoot except for the red dot.

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On A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera? article (219 comments in total)
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Rawmeister: Hard to believe anybody would shoot anything with film.
Oh well - some people still listen to vinyl on turntables too.
People will be people.

It's not that hard to believe considering that large format still offers the best resolution for a single shot, assuming you have a good lens and good technique. Fine grain 35mm film is only now being matched by digital (the D800 was the first camera to reach the equivalent of a 5000 dpi drum scan of Ektar 35mm). Medium format film at its best (again, meaning fine grain, low-sensitivity, high quality lens and good technique) still isn't matched by 35mm-format digital, let alone large format.

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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (660 comments in total)
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JonB1975: Want, want, want....... My first dream camera since the 1Ds MkII! As for those people saying Ansel Adams would never touch something like this - How the hell would you know???

I'm glad that Ricoh are offering a sub-$10,000 digital medium format body. Hopefully this opens the door for such offerings from more companies. Competition is wonderful.

Also, even now it is difficult to beat the image quality offered by 8" x 10" rail cameras, or even 4" x 5". An 8" x 10" contact print is something to behold. A lot of fuss to use, though. The thing about digital is that it is convenient, and that matters when you need to get the shot.

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On Ryan Brenizer on how to shoot engagement sessions article (72 comments in total)

I wonder what threshold is crossed that makes portraiture involving a recently engaged couple somehow "lame", "false", or "nauseating" as opposed to any other type of portraiture? The hostility (perhaps jealousy) of the rank amateurs here of professionals in their craft is something to behold. I say this as a rank amateur hobbyist, myself, but at least I have the humility to appreciate this work and - gasp - maybe learn something from it.

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1606 comments in total)
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tesch: So they gave it a bad review. What did you expect? It doesn't mean your pictures suck.

Is a Silver Award bad now? They brought up some fairly minor issues, and acknowledged they were relatively minor.

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On Sigma announces all-new 50mm F1.4 DG HSM 'Art' lens article (245 comments in total)
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Sonylover1: Otus killer?

I doubt this lens is apochromatic. They wouldn't be able to offer a reasonable price if it was, and the point of the Sigma Art line is to offer outstanding performance but still at a price accessible to enthusiasts. Still, I have a feeling this will be the best normal focal length lens other than the Otus.

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On Sigma announces all-new 50mm F1.4 DG HSM 'Art' lens article (245 comments in total)

I'm a bit of a 50mm lens junkie. This looks really interesting, will likely have excellent performance if the 35mm from Sigma is anything to go by, and will be relatively inexpensive. Want, want, want. Of course, I'll check the reviews first.


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On Best Gear of 2013: The results are in! article (159 comments in total)
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Michael Ma: I hope Canon and Nikon have been humbled by what happened in 2013. While they were busy purposely building inferior models to their high priced flagships, the competitors finally caught up to them and left them in the dust.

They need to fight back and fight back hard.

With that said, I felt the results were a little strange for some categories.

Sony's real innovation wasn't this year, it was when they developed he Exmor sensor line. All the rest of this "innovation" people are gushing about is simply miniaturization. If you want a small camera, fine, but I wouldn't call it innovative. We've had compact cameras for decades. They still aren't as responsive to the photographer as SLRs, and they won't be any time soon. Amateur toys.

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On TIME's top photos of the year article (153 comments in total)

Disaster snuff porn is the best of 2013? I understand the journalistic value of such images, but not really the artistic value. To me, this is the most beautiful image captured by humanity in 2013:


First Runner up:


Second runner up:


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cpkuntz: Why do they use 2 mp sensors? Robust build? The Apollo mission used Hasselblads. Why not get some medium format goodness on board one of these rovers?

Thanks for the logical explanations. Of course the bandwidth is quite low; I just read the article, noticed 2mp, and was really surprised without really thinking about why. Notice my original post was an honest question, not a complaint.

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Why do they use 2 mp sensors? Robust build? The Apollo mission used Hasselblads. Why not get some medium format goodness on board one of these rovers?

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On Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review article (706 comments in total)

Thank you for including Andrew Reid's comments. I love using the 5D Mark III and am excited by the prospect of filming video with it, but highlighting his remarks will serve to push Canon in the direction of releasing a DSLR with good resolution out of camera without a hack (physical or software). That kind of pressure is warranted and welcome.

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On An In-depth Discussion of M + Auto-ISO for Canon SLRs article (38 comments in total)

Too bad there is no M+Auto ISO exposure compensation. This is the main problem with it.

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On First Impressions: Using the Nikon D800 article (307 comments in total)

This camera looks like a real breakthrough! I wish I didn't have so many Canon lenses. If I were starting without a system, I'd definitely get this camera. The 5D III will likely be a great camera, too, and I'm excited to get it. However, at this point, it doesn't even come with functioning software to develop raw files. Video isn't even as sharp as 5D II. I was excited about the new Canon and tried to defend it, but these sharpness issues are just bush league. Absolutely ridiculous. Come on, Canon, time to up your game. Congratulations on what looks like a fantastic tool, Nikon users. Hopefully next time Canon won't sit on its laurels.

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