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Dogman Joe: It is my understanding that "non-destructive edits" are the result of using RAW images rather than JPEGs, rather than being related to the brand of editing software. In other words, I believe that Lightroom already performs non-destructive editing on all RAW format images. Does anyone else have a different understanding?

Not just raw but tiff and jpeg as well. Edits are stored in the catalog and, with raw, in an XMP sidecar file.

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On TME_09-05-14_104 photo in erringtont's photo gallery (2 comments in total)
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Robert Evagelista: I reallly Really Really like this!
Dunno why..

Well, thank you Robert.

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Do they seriously suggest you use the same brush to clean dust from the body and then use on the lens surface?

Not a good idea.

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On Nikon D5300 Review preview (285 comments in total)
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Reilly Diefenbach: Enough with the touch screen, touch screen, touch screen, oy veh!

Also modestly proposing an indefinite moratorium on Hogan's "iterative."

I was wondering when someone would point out the seeming obsession with touch screen in this review. Once or twice would have been enough.

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On Interview - Phil Molyneux, President Sony Electronics article (133 comments in total)
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Ionian: I lost interest the minute Molyneux used corporate BS speak like, "Synergy". Ugh.

And Mark Weir?! What happened to that guy. He went from someone who used to be a powerhouse in the Minolta world to being a Sony puppet who sounds like he'll spew and back up whatever Sony tells him to because he's thrilled they kept him around after Minolta folded. I know Mark's gotta pay his bills like the rest of us but he doesn't have to make it so obvious.

What an embarrassing interview for both of them.

Mark's been at Sony for 26 years.

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On Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera article (195 comments in total)

Are the In-Camera "Lens Compensation" adjustments active in RAW and/or Jpeg? The review does not cover this.

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