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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 Review preview (385 comments in total)
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Glen K Wells: Jusy my two pennyworth but i think it is a mistake by Panasonic to not provide a built in flash.
Ok add-ons are more powerful etc but who are these cameras aimed at?

The LX100 - no flash and now the GM5?
Basic photo punters do not want to carry a separate flash around with them to a friends house or out in their other pocket. Just want to take a quick snap oh hang on everyone I need to find and then attach the flash - hey where did everyone go?
A built in flash is one of the functions that make cameras like the E-M10 and the NEX I mean A6000 lines popular.
A built in flash is dam useful. If there is no room on top anymore why not squeeze one on the front like the days of old - software or the camera can remove red-eye.

Personally I would not choose a camera without one, I know that counts for zip but it is a feature that I look for. Currently have D610, X-E2, NEX-6 and E-M10.

Gonna start a bring back the built in flash campaign haha.

A good reason for a build in flash is, that it also makes it possible to trigger at bigger flash. Even a small guide number can be used for outdoor portraits, but then there is the sync speed limitation to consider.

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On Real-world samples: Sony Alpha 7 II in Kauai article (225 comments in total)
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Just another Canon shooter: Is the 16-35 that bad or this is an operator error?

adjust your monitor or polish your glasses.

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Maklike Tier: Wow, that 28mm f2 is TINY. The bayonetted extensions look very clever.

Adapters of that kind has been done for 75 years. And the IQ can be excellent.

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ecube: As I recall, Sony was the first to offer [essentially] digital camera in 1981, the Mavica. In 1995, I used Mavica to document field work. I'm not sure but it seems that Contax was the lens used by Mavica. Around 1997, I tried Minolta D'Image at a traveling Minolta trailer. The so called "Minds of Minolta" merged with Konica and years later, Konica-Minolta was purchased by Sony

Why bring this up? Contax, Minolta, and Konica had GREAT lenses for SLR. Minolta, Canon, and Nikon produced GREAT Japanese lenses that competed with the best of German lenses since the late 1940s. I don't know when Sony stopped using Contax but I assume Sony owns all the lens design and technology pf Minolta and Konica. That said, I am puzzled why Sony seem well behind Canon and Nikon in producing lenses for their DSLR

On an "aside", the best Japanese lens I ever owned was the Takumar lenses from Asahi Optical Company, aka Pentax. That was in the mid-1960s

Be free to correct any of my errors

The 58mm f/1.2 does not have the Minolta AF A mount, but the older SR (MC/MD) manual focus mount (more or less back from 1959). Minolta changed bayonet/mount to the AF A mount in 1985. Sony continued that A mount unchanged. Minolta A mount lenses works perfect on Alpha A cameras.

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On Editorial: 2014's Homepage Highlights article (71 comments in total)
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Valentinian: Barney Britton (6): "one of the main differences in terms of performance between DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras has been autofocus".
Well... also the EVF still has to catch-up with the DSLR' OVF...

From my point of view, one of the remaining problems with the mirrorless cameras are the "shutter"lack/interval from the picture you see at the screen/EVF and the resulting image when you'd pressed the shutter. So in that point I agree with you. But for manual focusing (and especially manual lenses) the manual focusing with magninfied and amplified pictures or picture peeking is difficult to match for the DSLRs mate screens.

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On Editorial: 2014's Homepage Highlights article (71 comments in total)
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Valentinian: Barney Britton (6): "one of the main differences in terms of performance between DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras has been autofocus".
Well... also the EVF still has to catch-up with the DSLR' OVF...

The mirrorless is not the same as a rangefinder in the film days. What you see on the EVF is the same as you get at the picture. Not an optical substitute. (Lika a monocular build into the camera) As a picture imaging tool, it's more comparable with the large format cameras of the film days. And its much easier to manual focus on EVF (NEX and m43) than on the modern matte focus screens made for autofocus in DSLRs. I've both.

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TheDevil: I like that they made the grip bigger. I have big hands and I hated the ergonomics of the first A7. I just wish they would have used the extra real estate and jammed a higher capacity battery in there.

I've several Panasonic M4/3 bodies. Only two of these share the same battery. One of few irritating issues with the Lumix M4/3 cameras. I also have and have had several Sony DSLR's (and a single SLT). They all share batteries.
I think it's for the better to have only a few battery lines as Sony have chosen. The company could of course use the DSLR batteries in some of the "Nex'es"

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On Kodak reborn: A look at JK Imaging's 2014 lineup article (195 comments in total)

Any new micro four-thirds manufacturer should be welcome.
Today Kodak is just a brand name like Rollei and other companies of the past. Kodak may not have made good film cameras for decades, but was one of the leading developers of picture making for a period of nearly 100 years until bankruptcy a few years ago. Great respect from me!

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On Reminder: Vote now for your product of 2013 article (64 comments in total)

Unfortunately is the best camera of the year not included in this poll..

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A lot of the former big players in hardware and software - also some of the best - made some bad decisions or made bad choices in the past. Today they've been bought by competitors (like Adobe), are minor companies or are left to be forgotten. Adobe seems to be one of these in the future, not understanding the human nature and overwhelmed by greed, probably convinced by "marketing experts"

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How a company can kill itself in a very short time. Forcing users to other brands. Stupid.

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Schneider Kreuznach is a state of art lens manufacturer, and has been on the edge for generations. Superior big format, medium format and 35 mm lens production in the film era - along with premium enlarging lenses and optics in many other aspects. Now heading for modern digital cameras. Great news for M43 owners.

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