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nananananana: better than the 210841084th person shooting a waterfall at low shutter speed

Isn't that exactly the same as this? The same water droplets, shot at multiple locations.

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On FAA proposes regulations for commercial drone usage article (119 comments in total)
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Der Steppenwolf: Sounds very reasonable to me. I am from Sweden and here authorities just decided to ban ALL drones in public places. But then again this country is all about banning everything that's even remotely (pun intended) fun so that is not a surprise :(

Do they still allows having people genders?

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Please, fix the misspelled title, it says "Samung" :)

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On Beyond the ordinary: Tim Dodd's Everyday Astronaut article (102 comments in total)


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On Updated: Creating the Leica T article (196 comments in total)

A 45 minutes(!) long video about making the Leica T. Actually it only shows somebody actually polishing the body of a Leica T for 45 minutes:

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On Canon recalls about 14,000 PowerShot SX50 cameras article (53 comments in total)

Sometimes I would like to see some different recall news. Like "Canon recalls the Panasonic FZ200" or "Canon recalls the finale of How I met your mother".

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Joe Ogiba: No optical image stabilization in 4K is a showstopper IMHO.

You only need a heavy enough rock and some duct tape for proper optical stabilization :)

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Daniel Bliss: I cannot get my hands around a three inch-wide phone. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Pity. Seems like a nice design otherwise. But the obsession with ever-bigger displays has to stop. Try scalable UI instead.

The compulsory Oatmeal comic about Edison vs Tesla:

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Does wifi works underwater? :)

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A quick PRIME vs ACR comparison

Original image: DPReview's FZ200 ISO6400 studio shot

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qwertyasdf: I don't own this camera, but if this camera is "ULTRA-CHIC ANSWER FOR CAPTURING AMAZING IMAGES"
Then there must be no words in my dictionary that can describe the pictures the D800E takes. (Or even the Panasonic LX3 for that matter)

And anyway, what was the question with this (ultra-chic) answer?

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itsastickup: Seems the dpreview site is suddenly capturing ctrl-click. To power browser users this is exceedingly irritating. Ctrl-click opens a link in a new background tab for later perusal.

Please don't interfere with interface standards, dpreview.

Suddenly? It always did this on  Mac Safari.

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absentaneous: seriously? #facepalm

I mean yes, it's stupid that you use a filter and you want to hide it for god knows what reason (because someone decided that's not that cool anymore and you are yet another sheep who needs to follow the shepherd?). but it's even more stupid to bother with such people and make lists of "cheaters" and what not. I mean who really cares?

but this is a good opportunity for smart people. use filters and then ad the #nofilter hashtag to all of them. this filter fakers blogs seems like a good way to gain some exposure for your pictures. I mean see? some even ended on this site.

Solution for a definitely 0th world problem.

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On Bell Labs creates lensless single-pixel camera article (57 comments in total)

See the Nuit-blanche blog about compressed sensing.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 5, 2013 at 09:37 UTC as 15th comment

These patterns still could be used to calibrate or compare Google/Bing Maps.

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easyeddy: lol WTF viewers in the UK can't see that article in spite of the fact the BBC is funded through our taxes (i.e. a 'licence fee' that is compulsory per household). Pure bolox.

It is a perfect time to try out some anti-internet-censorship tools, like the Tor Browser, just download and start using it:

Direct link | Posted on Dec 14, 2012 at 18:30 UTC

The link under points to the wrong place, dear user E024256 :)

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RaZZ3R Death: In the future I hope that compression algorithems advance enough so we can enjoy at least 5 to 10 MP at file size of 1-2 MB as JPEG. And maybe they can use oversizes senzors for better DR so they can be processed for better IQ (not just for the public viewing but allso fo science studies). I guess it's not in my lifetime to be able tu fufill my ultimate dream: NAVIGATE INTO THE DEEP SPACE OF UNKNOWN, but seeing the progress of sciente and humanity give me hope for a better future beyound this "booring rock". And like a plague we shall descent upon the planets and the stars into galaxys and beyound small beginig that once this little race of men started with just a flaming torch of inginuety and a burning hear of curiosty ...

Algorithms are coming from scientists researching "compressed sensing":

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Keith Golon: For everyone complaining about low resolution and bandwidth..

Strap your iphone to the camera mast and see how long it functions. I don't doubt it will take a few pictures right away, but what about next week? Understand that space qualified cameras are just a little bit better engineered than the consumer garbage you keep in your pocket. Understand that NASA doesn't flood a data connection with trash pop-ups and useless java ads. They don't stream google-ads either. So they can do a lot more with 250MB daily than you can.

That's not 250MByte. It is 250 mega-bits = 250/8 = only 31.2 megabyte data per day.

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On Researchers follow the noise to find composite images article (38 comments in total)

Similar techniques aren't entirely new:

Direct link | Posted on Jul 9, 2012 at 19:41 UTC as 15th comment
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