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On Samyang updates 8mm F3.5 fisheye with CPU for Nikon article (31 comments in total)

I put a dandelion on my 8mm Rokinon. SHARP clean lens. I also have the Rokinon AE 14mm f2.8 with factory chip. The only thing about the chips, like the dandelion, the aperture has to be controlled by the camera. Aperture ring must be set to the minimum like a D lens. So in effect you end up with manual focus G lens. This does NOT act like a P lens. This is NOT good for shooting video. I like to manually control the aperture with the ring. However if the chip is on the lens and it fools the camera that a G lens is attached, the camera will control the aperture. The way around this is to enter the manual lens data in the menu and put very thin tape over the contacts in the camera. This way the camera is not getting any info from the lens. Manual aperture and manual focus.... Just my 2 cents. Love the lens by the way... once i calibrated infinity. There's info on the web on how to easily fix that.

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On Nikon 1 System Preview preview (151 comments in total)
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HB 101: The market for this cameras are the soccer moms who want to take pictures of their kids doing sports.

The whole camera was build to shoot sports in a point and shoot way - am I the only one seeing this?

Nikon could make a killing with these.

This camera is not being made for or marketed to 99.9% of the people who would even be reading this. Ditto to HB 101. Nikon... Brilliant! In 18 months (perhaps sooner) there will be the "enthusiasts" version of this camera. More MP, better manual ergonomics, perhaps more primes and semi-pro firmware.

Clearly this is made for people who want a quality "idiot proof" camera which gives better results than your average point & shoot. I think these will be hard to get for the parents of young atheletes... The MD with the D3 or D700 is gonna buy these for their spouses and kids.

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On What we want in a macro shot - Detail article (56 comments in total)

For years I used a triad of Nikkor Zooms. Lately I've been collecting MF Nikkors. I find the manual lenses have made my process slow down. I pay more attention to composition and exposure as I did when I only had 36 per roll and each shot counted. I have 11 AI-s chipped primes. I have supplemented those lenses with 4 achromat close up lenses. There's an amazing world that has been exposed to me with the Nikon 5T, 6T, Marumi 77mm 330, and an older Minolta #2 52. The 6T allows me to shoot a 200mm f4 AI-s at just less than one foot! This is an all shooting mode, camera controllable, exif recording, tele macro for not a lot of money. (compared to a new 200 f4AF-d Micro). Erez, your articles and work have inspired me to go take photographs... how cool is that? Thanks for your great series, in which each installment gives me enough to ponder until I'm ready to digest the next one! Bravo. Thank you, thank you... Thank you. Toby_NYC

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I "Got a Grip" on my S90 within hours of purchasing it. In fact one of the reasons I went with the S series Canon is because of the grip Richard makes. It makes the camera totally controllable with one hand. Without the grip, anything mission critical would require two hands to shoot. An ergonomic masterpiece!

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