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  • ^^ While I would agree these tests are flawed calling them useless without having pointing to any better tool for comparing sensors is a not very helpful.

    DXOMark testing is still reasonably...

  • @HowaboutRAW - I agree with you about the curved lens array but seriously the compressed RAW issue I feel is a bit blown out of proportion. Its still better is almost every aspect than the current...

  • Why do people compare Leicas to Ferraris ? Leica uses sub par sensors that can't compete with even $1400 cameras much less the best FF sensors out there.

    Their lenses are pretty good no doubt but...

  • Exactly ! As Just a Photographer mentioned its not a Sony sensor.

    DXO Mark clearly shows its inferior to the Sony sensor in all parameters too -...

  • Ah point.

    But really if you can afford a $700 recorder you should also be able to afford a GH4 or even a GH3 which would be a better bet than this $500 camera.

  • It was in your shopping list for video ? It lacks something as basic as a microphone port for video ! :P

  • You can use these Leica M lenses with a much cheaper Sony A7r camera which can also take cheap AF lenses if you so wish in addition to Leica M lenses with an adapter.

  • Exactly buy a Sony A7r. 36 megs full frame, no AA filter, EVF. no IBIS, focus peaking available (probably the best implementation in a mirrorless camera till date), and get a reasonably priced M...

  • Not exactly the same comparison. A Sony A7r will probably outperform this Leica in every aspect - IQ, speed, viewfinder etc except maybe build quality but the A7r is also magnesium alloy and so no...

  • The AX100, RX10, RX100III are all 1 inch sensors. Its easier to do 4k on smaller sensors. Its the larger sensors where the problems occur.

  • I don't believe it to be as simple as that. The flagship Sony mirrorless camera - the A7s cannot do native 4k resolution on a 12 MP sensor to a SD card. If it was as easy as you say then surely...

  • @Menneisyys - I agree with you somewhat but 4k support will increase the cost of the camera.

    I and a lot of other people buy DSLRs, DSLTs for still photos only

    While I don't mind the cameras...

  • This camera is aimed for amateurs who need a few video clips. For them 50 Mbps will ensure smoother video.

    This isn't a camera for videographers. They can buy the A7s or the GH4. Or better yet...

  • Considering just 2 mirrorless cameras offer 4k and hardly any amateur needs even full HD much less 4k the A5100 offering a better full HD video codec is far more useful and cost effective and...

  • Honestly for such a requirement just get a Nikon J1 (they sell for $399 maybe and get a 10mm f2.8 lens (28mm equivalent).

    Will easily satisfy your requirement.

    However there is zero option out...

  • While you are mostly correct, Sony does have an excellent 18-105mm f4 OSS power zoom lens for their ILC cameras. They are now launching a 28-135mm f4 power zoom for the full frame models.

  • As I said Nikon isn't a video company for one. And two they already made their bed with the 1 series launch. They don't want their mirrorless cameras competing with their DSLR lineup in any way.

  • That is the D810. :)

    Ok not entire comparable but a video centric camera from Nikon.

    The thing is Nikon has no real experience with video like Canon, Sony and Panasonic have. So they will...

  • Commented on ISO6400_DSC_4805 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery

    Ill admit its much better than I imagined but look at the right side of the image and you can see the heavy handed noise reduction smearing away detail till there are these blotches.

    Also the...

  • Your requirement MUST be video. Else you wouldn't really compare a 35mm camera with a quarter frame camera like the highly video centric GH4.

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