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  • Canon cannot produce 64 MP images as they lack sensor based image stabilization which allows the sensor to move taking multiple shots and forming a 64 MP image.

    Also this technique doesn't work...

  • ^^ If weight wasn't an issue, mirrorless cameras wouldn't be selling so well today. :P

  • ^^ Do you really think I have updated all my lenses on Dpreview ? :P

    I have a Minolta 35mm f1.4 ($230 approx), Minolta 50mm f1.4 ($100 approx) and Minolta 85mm f1.4($550) and while I sold off the...

  • ^^ Do you honestly think DPreview gear list of everyone is upto date ? :P

    Dpreview doesn't have any listing for Minolta lenses so I haven't added them.

    I have a Minolta 35mm f1.4 ($230 approx...

  • I use an older Minolta 35mm f1.4 non G version. Other than coatings and rounded aperture ring, sharpness wise both are quite similar. The lens is sharp but not tack sharp. For instance my Zeiss ...
  • This is ridiculous. This site is essentially a discussion website. People come here to praise, criticize or just read up on photography gear. This isn't a photo sharing website but a b****ing site...

  • What sort os stupid question is that ? Bodies don't make a system, lenses do. If someone is happy with the large selection of lenses that Canon offers why would he just buy a Pentax body just...

  • ^^ AF accuracy and front focusing are two completely different principles. No lens is 100% accurate and depending on the circumstance they do misfocus from time to time.

    However front focusing...

  • ^^ Canon can easily do that but why offer consumers the best when you are market leaders ?

    The old Pentax K500 launched years ago has a pentaprism viewfinder and AF micro adjust. All for $599 MSRP...

  • ^^ Most people shoot in A mode as they wish to control the aperture. You can do that in M mode too (control the aperture) but NOT in Tv mode.

  • ^^ Many parts of the world its not easy to return anything. Especially if you discover a problem later on after a few months.

    Micro adjust is there for a reason. Not having it is a con plain and...

  • ^^ Agreed. Pentax SLRs are awesome compared to the cheap Canon/Nikon DSLRs. But Pentax lenses are a bit of a let down for many people.

    If I wanted a small compact APS-C system with fast lenses...

  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview

    ^^ True. But I am sure if you take a survey of people using AF lenses over people using MF lenses you will find people using AF lenses a huge multitude higher than people using MF lenses.

    And its...

  • @JustmeMN - What you said is completely wrong. The Nikon has a larger sensor and so a bigger viewfinder. Please correct your mistake.

  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview

    I don't disagree with your assessment of the Canon but Canon is more than just a camera. It has a robust flash system with many 3rd party support, FAR FAR more lenses available to it. Not everyone...

  • Anything that needs to be studied at 100% crops really shouldn't be taken seriously.

  • Sony user here but I used my friends XE-1 for a bit and was pleasantly surprised by its responsiveness. It was pretty snappy to do anything and this is supposedly much faster than the XE-1.

  • ^^ Please don't tell me on how to do my job. My needs are different and the 6D failed to meet my needs so I don't use it anymore period.

    I shoot with two bodies and having a flash on both bodies...

  • Anyone comparing this lens with the Canon 85mm f1.8 obviously has no real idea what he/she is talking about. The Canon 85mm f1.8 is a pretty sharp lens but its an old optic with contrast that is no...

  • Price is not and end all to know performance. If Sigma launches an 85mm f1.4 ART series I would bet it would match or outperform the Fuji while selling for around the same price and being a stop...

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