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bossa: Kiddies with animals have been an ol' fav' for generations. These pictures are, predominantly, set pieces that are designed to appeal to sentimental parental instincts... ..cute isn't necessarily good art. The genre of the work is reminiscent of kitsch paintings from the late 19th to early 20th century and, from my perspective, is very boring in every way.

Dumbest comment ever. Art is always designed to appeal to certain emotions. L'art pour l'art is nothing but pretence.
Especially as this piece of art lies in a field that has widely been covered it has to compete with earlier works - and does quite excell at it.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)
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HawaiiVolcanoes: another thought: why does it say "Carl Zeiss" on the lenses...Zeiss announced a LONG TIME ago that they were dropping "Carl" from their company name...sooo....what's up with this?

Actually, Zeiss is just a protocol badge. Carl Zeiss in Germany does not really produce any of those lenses. It offers just some kind of consultation.

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I guess it is FB's counter move as more an more real OSes are taking over in this regard.
Windows Phone, iOS e.g.

And Apple actually has the possibilty to make FB totally redundant. The already allow hardware based picture sharing, messaging, video chatting.
Your idevice IS actually some sort of Facebook.
Only thing missing: some sort of more integrated link sharing with a preview function- and maybe a personal profile. But both very reduced as FB already gets very annoying in sharing every thought and making ANY life event sharable.
But integration of whatsapp, twitter, facebook and instagram & co. in iOS makes it already very versatile, if you want to share...
Next step surely will be to enhance the sharing experience a bit more in the direction of keeping Apple users together.

Looking forward to it, if you believe it or not. Everything better than FB.

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HubertChen: A mobile phone's main purpose always has been sharing. Right from the beginning when all you could do was voice call. So having facebook adding features to smart phones making sharing easier is commendable. What makes me very concerned is that this Software only works on some models. That would indicated they hack deep into the OS, which would make this whole thing less reliable. Also the diffuse language is scary. It is not an app and it is not an OS. So what is it? Why not be clear on this ?

This limitation means it will not run on Chinese mobile phones. Using Facebook in China is already difficult because it is blocked by the Great China Firewall. Sadly facebook itself is now adding to the hurdles of using facebook in China. Besides hurting their users they are hurting themselves by making it easier for the big Chinese Software Giants to break into this segment.

Well, that makes as much sense as saying life is about sharing EVERY thought. It is not, at least not in the FB regard.
I will not call people to tell them "look what I am eating". Hooray.
It is nice to have some more toys on a smart phone, but most of it is just another waste of time. Look at emails 10 years ago - the same nonsense in the attachments.
If FB ceased to exist, nobody would miss it. Whatsapp and the sort already took over as being more effective in really adressing the audience you want to stay in touch with.
FB is like loudly talking in an empty room and other people passing by and looking through the empty door.

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On Hands-on with the HTC One post (30 comments in total)

All those newer highpixeldensity display seem to have that affinity towards . Hopefully, there is something like color profiles on a jailbroken iphone...

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On Hands-on with the HTC One post (30 comments in total)

The display looks yellowish.

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Not the resolution is 16 times higher than Full HD, it is the pixel number.
The resolution describes the increments along one axis.
So, resolution is 4 times higher for each axis. ;-)

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cluening: Nikon has launched the V2 - as a German I ask myself whether the Japanese copy cats got hold of the old plans...Fruitless attempt, somebody please tell them. ;-)

@BSweeney: Yeah, people might not get the historical reference and my joke.
So, cokeisit, Tape5 calm down, the dpreview statment that Nikon launched a V2 is just funny, when you know history (V2 being a missile, inventor Ex-Nazi Wernher von Braun, Moon landing, etc) and think about Japan being an ex-member of the "axis". Bad choice of words.
BTW, cokeisit, leader in anything does not necessarily mean you invented it. So, for the most part, Asia including Japan and China are just better at producing electronics, not inventing the key technologies. USA and Europe are still leading tech inventors. And Japan as well as China have a more or less strong history of being copy cats which is just the truth.
Tape5, before swallowing anything, Sony may first make some profit. Otherwise they will be history soon, bought by Volkswagen who need a car hifi sub division. (get some humor and dont take it too hard with Rover, RollsRoyce, Bentley.) ;-)

And psst. Don't mention the war, right?

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gl2k: The V2 is everything the V1 should have been from the very beginning.
Well done Nikon and thanks for listening to your customers.

Well, precision was always a problem with both systems. But the capacity of V2 is surely greater. Wait... you talking about the camera? ;-)

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Nikon has launched the V2 - as a German I ask myself whether the Japanese copy cats got hold of the old plans...Fruitless attempt, somebody please tell them. ;-)

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Edit: Had a look on the 16-50 full size. It doesnt seem to be worse than an average 18-55 sample, possibly there might be sharper samples later. But surely still is small in size. So ok up to me.

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To me, the pics look kinda good and normal for the NEX system. You surely have to tweak sharpening setting to +2, contrast and DRO, to get Canon-like results out of box. Same with PP, there is enough headroom.
Never questioned a jpg with standard settings. Do not see sharpening artifacts, so whats the problem?

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On Apple iPhone 5 Review post (16 comments in total)
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Biggus: hmm, I don't see that the iPhone 5 image is that much better than the One X or the S3. It may just about have slightly better resolution, but not in the parts where it's overly bright in the highlights in comparison, indeed in some places, it's the worst of the 4. I'd also say the colour is as much on the warm side as the others are on the cool.

Looks to be a rather biased review tbh.

In my own order of preference, looking at the overall image, I'd choose in the following order...

S3 - most balanced, but less cool than the iPhone is warm
iPhone5 - too warm
808 - soft/suffering from haze
One X - very warm, too dark in the shadows

What you consider as haze and softness on the 808 is just the very defensive approach on in-camera tweaking. As I found out with the N8, this haze and softness can easily give perfect pictures in PP.
A lot of headroom.
Cant do with Apple phone cams, as I tried.
Might be the same with the S3, already showing lots of sharpening artifacts, so dead end.

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On Apple iPhone 5 Review post (16 comments in total)
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vlad0: I've been taking pics with my iPhone 5 for the past week.. it does very well for it's sensor size, but when I put it up against my Nokia 808.. things don't look so good, especially at night..

Here is my little test from couple of days ago:

skydrive gallery:

Thanks for the samples. The 808 sure bests the other 2 cams. But the N8 also does quite well, it can be PP'd still very well. Just the contrasts are a bit low, thats it.

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On The iPad Workflow post (76 comments in total)

I got pretty tired lately by changing my ipad 3 four times (!!) because of an obvious yellow tint on their displays.
Never it was a problem to convince support staff of that fact as all displayed Promo ipads did not have that tint and showed it in direct comparison.
In this light, it is pretty hard to use the ipad as an photographer's tool, sadly.
Only until I found out that in Cydia store (many of the Apple users have to jailbreak it, finally, to get some vital functions out of the device, sadly again) there is a paid app that is called "color profiles", with that you can at least tweak the display to a more neutral rendition or match your PC screen output.

Apple personnell told me several times they know about the problem, but started discussing first after I mentioned that I need it for showing pictures and compared it to my more neutral ipad 1. And that I dont like people look like they had hepatitis. :-(
Now, I realized the problem is there with iphones, too, but no surprize.

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On Leaving my DSLR at home: An iPhone experiment post (171 comments in total)
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vlad0: My phone replaced my P&S in 2010, when Nokia started selling the Nokia N8.. since then I've done most of my photography with the N8.

After they announced the 808 and I got one ... even my DSLR stays at home more often then before. I am not saying that a phone can replace a DSLR.. at least not for professionals, or certain conditions, but I don't feel like i've missed a moment because I didn't have my DSLR with me..

Totally agree. Have a A900, a Nex and a N8.
Find myself leaving the bigger cams at home more often. Only used when I need DOF or Tele...

The N8 still beats recent phone cams big time, as there is plenty of PP headroom. Have also an ipad3 to compare with - in the end, no comparison...

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On Photokina 2012: Sony Stand Report article (44 comments in total)

@JackM: A) Under warranty: Why shouldnt they? Just like with any other fixed lens cam, they will swap the whole cam.
b) no warranty: surely you will have to repair the body to keep the lens working. Or put it on a new body, but the cost will be surely almost the same price like for a new RX1.

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On Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon article (216 comments in total)
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Sad Joe: Interesting that no one from Canon has been interviewed by DP - I suspect that no one wanted to step up to the plate and get hammered over the new 6D. I'm off to a Culumet Open Day next month - Canon staff will be there - without being too rude I fully intend to speak my mind !

Actually, in the interview, the Canon guy sounds sensible. How needs many AF points for portraits? And for low-light AF the points need to be bigger... External screen on smartphone via wifi sounds cool, too...

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On Just Posted: Hands-on Canon EOS 6D preview article (589 comments in total)
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marike6: I can't imagine why Canon would release a FF DSLR and cut corners on the viewfinder. Doesn't the 7D have a 100% viewfinder? I know the D600 has one, as does the D7000. Heck even the Pentax K-30 has a 100% Pentaprism viewfinder.

Canon anyway has yellowish VFs. Nothing beats A900 VF.

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On Just Posted: Hands-on Canon EOS 6D preview article (589 comments in total)
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nffeeee: I have been a Nikon user (D700) for a while (six months, four years ago) before switching to Canon and still very happy about my decision. I have a 5d MKII and a 5d MK III and I would NEVER change to Nikon. Why?
1) Canon glasses
2) Canon colours
3) Canon Services
4) Would you spend your time choosing one of the 345 AF points instead of understand the right focal plane to focus with a single point?
5) Nikon's images look always greenish and artifical, no matters more MP.. I tried the D800.. I am not able to get what I want from Nikon RAWS with PS (I am still a Kodachrome fanboy).. I get great results with Canon in 5 minutes

So please TRY the 6D before judging... when I bought the 5d mk III I just saw the specs and I was sure it was only a real small update.. I change my idea when I started to use it.. USE IT AND JUDGE IT!!!

Canon colours? Nikon colours artificial? Why Canon pics always look like instagram snaps? Both never reached Minolta colours. ;-)

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