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TN Args: Inspired by curved TV panels.....

To be fair, in was easy to miss the humour since it was so small. ;-)

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TN Args: Inspired by curved TV panels.....

That name has been taken by another tech company. ;-)

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TN Args: Inspired by curved TV panels.....

No, inspired by the back of your eye.

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On Panasonic FZ1000: Not just another superzoom... article (158 comments in total)
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Aroart: super awesome. Pani is dueling with sony and us as customers are the winners. Ive been waiting for this type of camera for 4 yrs. Sony almost had me with the rx10 but a bit pricy for crappy codec.

Why would he use dueling as a reference to business partnership? They're two opposing meanings. lol

He means competition between companies is good for the consumer. The bar keeps getting raised and prices keep coming down.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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Retzius: Its just dumb that the camera shuts down when you close the viewfinder.

Thats not a "Sony menu glitch", thats just dumb.

Agreed. I really hope there is a firmware update for this immediately. Or, even better, before the cameras start shipping. (Which is probably not possible.)

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On New camera app features in Apple's iOS 8 post (67 comments in total)
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G3User: The demise of paid photography continues. I cant believe all the positive posts to this story. No pro photographers I guess among the comments? How sad. Steve Job's legacy is that he created a product that is killing off pro photography. This will only accelerate the process. Now, even soccer moms wont bother hiring a pro photographer, thinking that because they can slide a few levers on their tiny phone screens, they are now photographers and may convince them self's that they don't even need someone for their daughters wedding. How sad. and what a joke. Paid photography RIP.

In other news, the sky is falling.

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On Lytro announces Illum light field camera article (347 comments in total)
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forpetessake: This camera needs a bigger sensor with at least 20MP resolution, good interchangeable lenses, they need to do a serious work on the body to make it ergonomic and convenient to use, they also need to add a good EVF and tilting LCD and all other conventional features. Oh, by the way, they can drop that light-field silliness and make use of some good Sony sensor. Then people will probably start buying the camera as long as it's priced competitively.

I really hope this was sarcasm.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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photo perzon: Still a tiny sensor compared to m4/3 and aps-c no?

It's not as bad as you'd think. The RX-100 has a 2.7x crop factor, and the m4/3 sensors are 2x.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (658 comments in total)
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forpetessake: "24-120mm equivalent F2.0-3.9 lens"

When manufacturers lie it's call an advertisement. But of all sites DPR should know better than repeating the lies and leading the ignorant readers astray. The lens is 12.5-62.5mm F2.0-3.9, not the stated equivalent. The FF equivalent lens would be 24-120mm F3.8-7.5 -- a big difference.


I'd better upgrade my light meter then. Mine only requires me to specify ISO and Shutter Speed in order to give me the correct F-Stop. It doesn't ask me to specify what sized sensor/film I'm using.

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On Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 article (64 comments in total)
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Lee Jay: "The large apparent size of a moon low on the horizon is partially an optical illusion."

Not partially.

"The longer lens you can get, the better. "

Filling the frame with the moon will require about 2500mm equivalent.

"With a big lens and a subject at such a distance even a small amount of motion results in an out of focus photo. "

Not "out of focus", motion blurred. They are different.

"The moon is very bright, even during an eclipse."

At totality, it will be very dark.

"...the moon is bright white"

The moon is a dark charcoal gray.

"Even a little bit of ground light can ruin a shot of the moon."

That's just total baloney. The moon (except during totality) is far, far brighter than the worst light pollution.

"Bring a flashlight with a red bulb or gel."

You don't need good dark-adaptation for the moon.

"Shoot with manual focus. The moon is tricky to focus on and it’s best to rely on your eyes instead of the camera’s autofocus."

That's almost total baloney too.

Try not to take everything so literally. Were you potty trained at gun point or what?

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On Canon shows off new PowerShot N100 'Story Camera' article (163 comments in total)
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tornwald: A photo never tells a story, because it is not capable to do so

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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On 645 Pro gets face lift with 'Mk II' update post (21 comments in total)
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madeinlisboa: It looks like a DSLR but it will never be one, not even close....

I don't think it's trying to be a DSLR, that would be ridiculous. It's just trying to bring the familiarity of DSLR controls to a phone and I think it does a fairly good job at it.

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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid article (222 comments in total)
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Photato: Nice concept but boring camera.
I'd have preferred a 3X or 5X quality lens with larger aperture, say at least f/2.8.
Usually the megazooms are for the general public.
I'd think a person willing to carry the extra bulk, weight and cost of a camphone hybrid, have a higher standard and interest for photography than this product offers.
Maybe good for people that genuinely need that zoom range. I dont.

I'm sure the general public is exactly who Samsung is targeting with this phone. They didn't make this for photographers. (Except perhaps those working at the Chicago Sun-Times)

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 article (253 comments in total)

I love these people that buy $3000 full frame cameras and $1500+ lenses and then complain about an $80 upgrade that is purely optional.

LR 4 still works! New cameras that will come along and won't be supported by LR4 can always be processed through the FREE DNG converter. Get a grip, people!

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 article (253 comments in total)
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Johnsonj: Again? I can't keep up! I need to totally ditch this company. I don't use half of what this program has to offer. I just get the idea that Adobe's trying to squeeze more money out of me. I'm sick of paying for this program over and over again! And their customer service SUCKS big time.

Yes - companies that release software and never improve it or add to it are much better than companies that continually offer new features.

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HowaboutRAW: Ms Mayer:

Is just showing a common attitude of those who fell into extraordinary monies without really working for it, she thinks people work for free, and then are rewarded because of some other factor, like being one of the first 10 employees of Google.

It wasn't a "misstatement". It was a version of a made up reality where no one has to scratch out a living shooting pictures.

Hold on. She was one of Googles early employees because she *did* work at it. Getting into Stanford and earning a BS degree and Master's degree is no easy feat. She was important to Google's early success as well.

Now, I know all that is not nearly as impressive as photographing weddings, but how about not being so judgmental about people you know absolutely nothing about?

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Lee Jay: Still waiting to see my first good street photography image.

Not a William Klein fan?

Direct link | Posted on May 1, 2013 at 23:47 UTC

Not enough cats in this video.

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On Adobe's Fujifilm X-Trans sensor processing tested article (137 comments in total)
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DenisBBergeron: At my eyes, the 7.3 give less moiré and more sharp rendering and on my screen I don't see any difference on colors in theses jpeg.

I agree, except 7.4 does have a bit better color. Personally, I'd rather tweak the color than trying to get rid of moiré and sharpening.

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On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot N first impressions article (30 comments in total)
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jj74e: why canon came out with 10 new compacts this year is beyond me.

seriously, are they even making any money off these? it's like they're stuck in the cycle or clutching to the past.

just cause you make a camera smaller doesn't mean people are going to want to carry it around.

bigger sensors and zoom are the right decision- image quality is the only reason anybody's going to still buy a compact alongside a smartphone, along with the ability to zoom farther. smartphones have everything else and do it better (stupid scene modes vs actual apps? 3g connection w/out having to pay for an extra device?).

what companies need to figure out is how to advertise this information to consumers so they become educated about what's important and what's not.

Last March Pew did a survey and reported that 45% of cell phone owners said that their phone is a smartphone. So, yeah - I'm guessing that they still make money on compact cameras because many people still use them.

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