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Lapkonium: The only soft product by Microsoft that ACTUALLY WORX GOOWD

never heard of them, but that is funny. I'm the original Microsoft hater -- even ran OS/2 (yes OS/2) and Linux to prove my disdain. Thinking back, I even held on to Lotus SmartSuite and may Mac System 9 for way too long. Anyway, in my more mature years, I've realized that brand allegiance and/or hatred is stupid. I haven't swung completely to the dark side, but I do realize their new products are very well designed, useful and open. FYI: I'm a manager in corp IT where we love Office365 since it is replacing all kinds of old junk like servers in our datacenter, PBXs, etc

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Lapkonium: The only soft product by Microsoft that ACTUALLY WORX GOOWD

Don't look now, but Microsoft has their 1990s (pre DoJ) mojo back. They kicked Ballmer out the door and Nadella is rolling. Office365 is a business game changer, Xbox is becoming a home automation hub, their health products are starting to come into their own -- including the healthband that I am wearing now, SKype/Lync are replacing phone systems in the workplace, Surface is now a billion dollar business, and Hololens and Windows10 look very exicting for 2015.

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Tom Z: I remember some similar software from Microsoft many many years ago. I can't remember the name but do remember it being well ahead of it's time.

Photosynth is a little different. ICE is a traditional, use your CPU to stitch photos in a panorama. Photosynth is much more complex. It takes photos from every plane and uses cloud processing to create a near immersive result.

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Fri13: Saddest part is that this software was designed for Linux, then was suppose to come as Open Source in future (in the past) but Microsoft made a offer that owners couldn't refuse....

And today one of the most helpful software to photographers is in hands of a mega corporation.

Are you certain you have your facts straight? ICE is not a 'real' product but a research project that has been at Microsoft for years. Yes, they package it as ICE, but chunks are also integrated into other projects as well. Here's the photo group - like I said, they've been around forever and we take many of their projects for granted now. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/groups/ivm/technology.htm

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To be fair, the Nokia 1020 can take bursts of photos too but you lose the superb quality . Specifically, apps like Blink and the Nokia pro camera are for this bursting.

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On Connect post Google to offer all of Nik’s software plugins for $149 (222 comments in total)

Sorry for being a pessimist here, but we are talking about Google. Does this mean:
1. This product is no longer a priority and won't see further development?
2. Will we start seeing tons of Google ads in the product?

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On Connect post Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Review (66 comments in total)

This is the best camera phone I have ever used but there are some strangely missing features. For example:

- Spot metering: Yes you can touch the screen to focus on a particular area (no need to half press a button), but it doesn't meter on that spot. This is a regression from other windows Phones I have used in the past.

- No way to preset contrast & saturation. This was available in other older Windows Phones.

- There are all kinds of pano &HDR apps, Why aren't these part of the OS. Nokia does integrate into the "lenses" feature which is a compromise.

Couple of nits on the review:
- A long button press is only needed when the phone is off to activate the camera
- A short button press will suffice when the screen is on
- I didn't see any mention of the proximity sensor that will prevent camera launch when it is in your pocket
- You can also use this phone with gloves on which is useful when shooting outside. You can even touch the screen to focus and shoot with gloves.

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On Connect post Nokia's Lumia sales exceed expectations (13 comments in total)

I have one. More than pleased with my decision to jump ship. Thrilled in fact. IT is an EXCELLENT phone. The down side, to me, is the camera that everyone raves about. If they would just add spot metering, the world would be much better. I've seen other windows phones with spot metering so why doesn't this one? Grrrr!

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KevinFultonPhotography: Why do people keep reporting that Snapseed is a competitor to Instagram? Snapseed is a standalone photo editor like iPhoto or Filterstorm, and not a social network that happens to have photo filters.

Google could easily create a snapseed social component to G+ in the model of instagram. Facebook owns instagram so Google thinks they need something similar. G+ is withering on the vine, they need something to give it a shot in the arm.

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magneto shot: one day, google apple and microsoft will merge. The renamed organization will be called "Umbrella". Since Bill Gates has a lot of exposure in bio stuffs, the management would decide that Bio tech is the way to go.
5 years later, we have our first zombie apocalypse.

to be nit picky (since I'm a huge geek) Bill Gates is not in the tech biz any more.

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The backlash has been brutal. As a Nik's customer, I am not happy either. The comments on Nik's news page have been ugly.

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