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I'm a parent and I'm sincerely shocked that someone would take a picture of his young daughter running around in underwear (see here http://www.laboile.com/images/limited3.jpg) and then sell it over the internet?
And it gets WORSE...have a look at this...his teenager daughter faking huge boobs with a balloon in low waist jeans while the other strikes a "sexy" pose for the camera????
And you sell the prints over the internet?? WTF is wrong w this people?
Now I understand France has always been kinda' "libertine" but this is wrong IMO...maybe I am just an over-reacting parent but I think this guy is one step from pimping his daughters if the "art" doesn't sell !
What's next DP...some pedophile galleries??

Nello, you have issues, man. Seriously. Go see a shrink.

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No VC for Sony at a 400+mm equiv. focal length? Major fail... Good luck framing anything with the jumpy viewfinder. And I'm sure it will cost the same as the VC version for Canikon.

When will Sigma and Tamron learn.....

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On article AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer (166 comments in total)

Wow, as said by many, I wish AP (and other media, for that matter) would apply the same stringent standard to all the stories they publish.

I feel bad for the journalist. It's not like it's a job in paradise to start with.

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On article Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom (193 comments in total)

If they include VC in the Sony-Alpha mount I might be interested. If they go cheap ala Sigma and skip it, no thanks!

When will companies learn that removing features and capabilities while keeping the price the same is hardly a way to entice customers?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review (517 comments in total)
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bert01: I think dpreview is being a troll on it's own review just to create controversy. Giving the RX100 the Silver award for being the best in its class makes a mockery of their rating system.

Yup, it is more than a bit incongruous....

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Ditto on the old Maxxums... bulletproof. Oops, shouldn't have said that; now the second-hand price will creep up even faster

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On article Olympus executives sentenced, avoid jail time (50 comments in total)

IDK, Woodford always gave the impression he went into the whistle-blowing biz with the intent to destabilize and then take over the company rather than for some noble reasons. He failed miserably but not before he had caused even more damage than the crooks before him

Not a single person involved in this looks good.

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On Preview:ricoh-gr (293 comments in total)
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JacquesBalthazar: Looks great. I have the A already, and love it. But I am pretty sure I'd love the GR even more. If only because I still have a GR1 film version in my bag, purchased back in the mid Nineties, that i truly enjoyed and that still works.

Wish I had known this one was about to be launched.

The 21mm adaptor is pretty cool as well and not an option for the Nikon. Optical quality of that adaptor will need to be tested.

I like the GR's grip a lot. Makes it easier to grab and pull from pocket than the A.

The A produces superb pictures. Judging by the corner test here, looks like the GR might be even more spectacular in that respect. .

One thing I certainly prefer in the A is the manual focus ring on the lens! That is more user friendly than the GR lever on the back. OTOH, Ricoh's "snap" feature is cool, even if one will have to consider much less forgiving DoF than with the small sensor GRs.

For the rest, feature list looks practically identical. The Nikon A is made in Japan. The GR?

I have a GRX-200 which is made in China and is built like a tank; tight panels, every knob and switch work perfectly. I hope Ricoh has kept their QC level; then it will be a very well-built cam

Posted on Apr 17, 2013 at 14:40 UTC
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AshMills: Whilst Im glad this camera system exists I wont be buying one yet- the chip is still too noisy for me.

I reallly just want a silent Nikon FF body with no SLR viewfinder or mirror that can take all my FF glass, without the (audible) noise of a FF DSLR. It can be same size as a Nikon FM.

Anyone else want one?

Ask Sony to make you one :) Or get an A99

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R Thornton: Kudos to Sony for making all the online "it-can't-be-done" pundits with their registration distances and laws of physics and all the parrot talk look clueless now! Learn from their example and beware, ye phony over-price defenders!

So right, they already had made a lot of people look very silly three years ago when they released the A900 with a full-frame stabilized sensor- something that had been proven impossible beyond any doubt by a bevy of 'experts' on these very pages. History does repeat itself after all!

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