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E-M5 and some m43 lenses

E-500/520, OM-4, OM=PC, C2100UZ -stolen
OMZ: 50mm 1.8,, autobellows
200mm f4 -stolen
ZD: Kit lenses
EX-25, 12-60mm, 70-300mm -stolen
Other: hybrid pinhole, macro/tele converter, Aetna Super-Caligon 400mm f6.3 (converted to OM),
Sigma 600mm f8 -stolen

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  • Replied in cables
    cool, they have cables for the 14-42 lenses as well.  Just have to figure out which ones I need.
  • By most accounts, an excellent lens, but it's not CD-AF friendly, so expect dismal focusing speeds on the E-M5.  If you had the E-M1, or if you don't need a fast focus, it will be fine. Consider ...
  • There are some differences of note The 4/3 version may have slightly better optics, but I haven't seen a noticeable difference.        It is reasonably compact, but it has a 72mm filter mount, ...
  • Happened to mine as well.  But at the time it cost $300 to repair, Which wasn't bad when they were still selling for $600+.  But then was stolen a few months later and the insurance didn't even ...
  • Actually, there is a 4/3 to Sony E mount adapter Of course you lose aperture control and, w most lenses, focus as well. ...
  • The best is probably the one that never went into production- the E-5 replacement w OM-D sensor and specs 2nd is the E-5 After that it really depends on your needs... each one as special in it's ...
  • As others have said, you want to look for m.Zuiko, micro or m43 n the description to indicate a native lens that won't need an adapter. 14-42 (several versions) is the normal kit lens... nothing ...
  • When I went to Scotland, I packed an EPL-1 w Panny 14mm as a backup to my EM-5 Only issue was I needed a separate charger for the different battery. Actually never used it, but it was comforting to ...
  • Replied in Haven't noticed
    any fantastic deals... some lenses discounted w camera, and $50 off?  That's what? 5% When the E-M5 came out, the grip was free after rebate- that was a nicer chunk of change. A month or so after ...
  • The 14-45 never impressed me, and when I got the 12-60 the difference was striking (on the E-500) When I moved to the E-520 I really couldn't see much difference in sharpness between the 12-60 and ...
  • Replied in Maybe a glitch
    they were there when I looked.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about such comments... If the person puts so little stock in their own opinion that they won't put their name to it, why should anyone else. Was tempted tho, to post a ...
  • Replied in The options
    A closeup filter, such as a Raynox, attaches to your existing lens and gets you a little closer. 14-54mm will focus a little closer than the 14-42 EX-25 mounts between camera and lens, works well w ...
  • or is the kit taking up valuable space you can't spare? If the gear is not in the way, and you're not worried about funding your next meal or paying the rent, why not keep it... down the road you ...
  • Replied in done
  • Already in voting...
  • Haven't resorted to it yet, but if my eyepiece developed a habit of jumping off, I'd probably fix it w a little silicone adhesive- flexible and can be removed if needed, but should hold well ...
  • (on the MkI) didn't lose it, but had been cracked for a year or so, finally let go.  (fortunately I ordered an extra a while back) Was at a flower show w my dad last weekend and I spotted an ...
  • Replied in Unfortunately
    This happens all too frequently w Olympus FW updates.  Any misstep can have an unhappy outcome. Basically, the camera needs the lens FW to 'see' the lens, and can not update or fix the FW if it ...
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