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E-M5 and some m43 lenses

E-500/520, OM-4, OM=PC, C2100UZ -stolen
OMZ: 50mm 1.8,, autobellows
200mm f4 -stolen
ZD: Kit lenses
EX-25, 12-60mm, 70-300mm -stolen
Other: hybrid pinhole, macro/tele converter, Aetna Super-Caligon 400mm f6.3 (converted to OM),
Sigma 600mm f8 -stolen

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  • Replied in I suspect
    Once you put the guts of an E-M1 in the body of an E-5, you'd just have an oversized E-M1 that couldn't use m43 lenses, rather than an upgraded E-5
  • Replied in But...
    this must mean the camera brews a little cup of tea to fuel the IID. Imagine what could be achieved if you could hook the camera up to a really hot cup of tea!
  • If you enjoy the feel of the E-5 in your hand, the VF, the images it produces, don't worry about the logic of owning it.  And I'm seeing used 12-60s going for under $400 on occasion.
  • And Sony is the one w springs? Certainly no springs on the sensor in my E-M5, turn off the power and -clunk- it falls to the bottom of it's chamber.
  • I suspect whether or not it's the same design, the IS mechanism simply can't move a sensor 4x the mass quite as fast as, or be as responsive to small jerky movements as on the Olympus body.
  • I have the Fotga set.  While sturdy, they do have a couple minor issues. The mounting surfaces are not machined, and sound/feel rough when mounting/removing (as if there was fine grit in the mount) ...
  • Go for the 75-300 (most compact) the 100-300 (slightly faster but larger and less range) or the 4/3 70-300 (closest focusing, but largest and needs an adapter) And hang onto the 40-150, it's so ...
  • Think of the 12-40/40-150 as optimized for the format However, if you want no compromise lenses, the top end 4/3 lenses (14-35, 35-100, 90-250) are still available.
  • The 12-35 has OIS, so if you don't have an IBIS body the Panny would be the lens of choice. And the Oly lens is freeze proof, important for someone planning a trip to Antarctica :-)
  • Replied in At this point
    Even if there is not a lot of value, the cash would be more than I'd get leaving them on my shelf.
  • a 12-60 and 50-200 of the same size as those 4/3 lenses, just get those lenses and an adapter and E-M1 to hang them on. But if you want smaller lenses w faster apertures, there are the 12-40 and ...
  • Primes: 14, 17, 45 Zooms: 9-18, 12-50, 40-150, 100-300 (not counting the 14-42 waiting for parts) Problem w these small lenses is there is room for more of them. On my wish list: 12-40, 40-150 ...
  • And one would hope the current grip will fit the new model.  Swappable between cameras would be a big plus to me Well, that would be of interest to me... at some point... when I actually have a ...
  • Looking for Olympus m.Zuiko 14-42mm 3.3-5.6 II R MSC lens w front end damage for parts to repair lens w broken mount.
  • Replied in Consider used?
    \or kids, the 12-60 offers more flexibility than the 50 macro, and perhaps more important, faster focusing. But don't be scared by the list price... if you're willing to go used, you can find a ...
  • The 17 will give a more pleasing image if you have the option of taking a few steps back, while the 12 can give more distortion to those closer to the camera (even w correction) But do you find 14 ...
  • Replied in It sounds like
    a failure in the circuitry... a short in whatever controller chip sends the images to the card? So you'll likely have to replace it... leaving the old camera as a paper weight.  You could sell it ...
  • Replied in Extra week?
    Just a thought... because we're all busy w the holiday season, (and getting a late start on this one)what about extending the challenge for a week (or two?)
  • Replied in Do you need...
    Compatibility w non CD-AF enabled 4/3 lenses? Built in grip? Remote control from smart phone? Time lapse? Faster (1/8000) shutter speed? Superior weather sealing? If you can live w/o those ...
  • Replied in E-M5 plus 12-50
    Held up through all day Scottish rain, been dunked, splashed and covered in dust.  Still works fine. And the E-M1 (and probably 12-40) are better built and sealed, so would expect them to hold up ...
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