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E-M5 and some m43 lenses

E-500/520, OM-4, OM=PC, C2100UZ -stolen
OMZ: 50mm 1.8,, autobellows
200mm f4 -stolen
ZD: Kit lenses
EX-25, 12-60mm, 70-300mm -stolen
Other: hybrid pinhole, macro/tele converter, Aetna Super-Caligon 400mm f6.3 (converted to OM),
Sigma 600mm f8 -stolen

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  • Replied in The only issue
    I've had w the grip is occasional communication problems between grip and body.  Loosten, jiggle and tighten back up and it works again. But my E-M5 and assorted lenses have survived assorted ...
  • Replied in Dang!
    I missed the voting :(  sorry guys
  • unless you need the cash for something else. (maybe an E-M1?) And you never know when you'll have to shoot in a monsoon, or beat off a mugger, neither of which are suitable uses for the PENs.  So ...
  • Replied in All in
    Been a bit of an eventful week Got 3 in each, then swapped one out
  • Replied in good point -nt-
  • Yes, it's true in terms of DoF, you'll need a faster aperture on a 4/3 sensor than on a FF sensor, APS being somewhere between. So if your primary interest is shallow DoF, you might opt for some ...
  • Which version of the 14-54 do you have?  The original or the revised model that came out w the E-30?  I ask because the MkII version will focus faster on m43 bodies than the MkI.  The 70-300 was ...
  • -300 or 400mm prime.  fast and light or cheap and sharp (can't have all four) -7mm prime, not a FE -new 4/3 mount body... E-X size outside, E-M1 (or better) guts.  Price it $3-$4 grand.  Very ...
  • A bit of translucent plastic in front of the flash will help w shadows (I've even used a single ply from a napkin or tissue... or a plastic cup)  or bounce off the celling (if it's not too high) a ...
  • Replied in done...nt...
  • Replied in My 2c
    Never had the 510, but did have the 500 and 520 In bright, contrasty light, the 500 might actually do better, and w the longer lens, I'd go w the 510 for stabilization. When you don't need IS (say, ...
  • Replied in Got the X filled
    first time in a while. Reworked and moved one from Comp, added two from last month, and so it's now 3 and 3 for me (and one in originals)
  • Replied in Tardiness
    I don't think anyone would throw a fit if you close a couple hours late.
  • Remember that the 17mm predates the E-M1, so they probably hadn't thought to add that feature at the time.  Perhaps the 17mm MkII (when/if that comes out) will have the required contacts?
  • Replied in Did you try
    a pistol grip? Could be just a 5" dowel w a 1/4 20 thread at one end. Should help resist the camera's attempt to twist in response to the shutter activation. And there's always 'anti-shock'. That ...
  • First, you've heard from a limited number of people, so you can't assume EVERYONE agrees. Second. no one has said the lenses are underpriced. Maybe fairly priced, but not under priced. Hey, if you ...
  • If you're doing very large prints or heavy cropping, you might notice a difference. If you're shooting in low light, the difference in aperture becomes more important. Likewise if you need ...
  • No one has had a chance to shoot over the weekend?  Guess I need to join the party in X.
  • Borrowing mom's Jeep.  It's older than my van, the handling is a lot different, but only 70K mile and the AC works. You have to admit though, dying a block from the house is worlds better than 50 ...
  • One will have to be kicked over to the X at some point. Haven't been first in the comp in ages, but it cost me...  the van died on the way home (fuel pump?)  yet another expense I don't need  (no ...
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