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E-M5 and some m43 lenses

E-500/520, OM-4, OM=PC, C2100UZ -stolen
OMZ: 50mm 1.8,, autobellows
200mm f4 -stolen
ZD: Kit lenses
EX-25, 12-60mm, 70-300mm -stolen
Other: hybrid pinhole, macro/tele converter, Aetna Super-Caligon 400mm f6.3 (converted to OM),
Sigma 600mm f8 -stolen

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  • I think you should get  little extra back for the proper packing job!  :-)
  • I've actually gotten a lens from Olympus like that... but it was in it's original box and the box was free to bounce around in the shipping container.  (no damage in that case, the OEM box is ...
  • Replied in I wonder
    If the 4/3 version was added w those in mind that might use it w a speed booster adapter on m43 But then you could get the Nikon adapter instead? Or perhaps they are just fishing.  My guess is they ...
  • Replied in Tele-converter
    IIRC, the 50-200 does best on the E-3/5 w the battery grip in place... dual batteries improve speed and accuracy in some cases.  This is NOT an option w the E-M1 as even w the grip, only one ...
  • I don't think anyone has mentioned it yet, but the E-M1 has (on sensor) PD-AF capability, and therefor will work w ALL 4/3 lenses... but it might not be as fast as an E-5 w every lens. The E-M5, ...
  • that the trashcan button is broken?
  • For snow, I may just bump up exposure comp a click or two to keep things bright, and otherwise shoot normally, rather than using a specific mode... but then, I haven't used scene modes for ages.
  • Replied in More info:
    Is it totally powering down, or locking up? If so, it doesn't power down in S, P or Auto? Could timer be enabled? Can you change aperture? I'd try a reset to rule out any odd settings.
  • Think I read here someone else got the dial working by spinning it several times... perhaps dislodging dust/crud corrosion on the contacts (none of which should occur on a fairly new weather ...
  • I wouldn't worry about doing a reset, if one of the pins isn't making electrical contact, a reset won't make a difference. First- make sure you are mounting the lens correctly- do not press the ...
  • Not a prime, but you already have a smaller, lighter lens (the 14-42)  OK, I hardly ever used mine either, once I got the 12-60. OK, the choices: 25mm pancake- if you really want the smallest package ...
  • Replied in Filter sizes...
    If you find the 43mm size inconvenient, why not pick up a 43 to x mm thread adapter (which will do double duty as a minimal hood) while letting you use the same filters and lens caps as your other ...
  • If the focus is off on one side, most likely one of the lens elements is out of alignment, or the mount is deformed.  Unless it's just a loose screw on the mount, you'll probably have to send it ...
  • supporting the lens or were you holding it by the camera only? I'm wondering if there is a little too much play in the mount (Lens or TC) and because of the heavy lens it is affecting the contacts. ...
  • will focus particularly well w the E-M10.  The problem isn't so much accuracy as speed- lenses not designed to work w live view will take considerably longer to focus on m43 (unless you get the ...
  • Replied in I suspect
    Once you put the guts of an E-M1 in the body of an E-5, you'd just have an oversized E-M1 that couldn't use m43 lenses, rather than an upgraded E-5
  • Replied in But...
    this must mean the camera brews a little cup of tea to fuel the IID. Imagine what could be achieved if you could hook the camera up to a really hot cup of tea!
  • If you enjoy the feel of the E-5 in your hand, the VF, the images it produces, don't worry about the logic of owning it.  And I'm seeing used 12-60s going for under $400 on occasion.
  • And Sony is the one w springs? Certainly no springs on the sensor in my E-M5, turn off the power and -clunk- it falls to the bottom of it's chamber.
  • I suspect whether or not it's the same design, the IS mechanism simply can't move a sensor 4x the mass quite as fast as, or be as responsive to small jerky movements as on the Olympus body.
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