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E-M5 and some m43 lenses

E-500/520, OM-4, OM=PC, C2100UZ -stolen
OMZ: 50mm 1.8,, autobellows
200mm f4 -stolen
ZD: Kit lenses
EX-25, 12-60mm, 70-300mm -stolen
Other: hybrid pinhole, macro/tele converter, Aetna Super-Caligon 400mm f6.3 (converted to OM),
Sigma 600mm f8 -stolen

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  • or is the kit taking up valuable space you can't spare? If the gear is not in the way, and you're not worried about funding your next meal or paying the rent, why not keep it... down the road you ...
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  • Already in voting...
  • Haven't resorted to it yet, but if my eyepiece developed a habit of jumping off, I'd probably fix it w a little silicone adhesive- flexible and can be removed if needed, but should hold well ...
  • (on the MkI) didn't lose it, but had been cracked for a year or so, finally let go.  (fortunately I ordered an extra a while back) Was at a flower show w my dad last weekend and I spotted an ...
  • Replied in Unfortunately
    This happens all too frequently w Olympus FW updates.  Any misstep can have an unhappy outcome. Basically, the camera needs the lens FW to 'see' the lens, and can not update or fix the FW if it ...
  • I believe, by definition, Bulb is a manual exposure- you time it and hit the shutter button (or remote) a second time when you want to close the shutter (or when the camera hits a maximum time).  ...
  • Replied in Don't panic yet!
    OK, --.-- indicates no communication between camera and lens, but no image indicates the locking pin is depressed.  you can see the effect if you press the lens release button while the camera is ...
  • Replied in The OM-4
    Really loved that camera, but since getting the 2100UZ, it hadn't gotten much use. Factors that led to choosing the E-500 were familiar handling and ability to mount my OM lenses.  Of course, I ...
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    Certainly a bit more involved than it used to be... Congrats to the winners, the runners up, and everyone who managed to get a shot in! So Colin, Ball's in your court... looks like the galleries ...
  • Total votes (First-place votes) - Title: 33 ( 3) - Inversion - Colin 20 ( 3) - Eggs,Soft or Hard?. by Henry 2 Honorable mentions 20 ( 2) - Old guy and new guys - Geophoto 1 Honorable mention 20 ( ...
  • Total votes (First-place votes) - Title: 27 ( 4) - Outside from In - Yaelle 18 ( 1) - Yesterday and Today by Paul Wear 1 Honorable mention 15 ( 1) - Don't Worry, Be Happy - Barry 1 Honorable mention ...
  • OK, lets see if I can get the results posted... Art P "I am a creature of contrast, of light and shadow. I live where the two play together, I thrive on the conflict"
  • Replied in I'll try closing
    Been a while... didn't even think I still had the PW or I would have tried sooner. Closing now... (if I do it right??)
  • Instead of wondering if m43 will work for you, asking opinions of others, why not rent or borrow an E-M1 for a week and see how you get on w it. Yes, there are other models out there, and you can ...
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    I'll stay up late, but not this late by choice... doing 4 weeks of overnights for inventory prep... get home at sixand one dog wants to eat, then go out, then eat again, then the older dog pees on ...
  • 75-300  has a size advantage 100-300- slightly faster aperture. I have the 100-300... when I got it, it was half the price, but given a similar price I'd go w the 75-300 just for the smaller size. ...
  • that's what I get for sleeping all morning
  • Replied in M5 Mk II When?
    When I got my MkI, I preordered through a local camera store.  Weeks went by while others were getting their cameras through online dealers.  Finally some came in, but I had to settle for silver ...
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