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On article Meet Milvus: Hands-on with Zeiss's Milvus lenses (255 comments in total)
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davidjewels: Can someone please explain to me why is the Zeiss Otus 85mm f1.4 for the Canon priced at $4490 and the Zeiss Milvus 85mm f1.4 also for Canon priced at LESS THAN HALF that of the Otus when both weigh the same and have identical specs???
I'm within the 30 day return period at B&H Photo and can give back the Otus and pick up the Milvus and another Zeis Milvus lens or 3 Canon L series lenses for the same price. Can someone please tell me if the Milvus 85mm f1.4 is THAT much better than the Otus 85mm f1.4 for the Canon. Thanks so much everyone.

The idea with the new 50 & 85 Milvus is that they have the same resolution and microcontrast as the Otus but lack the APO correction, and BOY do they lack it. Here are photos of awful bokeh from Diglloyd along with some extremely..."optimistic" commentary: http://diglloyd.com/blog/2015/20150913_1450-SLOCA.html

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On article First Impressions: Using the Nikon D4 (183 comments in total)
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scott_mcleod: Slightly OT but is it safe to assume that since you're using the new 85/1.8G for the still-life shots, a full test of this lens is coming (soon)? The published MTFs are just unreal for a $500 lens...

Thanks for the detailed D4 info - I look forward to the full review even though I'm not in the market for one!

You've got typos, then. The first two paragraphs under Image Quality Samples both mention that the still life were done with the 85 1.8.

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