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I have been doing photography since the early 50s while in school and later traveling the world in a variety of positions in the government and private industry. Moved from Boston to Florida in 1988; first, St. Petersburg then Orlando, and now, Tarpon Springs.


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Many of the photos designated as having RAW files attached only have XMP files, not RW2. Of those with RW2 are very clean, notably lacking the atmospheric haze I have come to expect from samples shot of landscapes in areas like Seattle. I noticed the WB on the RAW of the wave crashing over rocks showed 4800K - did that reflect an auto WB setting? With care one could coax quite acceptable shadow detail out of the rocks without destroying midrange detail. Based on these photos, one might find this camera to be a capable and genial travel companion to have along on trips.

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NZ Scott: Cool photo!

Given that Dpreview is primarily a gear site, it seems odd that this story does not mention the photographer's camera gear. Personally, I would like to have known what he was using.

I suspect that the photographer used a non-Sony camera/lens combination, and Dpreview has deliberately kept the brand out of the story to pander to Sony's wishes.

This is not good journalism.

One should not confuse journalism with PR. First off, the portion detailing the shot was written by the photographer - I suspect, in support of the press release from Sony outlining the results of the competition. Secondly, the portion (the lead paragraph) from DPreview, reports only the information provided by the photographer and Sony. Sony is unlikely to issue a press release extolling the virtues of a competing manufacturer's products. What evidence can you provide that definitively points to the gear actually used to take the picture? The gear listed in his profile is not enough; he may even had borrowed the camera or lens he used - we just don't know for certain.

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kapeed1: As razormac and watson076 have also observed, why is the end of the leaf stem totally flat and trim as if cut with a knife. Was the leaf given to the Orangutan by a human? Or is it that the orangutan just happened to find a leaf stem that was left over by another human neatly cut? I doubt the orangutan would have fashioned a pen knife out of stone and kept it handy - that is a stretch (no offense rfsIII). Just curious, how the leaf reached the orangutan. Kudos to a great photo regardless!

Is it possible the taro leaf is a food source for some of the animals in the park? If so, it may have been a happy accident that the proximity of the leaf and the intelligence of the orangutan combined to provide an ad hoc shelter when needed. Regardless of how the leaf got there - either as food or simply as detritus of the vegetation - it is a remarkably charming photo and provides an insight into the needs and capabilities of a young animal.

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On The new Canon 35L II will be a thing of beauty article (226 comments in total)
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acidic: It's a pro lens people, so it will be undoubtedly be purchased by CPS members who need such a lens.

But, to a larger extent, it will be purchased by rich people who keep their high end Canon bodies set to the 'green square' mode. Why? Because the salesperson told them that this lens is essential for high quality photography.

My theory is if one wants their favorite gear maker to remain in business and continue to be encouraged to improve their offerings, welcome all who choose to join. Their money pays for improvement as much as anyone's; just enjoy what they help to be produced (even if a few use what has been characterized as the "dummy" mode - after all, it's their camera).

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On VSCO Film 07: Eclectic Films challenge (14 comments in total)

I, for one, often add filters that emulate the look, feel, emulsion physical characteristics and color profile of several films. I also appreciate the sensitivity one is challenged to bring to the process. If this challenge theme were to continue, I would suggest defining the characteristics of a particular film the entrants should try to replicate, then challenge them to use whatever means at their disposal to achieve the desired effects. The challenge should be, in my opinion, to achieve a result, not just use a specific brand of software or hardware.

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On photo in sample gallery (1 comment in total)

With a judicious application of the "dehaze" slider in the RAW developing function of ARC, the mountain's detail in the peak pops and can be quite clean

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On Fisherman at Porto Cesareo in the On the River challenge (1 comment in total)

What river? Porto Cesareo is on the Ionian Sea, inside the boot heel of Italy.

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On Street Walls and Public Places challenge (4 comments in total)

Will a storefront window serving the same purpose be acceptable?

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On valediction in the Photo with a song challenge (2 comments in total)

One question: How did you get 173mm out of a 200mm prime lens?

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On A trick of the eye challenge (6 comments in total)

I echo VittoDigital's question: after all, how is one to rotate or flip an image without doing it in software?

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On Circles converging in the Geometric challenge (3 comments in total)

Thanks for the kind comments. Much of the interior walls and ceilings of the Tampa, Florida Museum of Fine Arts is covered by this perforated metal material; this particular section is in an outdoor terrace sculpture area upstairs and overlooking the Hillsborough River.

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photogeek: So it's basically an f/5.6 lens, then? Kthxbye.

"Eh? Where did *that* come from!?"

It comes, I think, from the expectation anyone has for a lens, regardless of format or cost: it should function and be useful at all apertures available to it. That is not to say it must be equally competent at all apertures, just useful given the user's full knowledge of its limitations.

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On Morning Hawks in the Coffee Shops challenge (14 comments in total)

An extraordinarily rich homage to Edward Hopper's "Night Hawks;" truly worthy of the first place finish. An attempt to explore the full range of feelings of the original that succeeds on all levels - congratulations.

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On knitting needles and yarn in the Tools challenge (1 comment in total)

Outstanding image - sorry I missed the voting phase; I certainly would have voted it at least a 4-4.5.

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On Photo with a song challenge (2 comments in total)

Given how receptive users have been to this challenge; would you consider extending the limit to allow a few more?

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Would anyone buy a used camera with the SN rubbed off? I don't think so. I also don't think any insurance company would cover one in the case of a theft. I can see the police report now; "the stolen camera has the following distinguishing characteristic: serial number is rubbed off and is missing or illegible." If the camera has no serial number, it must be mine.

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The potential for negative impact of 'on location' filming of commercial motion pictures, TV, advertising and even news footage could be enormous. If, hypothetically, one were to film a sequence including a drive through Paris - would the producers need to gain approval, frame-by-frame, of the entire sequence prior to filming? Would the holder of the copy right of a single building, structure, statue, etc. have essential veto power over the sequence? In essence, would each holder of copy right included be able to hold hostage filming activity in a city like Paris, filled with iconic structures, unless they approve of each frame containing an image of the structure they have copy rights to? This could hold up production forever. Would this include scouting footage, stock footage, or even scenes that are never intended for use in the final cut but are deemed commercially used because they supported the production process? My concern: what happens when lawyers get involved?

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On Fujifilm X100T Review preview (676 comments in total)
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Pirate Photog: How much bigger would the camera have to be if Fuji put a FF sensor inside with an f1.8 or 1.4 lens? And how much more would it cost to produce?

Richard Butler:
I have apparently been laboring under a misunderstanding for some time now - I always thought the area of the circle had to double to achieve a one stop increase, not the diameter. Thus, the diameter would have to increase by about 50%, not 100%.

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C.A.S.: I don't care what the management company rep said... the contract is crystal clear... “…FEI shall have perpetual, worldwide rights to use…” Perpetual means FOREVER.

If the picture was of you, would you allow unfettered use of it for any purpose in any publication or in any environment the photographer chose? How about your image being used as a poster or billboard depicting something you found distasteful or repugnant but fell short of being libelous? Where is your recourse and your share in the proceeds from the use of your image? No, I think the prudent thing to do is restrict its use up front and not wait to litigate after the damage has been done.

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C.A.S.: I don't care what the management company rep said... the contract is crystal clear... “…FEI shall have perpetual, worldwide rights to use…” Perpetual means FOREVER.

True, perpetual does mean forever; however, I see no equivalent perpetual injunction preventing your using them as well. You are merely agreeing to ask for their approval as to how and where you will use the artist's likeness in future. A reasonable agreement, I think - after all would you even have an opportunity to profit if the picture did not portray someone the market cares about. Rarely are the scales in balance and the subject's and photographer's name equally desirable and valuable, e.g. Yousuf Karsh and Winston Churchill.

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