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Fuji E X - 1
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Velbon Sherba 631 EL
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IMG_6791  old town hills 14-08-24 (2)IMG_6757  old town hills a 14-08-24IMG_6751  old town hills a 14-08-24_MG_5927  Building cafe and drink bar 14-06-04.a._MG_5877 happy man 14-06-03_MG_5904 favorit cafe in the morning  14-06-04 (2) _DSF5466 Sergeltorg_DSF8400_MG_5984   tuk tuk driver in mirror  14-06-05DSC08797  checkpoint charlie mina fötter 17.6_MG_0388 veteran car exibition_MG_6498 near station 20140614.b._MG_5866 happy man PS 14-06-03_DSF4592  elephant farm  19 2557_2_DSF4601  boat trip sellers night market 14-05-19 (1) _DSF4628  sanit in his car  21 2557_2_MG_5594  Buddha Wat Muang 14-06-01 (2)_DSF5314 _DSF3752  Berlin 2013_DSF1890 last flowers feb 23 2014_DSF2159  Salagatan mar 04 2014_DSF0964_DSF1048  Sergeltorg_DSF9082_DSF5773_DSF6778_DSF3799   ekipage on river 14-04-30_DSF3979   folk on balchony14-04-30_DSF4002   folk on balchony14-04-30_DSF4080   Bergman's first films biography 14-04-30IMG_0055  reception girl 5724 พฤษภาคม24-5-2557_MG_5081  favorit cafe Ayutthaya   14-05-28_MG_4799  thalaat naang 14-05-25_MG_4985  Icecream pause 14-05-26 (1) _MG_5223  eggseller  14-05-28 (1) _MG_5665 Sleepimg Buddha 14-06-01 (1) _MG_5992   two men and unbrella  14-06-05_MG_6028  street grill outside seven eleven   14-06-05_MG_6184  river house  14-06-07_DSF4601  boat trip sellers night market 14-05-19 (1) _MG_5203  chantana anitja and mother  14-05-28.a.