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Finally! A genuinely pocket sized camera with a viewfinder and a halfway-reasonable sized sensor. The lens is also decently fast at the wide-angle end, which is where most of my low-light pictures are taken. Definitely interested and eagerly awaiting reviews and/or the chance to look at one.

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Charrick: I think that people who think of themselves as "real photographers" are fanatic about optical viewfinders.

Look at the paragraph and picture above. Here's one quote:

"It's lost that camera's flip-out screen but has lost bulk in the process and has retained that rarest of things - an optical viewfinder."

OK honest. What good is that? Can some "real photographers" tell me? It's a tiny viewfinder with a parallax error and has no shooting information on it (all problems the LCD lacks). Now look at the photo. A guy is inside a relatively dark room (not outside at noon on a clear day at the beach with lots of glare) and he's still using the tiny optical viewfinder with a parallax error instead of the back screen.

Seems a bit silly, don't you think? Alas, I can never be a "real photographer", because I often use LCD screens on cameras, and I think that flip-out screens are more important to have than optical viewfinders. I know. I'm such a noob.

Let me guess, you're not long-sighted?

I fully appreciate that many people have no need for an eye-level viewfinder; but I use the one on my A1200 nearly all the time, even though it's pretty crappy. I don't want to have to put my glasses on every time I take a picture, and my eyes can't get close to focusing on the LCD without them.

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