Barry Stewart

Barry Stewart

Lives in Chilliwack, B.C. (near Vancouver)
Works as a retired teacher, current freelance writer/photog
Joined on Mar 2, 2002
About me:

Equipment: Oly E-1, SHLD-2, Oly Flash 50r, Oly 4o-15o (1st ed.)
l4-54 (1st ed.), ZD-50, Oly 50-200 swd, Oly E-PL5 and two kit zooms. Also the Bower 7.5 Fisheye and Sigma 60.
Oly E-M1 and m12-40.
MacPro Tower 2x2.66 Ghz dual-core Intel. 2014 Mac Mini.

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  • I watched the whole thing. Solid tips, much of which I have learned over the years — and a good point about 600 being too long for many sports, especially field sports. Nature shooters would love ...
  • Replied in 12-40
    I hadn't noticed it on the 12-40 until I just listened to it now. Nothing much, really. Now the Sigma 60… THAT is a thump! But only when powered down.
  • It's hard to give up the reach this lens offers… and I'm not convinced that the 40-150 Pro is any or much faster. In field sports especially, the extra reach is often needed.
  • I see we're blessed wit the same initials! I'm wondering if iPhoto is still on your computer, lurking in the background but masked off by the OS? You could do a Command-F search to find iPhoto. The ...
  • Bill, I've got Yosemite 10.10.4 on my Mac Mini and I still have iPhoto. I got the computer in December 2014 and sometime in the spring. Apple offered their "Photos" software in an update. I haven't ...
  • Not a lot of options, but it does a quick RAW conversion. If you shoot RAW+Jpeg, the two images appear side-by-side and you can see if you can make the RAW better than what the camera had in mind. ...
  • I used my E-PL5 for almost a year for my weekly sports and other freelancing work for a small town weekly newspaper ( Before I jumped from 4/3 to micro 4/3, I wanted to see if it ...
  • Replied in Outrigger?
    Short of an outrigger (or two) on your kayak, I wouldn't be risking good equipment in possibly rough water. I'm once bitten, twice shy, having spilled my E-5 and 14-54 from a two-person sit-on-top ...
  • Replied in Hello Victor
    I especially like the third one; eagle and fish. Did you get any action shots, with the sawdust flying? You seem to be overexposing on many of these. By choice? Bright sun, with shade behind can be ...
  • Another "try this": I know they are unlikely to have corrosion — but perhaps the contacts have lost some of their springiness. I'd try gently prying them back toward the opening with a popsicle ...
  • Thanks Boris. That's much quieter, on review. 5m focus point may be a little long for the underwater video I'd like to do but I'll try it.

  • With LCD held against my ear, yes, I can hear the motor noises inside the camera. Not at arm's length, though.

    On the TG-3, the UW Snapshot mode still seems to AF in movie mode.

  • I was searching for a helpful description — and the sewing machine sound might just do it. You're not aware of the sound while shooting but it sure presents itself in the video replay.

  • "At first glance the Raw images look considerably worse than the JPEGs."

    As others have mentioned, the advantages of the RAW mode on this camera are not apparent in many of the samples shown....

  • Something I didn't see mentioned is camera noise in the audio track of videos. My TG-3 is terrible for this, in and out of water. I'll guess that it's the auto-focus mechanism; whatever it is ruins...

  • Almost 200 replies in only two days? I'm impressed!

  • exm, it's interesting that you noted the scratches on the LCD. I think I treat my TG-3 with the same respect as all of my current or previous Oly DSLRs — all with unprotected LCDs — but it's the...

  • exm, it's interesting that you noted the scratches on your TG-4s LCD. I think I treat my TG-3 with the same respect as all of my current or previous Oly DSLRs — all with unprotected LCDs — but it's...

  • I got the bright orange float strap for my black TG-3, so that covers the visibility — and it floats very well. One VERY cool thing about the TGs is the built-in wireless TTL control of an external ...
  • I shake my head every time I see your photos of swallows. I guess bats might be even harder to shoot, considering the reduced light — but swallows are insane in their weaving, dodging and diving. ...
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