Barry Stewart

Barry Stewart

Lives in Chilliwack, B.C. (near Vancouver)
Works as a retired teacher, current freelance writer/photog
Joined on Mar 2, 2002
About me:

Equipment: Oly E-1, SHLD-2, Oly Flash 50r, Oly 4o-15o (1st ed.)
l4-54 (1st ed.), ZD-50, Oly 50-200 swd, Oly E-PL5 and two kit zooms. Also the Bower 7.5 Fisheye and Sigma 60.
Oly E-M1 and m12-40.
MacPro Tower 2x2.66 Ghz dual-core Intel. MacBook Pro

Barry Stewart's recent activity

  • Yes, wifi is COOL. I love it on my E-M1 and TG-3.
  • Half-press focus on a spot where you'll be standing to get a focus lock. Follow through with the shutter (on timer). Go stand at the spot you were focusing on and smile!
  • Commented on Who Left the Light On? in the Light challenge

    Well-spotted and captured!

  • First: full screen focus is usually not a viable option for me. I've got an E-M1 (and E-PL5) and I'm amazed at how thick the E-M1 is at deciding what to focus on, when on full-screen focus. The ...
  • Your E-M1 may start to act oddly when there's a drip on the eye sensor. The LCD goes black and you wonder what's going on. A bit disconcerting, the first few times. Wipe it off and you're back at it. ...
  • That's good news, Guy. A few questions: would you suppose that the dials in the E-M1 and EP5 are the same? • Are the front and back dial in the same module… and therefore would both be replaced, if ...
  • While I might not have focused on it if you hadn't mentioned it… the chopped off head does seem awkward. How to avoid? Shoot from various angles... bend your knees, shoot from your waist and overhead.
  • That's tough luck for you. The lack of spare parts should be telling Olympus something: "that a lot of repairs are being done!" I sure hope they have been using better parts in the repairs… and in ...
  • I ordered a 2-year warranty extension for my E-M1 and expected to get an e-mail copy of it. No. A week or so later, I got a sticker on my door that Purolator had stopped by but didn't want to leave ...
  • Replied in I say no
    I can't put my finger on the written proof — but I'm pretty sure that continuous drive just cancels the antishock until you go back to regular shooting.
  • Replied in Welcome
    Donald, I decided on the E-PL5 as a test to see if I could move from regular 4/3 to Micro 4/3 and still be successful. For a year, I pretty well left my E-5 at home and the E-PL5 was my go-to ...
  • Replied in Extremely lucky
    My wife and I were trying out a 2-person sit-on-top kayak. (Free rental at our resort. We learned later that the underside had been caved in, making it hugely unstable.) We sat on it at the edge of ...
  • You could invest in better indoor lighting as well… or use window light… or go outdoors. Seriously. I see even casual shooters trending away from flash indoors, as it looks so overcooked, ...
  • Replied in Quite a quandary
    I'd say research into a viewing device (if there are such things) that fits over your LCD, so you can have the hot-shoe free for your flash trigger. It's a pity that Oly didn't make a pass-through ...
  • Good to hear that your problem is sorted, for now. I'm getting a new Mac mini next week, to catch up in technology. My 2007 Mac tower cannot be upgraded enough to work RAW files from my E-M1 and ...
  • Replied in Try your GX7
    If you can't get another solution, try putting the card in your GX7 and sending files to your computer through the connecting cable.
  • At this page (below), they talk about TG-850 leakage and E-M5 cracked LCD covers. From this, one would assume that these problems are even MORE prominent than the back dial problem on the E-M1 ...
  • Replied in Dude
    Thanks, Garry. I guess I've been adjusting on the FULL SCP screen and wasn't going the extra OK bump to get the next — individualized — screen. 'Glad to know I haven't lost it.
  • Replied in Dude
    Okay… have I gone mental, or did I used to be able to press the "OK" button to get the SCP on, then once more to get it to go back to the regular shooting screen? Now, it wants to go to the ...
  • Replied in Jim
    Jim, I tried the button strokes that you mention and I couldn't stop the SCP from coming up when I press the "OK" button. Whatever happened at the party, I couldn't get SCP to show up at all. (I'm ...
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