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Since this new Sigma lens seems to be a Gamechanger, but has no IS (image stabiliser), do any of the lenses mentioned in the comparative study have image or optic stabilisation ?

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On landscape with total absence of the color green challenge (13 comments in total)
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Schnitty: so "•Picture must be taken during the day between sunrise and sunset" does this mean no pictures of the sunset or surise. Or does this mean no night photos

Rex-Pix here: A somewhat confusing challenge!? I was disqualified for a landsacpe of brown chaffed wheat with an ancillary/incidental solitary dark tree which I admit was green. It is good for the host to make true his threats (so few frustratingly do not & I agree that as worded a single green blade of grass is impermissible!). That being said, I agree with the above comments re: 'Winter Landscapes" (at least 6) & a further 6 with shades of green. One doesn't even fulfill the definition of 'Landscape!' I will resubmit a true Landscape free of a molecule of chlorophyll" Ta for a meaningful challenge with consequences to one's actions! :)

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On Dwelling or storage Shacks challenge (4 comments in total)

Challenge says 49 entries, but when try enter image, states "Sorry, challenge is full?". By the way TX Photo Doc had exactly same experience as you 24 hours ago. Thought it my internet and even reconfigured my wireless broadband!

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On Ad campaign: The nose knows challenge (12 comments in total)

Most birds have extremely poorly developed olfactory organs with the notable exception of New World vultures and a few isolated species such as the Cook's Petrel. In New Zealand there is currently a huge public debate in all the media as the number off bird species has deteriorated markedly in the last decade. A spokesman for Forest And Bird says that this is largely due to their decimation by introduced species such as cats, rats, stoats and weasels. A large number of birds are killed by these animals at night as the birds with their poorly developed sense of smell are sitting ducks (excuse the pun) for these animals which stakl them at night by using their well-developed sense of smell! The original mediator exclusion of birds is thus physiologically probably correct. My 2 cents worth. :)

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blosshapperter: ad aperture: I think the rear mushrooms are just perfect as they are!

Ta. You,re too kind. (My Mentor suggested using f2.8 at the time!)

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On Railways challenge (2 comments in total)

Just loaded image but cant load second.
Loads fully and then wont progress to next step??

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On Bird portrait challenge (11 comments in total)

Hi Alex

Can I remove my portrait format portrait and re-enter with landscape format bird head and neck even tho challenge full as requested originally peasel?

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On Bird portrait challenge (11 comments in total)

Could you pl clarify whether PORTRAIT means PORTRAIT format. There are many Koo lpix, most in Landscape format. Could you reply asap as my best shots are square or landscape not POTRAIT format. I notice the sample is not in PORTAIT FORMAT either. I will take thhe rules seriously and submit a PORTRAIT-formatted birds portrait. I will remove it if you rule otherwise and resubmit. TA

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On Vegas Aquarium in the The Fish Tank! challenge (1 comment in total)

U hav a lionfish in your tank? Saltwater and drop for drop the most venomous creature in the sea for which there is no antidote? Envy you.

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On Don't wind me up in the Wall Clock challenge (2 comments in total)

Wall Clock? Nice Fob Tho..probably worth a lot

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On 44 copy in the The Olympic Games challenge (1 comment in total)

I note that lately there a fair of entries without metadata?

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On Delahaye 1948 Faget Varnet Cabriolet in the Lost to history... challenge (2 comments in total)

HinTher. Please could you clear something up for me asap as this challenge closes in 6 days.

The challenge lead states that the maker must no longer exist but several of the challenges the original model may be defunct but the manufacturer is alive and well.

My dilemma is this: I have a very old photo (45yrs and original) showing part of the front of (but a very clear Bonnet emblem) a Borgward. They went bankrupt never to rresurface. I also have a beautiful photo of a restored ford 1920,s Coca-cola utalitarian car with wooden sides and is apparently 1 of only 2 in the world. Now that model is obviously no longer around, but the manufacturer is.

I would far prefer to submit the latter image, but fear I may be in breach of rules. PLEASE could you clear this up for me and the other (at least 4) contestants who are unclear about the instructions please.


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On Orchids challenge (1 comment in total)

Some quite similar. Accidentally voted for mine! Others really stunning!

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On Chrome, lots of chrome! challenge (1 comment in total)

some confusion between silver paint and true chrome? Otherwise some awesome images!

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On IMG_1303 Needs propping up resize photo in Jill Hancock's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Hi Jill.
Njoy your pix.
How does one form one's own gallery and roughly how much does this service cost.
I hope its not too cheeky to ask this, but am pretty new at this all!?


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On Star trails and planets challenge (1 comment in total)

Sure several of the images are that of the moon...not a planet. Are some awesome images tho.

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On Wet (Capture date and size rule) Please read all... challenge (1 comment in total)


I note the challenge is full, but surely it should only be full as long as these are QUALIFYING entries?

Perusal of the entries reveal several that are NOT exactly 900 in height.


Rich Pict

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