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Marianne Oelund

Marianne Oelund

Lives in United States Seattle region, WA, United States
Works as a Electronics Engineer
Has a website at actionphotosbymarianne.com
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About me:

To have great value, life and knowledge must last, therefore we should first seek eternal truth and life, available to us through the abounding love and grace of our Savior.
I find inspiration from the following authors and works, which have my highest recommendation. Please do not miss reading at least a few of these!
The Word: Holy Bible. H. A. Baker, Rolland and Heidi Baker: various. Pastor Surprise Sithole: Voice in the Night. Mel Tari: Like a Mighty Wind. Dr. James Maloney: various. Guillermo Maldonado: various. Anna Rountree: Heaven Awaits the Bride. Dale and Paula Black: various. Rev. Elwood Scott: 40 days in Heaven, the story of Seneca Sodi. Praying Medic: Divine Healing made Simple. Blake Healy: The Veil.

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  • Are you referring to image softness (implied by your mention of on-tripod VR use)?  If so, are you saying that the result was inferior to other lenses at f/22?  An example would help. For the ...
  • Replied in Service life
    USA service centers will continue to provide service for Nikon USA gear, until spare parts are no longer available.  That is generally at least 10 years after the lens or camera model ceases ...
  • Yes, this can occur with almost any lens, in your climate, so returning the lens will not help at all. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we rarely encounter such temperature/humidity extremes, but I ...
  • Critical comparison of optical performance requires very careful control of variables.  In this case, you have not controlled magnification, leaving the 70-200 at a disadvantage due to its lower ...
  • Replied in Different sense
    No, the OP was describing movement that he could feel and hear when holding the lens in his hand, not movement that he could see by looking into the lens.
  • Replied in VR parking
    What you are describing matches the feel of an unparked VR unit.  This can happen if you inadvertently activate VR while removing the lens from the camera. To confirm, you could do this ...
  • With respect to viewfinder brightness, it is worth mentioning that lenses "faster" than f/2.8 do not have an advantage over f/2.8 lenses, as the range of ray angles admitted through the viewscreen ...
  • Of course the hood can be reversed when using the original foot.  Otherwise, why would the hood be reversible at all? I'm too cheap to spring for a nice third-party replacement foot.  Instead, I ...
  • Replied in Final Resolution
    I sent the lens back to Nikon again, but this time through a local independent repair shop, after demonstrating the issue with the manager of the shop.  The manager has been dealing with Nikon ...
  • I judge true SA for these lenses to be within the 0 - 2R range, so the DC ring calibration error is small.  In the case of my lens, with the DC ring at Center, SA is so under-corrected that it ...
  • Thank you for taking the time to post your test images. I do not agree that best SA correction is occurring at 2.5 R.  I see it between 0 and 2R, perhaps closer to 2R than 0, for both lenses. This ...
  • You shouldn't. According to your original post, re-focusing slightly so the viewfinder image appears sharp, then results in a mis-focused photo. By design, it is not possible for missing glasses, ...
  • Your viewscreen is mounted incorrectly, and/or the reflex mirror alignment has been disturbed.  Hopefully you purchased your camera new from a reputable dealer.  If it was a second-hand purchase, ...
  • It was close to nominal.  I never had to set the DC ring beyond F2 before, to achieve best IQ at f/2.
  • Light level, lighting color, subject color, subject detail, lens aperture, subject distance, atmospheric lensing, susceptibility of the AF system to noise . . . Temperature variations affecting the ...
  • Replied in Easy: D3s
    Still own and heavily use both D3s bodies purchased in 2009-2010.  For my purposes, it remains the best indoor sports action camera that Nikon ever made.
  • Replied in DC ring scale
    If we look at the range F2 to F5.6, the ring is marked such that the numbers follow powers of two where the exponent is a linear function of ring rotation (or detent number, since they are equally ...
  • It amazes me that anyone would expect a 20mm lens at f/1.8 on a full frame camera to be free of coma.  Who are these people? The only lens I own which I might consider using for astro wide open is ...
  • This afternoon, I had an opportunity to take test images with a rental 135/2 DC and 105/2 DC. On the 135/2, the DC ring was very well-centered, with Center being better than both F2 and R2, and ...
  • Replied in Query?
    From the opening post: "Focusing must be re-done manually for each DC-ring position using Live View" So far, everyone else seems to have understood that instruction.
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