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Right focal range, I didn't think they would get 60mm (120 eq) out of it..... , just a bit slow. However if it is sharp and offers good bokeh at the longer end, then it may be a useful alternative to the 14-42.

Look forward to results on different bodies.

Very strange launch otherwise: why a powered zoom for video while that area is Olympus's weaker point compared to panasonic and other systems is odd. Also why weather sealing but not on body.

As others have said, this probably pre-empts a weather sealed body launch as its kit lens: Clearly this should then offer better HDMI video and perhaps video optimised IBIS which is integrated to the motor zoom ( thus the IBIS knows the zoom is in motion and subrtacts from the stabilisaiton movement)

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FredSpain: A little mistake in this overall good review: the A 65 does NOT feature extrafine JPEG as the A77 does.
Also, another problem which is on philosophical level : On all DPreviews, we have comparisons at pixels levels but never at acceptable printing sizes. I would say then that it should be called Digital Photoscopic Revew as graphy from the Greek graphein refers to an image or text on paper. Fortunately, other sites take this appproach.

I agree with brendon: higher quality base ISO in dr and tonal depth is preferable to hard wired NR and different pure-sensitivity in the chip. Sony have put their blue chips on mpx ( debatable benefit for many!) and DR / TD.

Someone will no doubt post the Nikon 1 high ISO as outperforming the IQ of this too!

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Some shots are a bit soft, but I am surprised no one has picked up on the excellent dynamic range for a single lens camera. Better than Nikon 1, Oly XZ1 and g11 ( not seen too much g12 yet) .

Bit of a muted but realistic colour pallette. Probably worth the cost over the xz1/g12 on the basis of VF and DR.

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nemo6666: Yuo can really forget most Android Apps. Unstable and for sure not easy to use. Some of them are just a copy of iOS Apps, not quite well done. Others don´t support multitouch, while this is standard in iOS Apps.
And not to forget the high risk of Android permissions...
Just a very few are really useful and also user friendly.
Just my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your opinion Mr Jobs. How is the weather up there BTW?

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Jim Radcliffe: Did I not hear him say.. "We consumerized this camera..." So they did not create a camera with serious amateurs in mind but generic consumers of point and shoots? I reallize we are all consumers but I thought the premis of this camera was for the advanced amateur.. and I see nothing that really speaks to that class of consumer.

Well nikon have just placed their entire MILCnikon 1 range on this BS too: over priced at that !!

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The base ISO, people seem to ignore, there seems to be a lack of sharpness and maybe this is micro cotnrast. Also colours seem relatively muted.

These are both perhaps addressed with settings as by far the majority of users will no doubt never go near raw.

ISO 1600 in the dark and shadows looke better than the other latest out-the-bag , the V1/ j1.

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On photo Pontiac Indian Headlight in the Vintage cars details challenge (1 comment in total)

absolutely wonderful! good use of BW. Congratulations.

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On photo Pumpkins in the Newspaper supplement: Harvest season challenge (3 comments in total)

Hey hey! Well done, got my highest vote and I am delighted it is an Olympus FT that won !!!!!!!!!

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CameraLabTester: It gets worst and worst...

Nikon, be humble enough to admit you made a real big BLUNDER here and do 2 things that might save your face:

1. Reduce the price by half.

2. Replace the sensor with 4/3.

People vote with their purchasing money, not with internet comments and accolades.

I like this post! Blunt.

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bryanbrun: The Nikon 1 is a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

They pumped up the read speeds on the sensor to such a high level for the video and frames per second that they sacrificed Noise at low ISO. Any high end P&S will take a better picture at low ISO than Nikon 1.

At this price point the Nikon 1 is in a different market segment than Micro Four Thirds and high end Point and Shoots.

A market segment that doesn't exist.

An intersting position, which I think will be vindicated!

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Walter Rowe: I'm a Nikon DSLR shooter. These raw files don't look as good as my Canon PowerShot G11 raw files at comparable ISOs. The camera system has a great deal of flexibility with interchangeable lenses, but the price relative to the image quality compared to other cameras in this sensor class just doesn't compel me.

Even the ISO 100 image shows significantly more noise than I would expect from ISO 100 on a camera at this price point when viewed at 100% in the camera maker's own software. The ISO 6400 image actually impressed me most. It had less noise than I expected.

Get the image quality up, reduce the price by 25% and this will be a very competitive camera that spans the gap between compact P&S and full-body DLSRS cameras. Lots of travelers would find this an excellent compromise. Flexibility without the load and space consumption of a larger DSLR setup.

Agree Walter: Comparisons to the G11/12 , S95 and XZ1 are more valid than to similarily priced DSLRs or NEx and PEN / G.

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Looking forward to seeing the vid at home as streaming is very naughty at work!

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 at 08:48 UTC as 4th comment

summary: not as good as mFT. Not much smaller with the 10-100 as NEX.

Barely competes with the G12, S95 and Olympus XZ1.


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On article Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database (220 comments in total)

Crumby image quality.

"not aimed at enthusiasts" say Nikon

Who pays this kind of money and ISN*T an enthusiast??

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bryanbrun: If the Nikon V1 had a F2.0 kit lens that allowed for DOF control, then it might have a chance.

The Nikon kit lens is 10-30mm at 3.5 max aperture on a tiny little sensor. This is weak, weak, weak.

Who wants to spend $900 dollars on a camera and end up with a grand total of 20mm field of view control with an aperture of 3.5 which allows for no DOF control?

No one. There is no market for the Nikon V1.

Nikon needs to release a real kit lens, without it the camera can't even compete with XZ-1, LX5, so just forgot about competing with the artistic control that the m4/3 and NEX allow.

this was my expectation: how can they compete? Okay, they'll give one to Ashton Kutchner and it'll be a big hit. "not aimed at enthusiasts"? Who pays this kind of money and ISN*T an enthusiast??

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Reilly Diefenbach: Reilly's ranking at 1600 raw:
Oly trailing badly
Well done, Nikon!

You certainly have rose tinted glasses. EP3 and epl3, epm1 all better . Nikon is as noisy as a motorhead gig!

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Steven Noyes: Olympus PEN E-PL3 seems to strike, by far, the best balance. The Nikno's base ISO 100 noise is very high to almost be distracting. It does hold the noise and by ISO 800 is starting to come out ahead. The V1's ISO 100 noise is almost troubling.

But overall, the IQ difference are very small between the different models.

The nikon struggles against the XZ1 and g12 actually: dial them up at 200 ISO. Colour, detail, sharpness and gradation all better IMHO than the V1.

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On article Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database (220 comments in total)

Nikon fanboys had better hope spending serious cash on better lenses improves the performance: sharpness, contrast, gradation/tonal depth are all struggeling against the g12 and XZ1. mFT is far better.

Also launching a camera with such poor ISO performance in the ILC sector now is just plain dumb.

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On photo Backyard Swing in the Portraits back lit challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice: may work better in BW imho

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Should have been reserved for April 1.

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