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I noticed some obvious light-dark flickering in some of the scenes. Was the camera using a fixed aperture, or was the aperture changing and causing the flicker?

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Big Richard: In FY 2013 Sony sold 11.5 million cameras. In FY2015Sony forecasts only 6.1 million cameras. 47% drop.

Pretty shocking.

I wonder how long Sony will stick with Cybershot and APSC? The sensor business thanks mostly to Apple and Nikon is the reason for the profits along with FF mirrorless where there is no competition.

Sony is making money and needs to stick with their profitable core: Sensors, professional video and FF mirrorless. Cybershot and NEX are the boat anchors holding them back from making higher profits. Now I see why last years A6000 replacement was cancelled, and there hasn't been a new apsc lens for 2 1/2 years.

In case you did not read the financial report, their profitable core business in sensors lost 97 million. (Batteries are part of that business unit)

Camera sensors are a very small part of that business, its dominated by cell phone, tablet sensors, and their sales is way down.

As far as profits, their other lines are doing much better than cameras. Mobile Communications up 133%. Pictures (Movies) up 227%. Game and Network Services up 45.5%. Imaging is near the bottom of the profit list.

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Although it wasn't specifically mentioned, the speed and availability of parts and repair service is certainly important to someone who actually needs to have their cameras available for use. Sure, have a backup, but if it takes 2-3 months for service, you might need multiple backups, and backup lenses are expensive.

Then, there is reliability.

So, the performance and IQ are a part of the equation, but for some, not the most important or even in second place.

I realize that its expensive and difficult to gather reliability information, but availability of service centers, spare parts, and average turn-around time might be easier.

I do agree with the gist of the argument, each photographer has his needs and priorities, he also has his biases. I often see comments like why doesn't brand X have a feature brand y has? Take this to the obvious conclusion, and all cameras would be the same.

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On Connect post Pulse aims to bring advanced wireless control to your DSLR (46 comments in total)

My IUSBPORT2 That I bought from B&H offers full tethering capability, including all the features of this one and controls video as well as downloading images to your device if you wish.

Certainly, the cables can be replaced. It also acts as a backup battery for a smart phone, and the unit can be used all day on one charge.

Just because someone wants your $$ for a project does not mean its a smart way to blow your money.

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File size is much less important than it was 15 years ago, that's the least of my concerns about jpeg files.

Its going to take something very special to get zillions of images replaced with a newer file format.

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falconeyes: Small Sony is making a solid profit year after year - despite their bold effort at innovation and R&D.

Makes me wonder where all that money within much bigger Canon and Nikon is going to ... There must be a staff of lazy/inefficient and wealthy people to be sustained ;)

Ethan, How is Sony 3X larger than Canon + Nikon? Your comment does not survive a check of facts.

Canon has a market cap of 49.8 Billion and has 191,889 Employees. Sony has a market cap of 34.2 Billion and 140, 900 Employees. They are barely alive, having lost tons of money for the past few years, and are now struggling towards profitability, having made $278 million in profit so far this FY after losing billions for years. Canon is forecasting a 3.02 BILLION profit this year, over 10X as much.

Canon could probably buy Sony, but why buy a loser? Sony just can't let go of their big money losers.

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On article RX aeternus? Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II review (268 comments in total)

I have a tough time getting past that price, it seems excessive.

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If the rumored Microsoft Surface 4 pro comes out on Oct 6, it might fill the bill. Up to 1GB memory, 14 inch screen, facter video card, it sounds like more of a photo editing tablet.

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (562 comments in total)

I'd like to see lossless compression, but uncompressed? 130-150 MB files?? All other camera manufacturers use lossless compression for raws, you can save files to memory cards faster, and store many more images.

My Nikon D800 has uncompressed files on the order of 103 MB.

I hope Sony will clarify that they are using lossless compression. We should find out before long.

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Somehow, I'm doubting the sales volume. I might want my own photo of a popular location, even if there are millions already.

Its hard to imagine any tourist buying one of these. Think millions of photos at Disney world (different people, of course). A zillion statue of liberty photos, and so on.

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AbrasiveReducer: It's a run-up to their expo this month. Typical Canon, following the money, aiming for lucrative industrial and government sales. The way the world is going, security and surveillance are going to be bigger businesses than consumer cameras.

Indeed! Why would Canon want to make a profit when bankruptcy is so easy.

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MERLEWINE: As an advanced close-up photographer, I understand your point, but don’t like the slow drift of your post that most photographers won’t notice it. There are those of us who do notice and need a lossless raw format and not have it processed or semi-processed for us. I bought the Sony A7r and the A7s and returned both for reasons there is not enough room here to detail.

I will consider the A7rII when they offer a lossless raw option, and while they are at it, give us some batteries that last longer, and make sure that all levels of EVF focusing are sharp. Meanwhile, my Nikon D810 is doing the job.

I'm just watching the reviews from actual owners. I likely would not notice the lossy compression, but I do shoot a lot of high contrast images at high ISO and often crop severely. I can buy spare batteries, but there is no solution for lossy compression if it affects a image.

Its likely that < 5% will notice, but its one of the issues to consider. The comments on evf focusing when magnified are also making me wonder.

Maybe Nikon will be able to take the sensor and do things right?

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On article BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene (535 comments in total)
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misspiggy01: there is no significant difference in noise between the BSI sensor and the one in the D810.
i´m wondering if the BSI concept has more to do with heat management for internal 4K recording. something that sony didn´t dare with the previous generation.

if the D820 will have that BSI sensor canon will have a real problem with the VDSLR crowd. if i were invested in canon glass, now would be the time to switch to a sony body with the af-adaptor. it is so much better.

I think that the BSI sensor makes sense for a short flange back camera, particularly at the edges and corners of the image. I'd expect to see a less light fall off. The D810 has a advantage in that the flange back distance is longer, so the angle of the light rays is not so flat.

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The fires here in eastern Washington are horrible. Skies are brown, somoke everywhere, dust storms. Interstate 90 was closed due to near zero visibility this evening. 35 new fires started last night.

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Scales USA: While the images are ok for a low cost point and shoot, for $1300, there is a huge disconnect.

The ISO 6400 portraits were so noisy, that when I saw them, I thought something was wrong.

I had been thinking of getting a one inch sensor camera, but have scrapped that idea.

I understand ISO pretty well, and ASA too, for those that don't remember. I also understand apertures and what is available. I do not use a APS-C DSLR, but I do have a G1X II which is near APS-C but not a superzoom.

I was thinking of upgrading my old Canon SX50 HS to a camera with the 1 inch Sony sensor, they are a good compromise, but it startled me to see all that noise in the portrait. That made me rethink my plans.

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While the images are ok for a low cost point and shoot, for $1300, there is a huge disconnect.

The ISO 6400 portraits were so noisy, that when I saw them, I thought something was wrong.

I had been thinking of getting a one inch sensor camera, but have scrapped that idea.

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On article Lens Rentals Canada closes its doors (178 comments in total)

Shipping prices have escalated due to the high cost of fuel. Now that the price of fuel has dropped, shipping keeps going up.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1595 comments in total)

•16 fps continuous shooting (with metering and focus fixed at the first shot)

The usefulness of this feature is mostly lost on me. Why would I want 16 FPS for a still subject or one where lighting does not change.

1 in focus shot plus 15 oof shots does not sound worthwhile.

As to sales, I don't have any actual sales info, so it may be a best seller or a bust. It does have some nice features, but 16FPS with no change in focus is not one of them.

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On article Flickr brings back Pro account option (74 comments in total)

I dropped Flickr years ago, and signed up with Smugmug. I find it far better.

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On Connect post Feature film shot on iPhone 5 coming to cinemas (64 comments in total)

I viewed the trailer as well. While its not the type of movie I go to, I was impressed with the filming and the actors.

$100,000 is peanuts for a feature film.

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