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On Opinion: Did Sony just do the impossible? article (1022 comments in total)
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kona_moon: The only reason I have not jumped onto the a7 bandwagon is the lack of COMPACT lenses. What good is a compact FF camera body without equally compact lenses? I will continue with my RX1 until the whole system becomes COMPACT.

What tradeoffs in performance are you willing to accept for compact lenses? Slower apertures and optical flaws that need to be corrected via image processing? It's hard for me to make sense of getting the most out of such a powerful sensor with compromised lenses.

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On Leica Q First Impressions Review preview (558 comments in total)

Rectangular lens hoods are common in Leicaland since they intrude less into a rangefinder's view. Since there's no optical finder to justify the squared-off, non reversible hood, I can only assume that this one represents style over function.

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On Lily Camera flies itself and follows its owner article (153 comments in total)
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pboehi: 20min of flying time is very short - having this device accompany me in the mountains during the day would be great, but this would mean several hours in the air...

Most quadrocopters get less than 15 minutes of flight time. But at least with those you can carry extra batteries and swap them for more flight time. And people forget about the annoying noise factor. Having a loyal companion that sounds like 10,000 angry hornets isn't exactly in keeping with a day spend in the mountains.

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On Lily Camera flies itself and follows its owner article (153 comments in total)
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Indulis Bernsteins: Not the only one...

The Lilly is only $499 at an intro price that requires you to buy based on faith and wait months for delivery. The Lilly is waterproof, but that means the battery can't be swapped - so you get one use and have to wait at least two hours to fly again (assuming you have immediate access to charging, which you won't most of the time). At the real $1K price I think the limitations become a lot more of a barrier.

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InTheMist: Kind of a major screw-up, Apple!

It does sound like an idiot operating system that can't protect existing library files, assuming that it's only metadata in the Leica files that causes the import problem.

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Olympus back in the OM days offered bodes with titanium metal top and bottom plates. I've read that this is just titanium colored. Is Olympus offering more details?

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On Nikon D7200 First Impressions Review preview (1114 comments in total)

And "we're be curious" to so see you test the low-light capabilities of the new D7200.

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On Nikon D7200 First Impressions Review preview (1114 comments in total)
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Scottelly: I'm trying to figure out why the old Sony A77 can shoot at 12 fps, but this "new" camera can only shoot at half that speed, even though both cameras are 24 MP. Anyone got any ideas what's up there? They're about the same price, right?

The pellicle mirror isn't a new cameras had them. There's light loss for the exposure with a semisilvered mirror, and the light to the viewfinder isn't very bright.

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RPJG: Do any of these action cams have proper timelapse functionality yet?

By "proper", I mean shutting down the camera between shots so that battery life isn't (laughably) the same as when taking video?

You can't shut down the camera, just power down some components. The timer and logic have to keep running.

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Papi61: No 4K? Deal breaker. Match the Hero 4 Black on specs and offer it for $150-200 less and then many people will be interested.

And GoPro has a reputation as a camera maker? I suppose they do, just not as one with anything great going for it but popularity and form factor.

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Artak Hambarian: IMHO ballheads are inferior to orthogonal heads, i.e. Pan and tilt or gimbal heads, especially in combination with leveling bases. The same Acratech has the so called Long Lens Head and the Panoramic Head. I use my Induro BHL3 all the time in combination with Wimberley Sidekick, all seated on FLM levelling base on a Manfrotto 055 PRO CF legs. Mark: any plans to compare orthogonal heads?

It depends on what you need to do. And an upside-down ballhead levels for panning in one step without the bulk and weight of a leveling base. I run an upside-down Markins in addition to a Novoflex P0. I also have pan tilt and micro adjustable heads. Horses for courses.

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Serious camera wood.

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (812 comments in total)
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R N: Anybody remember the early Nikon Coolpix models? They had the swivel idea for the grip. Then the industry - including Nikon - went with making cameras that were digital versions of old form-factor designs. It's nice to see this idea come back.

In the early days of digital there was a sort of heady optimism about the opportunities to innovate on what a camera could be. With convergence, maybe it's time again.

Yeah, I had one. I'd rather have an articulating display than an articulating camera. But the point of this design is different - to change up how you hold and control the camera. In the Coolpix, the camera body would do the tilting, Canon looks to be doing the opposite.

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noirdesir: You got me there for a minute.

Published March 31, and I saw it elsewhere.

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On B-grip launches Uno holster for compact system cameras article (109 comments in total)

I'll stay with Peak Design's CapturePro. The dovetail plate is compatible with my Arca type camera supports. And Peak's product isn't targeted at "smaller cameras". I tried to find images of the CPtech mounting hardware, but no luck.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (811 comments in total)
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tgutgu: Welt, it is a pity that dpreview follows the urban legend that Olympus menus are more complex than the competition. It is clearly not the case.

It depends on how you define complexity. Olympus makes you work harder to find and change settings compared to other cameras with a similar range of settings - in my experience.

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Karl Summers: Aside from sharpness, how do you account for the difference in hue/luminance values in the blue trim around the window?

Sterile highlights - are you referring to pictures of my vasectomy?

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alouette: great Comparison!

Would be nice to see a comparison with the FT Zuiko 7-14mm F/4 attached at the E-M5 Mark II using the hiRes Mode at 40MPix (Jpg) or 64Mpix (Raw)

Especially at high ISOs.

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nathantw: I'm really impressed. But, how well does the Tamron perform at 14mm? For those that say it's only one mm, look at the comparison photo. That one mm was the difference between seeing the top of the Space Needle and just seeing the support structure.

How well does the Nikon perform at 30mm? Yes, 1mm is useful on the wide end, but in reality the two lenses are impressively well matched and few shots would be affected by the difference. Tamron deserves credit for upping its game.

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inrissk: What stops a 3rd party vendor to sell it to overseas on Ebay or Alibaba?

It's a shame for innovators like GoPro to lose out to copycatters.

No, it's a shame that GoPro continues to lead its sector with the frustrating camera brick. GoPro is hardly an innovator, it's a company that thrives despite bad software, poor support, frustrating product design, and poor quality control.

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