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Wye Photography: Obviously, REAL photographers use Leica. Those who lack confidence or are insecure use one of those plastic things full of electrical gadgetry and computer control to compensate for their obvious lack of skill and ability.

"REAL" photographers have the confidence to choose the camera that's best for the job at hand. No camera, brand, style, sensor size, digital, film is optimized for all types of photography. If you like the challenge do everything with a Leica and 50 mm Summicron. If your clients expect you to deliver 100%, you must have, or rent, the best camera/lens/flashkit/.... Not to compensate for lack of confidency, insure feelings or whatever emotion. No, to survive in a very demanding market. This cold hard fact seperates Professional photographers from "Real" photographers. But there is enough living space for real passionate amateur photographers. With or without Leica. Whatever Leica, with or without LCD, it is just a tool (like any camera)). And now you can create your own custom made my Leica (and Zeiss) glass on my Sony A7II. Or Pentax67 lenses on Olympus OM-D, or...
It was, is and will remain the right combination of photographer, equipment and workflow that do the job.

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New business opportunity for creative Chinese Ebay sellers...

Screen protectors made out of black plastic!

Return of anticipation for only US$0,99
(Also available with red dot or ISO indicator for only US $2,99)

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Thin black cardboard $ 1,00/sheet
Hobby knife: $5,00 (you probably allready have one)
Rubber lenshood:$2,00 (Fleabay)
Imagination and creativity: Free (if you have any)

Cut any shape you want. Stick it somewhere in the lenshood>>>>Ready!
You have that special bokeh. Experiment with size of cut out shape and position in lenshood.

Want to use the same again and again? Place it between two UV filters or tape it on a sheet of clear acrylic. Use badly scratched UV filters/acrylic to get Daguerreo look. Vaseline also works.

It works. Do it since the 1970's, long before Kickstarter victims existed.
Once every 5 years, with star shaped bokeh at Christmas day. For fun. Next day, start making real photographs again. Believe me, it does not make a bad photograph any better.

Lock at this lens. Basically just a long brass lens hood with bad glass at the camera side of the tunnel. Hyped with smart marketing and fancy serial numbers.

So start with the cardboard trick before spending $500+

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On photo I See You in the Macro - Machine challenge (1 comment in total)

The definition of Macro= 1:1 or bigger. So on the sensor (or film) the object is the same size or bigger than in real life.

So please disqualify at leasts the entries that are not even 1:1 on the final photo. Up to 80% of entries are not macro.

Photo's of complete machines, shavers etc are definitely not macro photo's.
Close-up photo's at best. They simply cannot be 1:1 on the sensor or film. O.K., a shaver could be 1:1, if you photographed it using 8x10 inch film.

(and Japanese trees in Kyoto are beautifull l...but not a machine)

But why should you read the rules. Just enter whatever you find first on your HD. And let your family and friends vote so you think you scored high in the challenge "Macro Machine". Keep on dreaming, the challenge host will not wake you up. Neither will this message, or did it?

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On photo First Fishing Trip for Sarah in the Children Fishing challenge (1 comment in total)

ifyou had cropped out the top 1/3 and left only the grass you had earned another star.

Try it, the big and dark wooden beams kill the fairytale magic.

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On photo I Believe I Can't Fly in the Extreme Photographers challenge (1 comment in total)

read the rules! Where is the photographer?

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How can you compare the prices of one creative "product" to another?

It becomes even more complicated if you realize that a wedding photographer delivers more than just photographs. How about the "feel good" factor, the "click" between the photographer, you and your guest? Are you willing to pay for the simple fact you can tell everybody your wedding pics will be taken by the famous......?

Sounds strange? Well, most people are willing to pay $3 for a beer that is worth $0,30. Why? Because they like the exclusive restaurant they selected for their wedding. The couple also pay a heap of money for the invitations which are basically just paper, right? How much for the flowers? And why is that designer brides dress so expensive?

Get the picture? It is freedom of choice for the consumer how much to spend on their wedding. It is up to the happy couple to go for "expensive" photographs or to spend it on drinks. Give them what they expect and you remain in business.

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On Challenge:6020 (11 comments in total)
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pocoloco: Is it allowed to combine two digital photo's? Or do you really require a photo from the film era post processed into a digital image?

In both cases, together with the statement "create imaginary views of life and places that belong more to your dream than to the real World " how should I interpret the rule not to overdo post processing?

Interesting. One person to set AND control the rules. Not sure if this is a good idea. Better not to take part in your own contests. Well that's my (humble) opinion.

If you state in the rules: "let's hope to see more of a photography and less of post-processing magic" why do you destroy this hope by entering heavily post processed photo's?

Posted on Jan 15, 2012 at 16:56 UTC
On photo Atomium - Brussels - Belgium in the Countries and the landmarks they are known for? challenge (1 comment in total)

Watch out! The family of the designer of the Atomium charge copyright money for any picture of this monument. Yes, that is not a joke. They are serious (and somewhat stupid in my view). The same is through with the Eifel tower photographed by night. There is copyright on the way it is lit at night.

Just that you know

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On photo Hope in the Acts of kindness challenge (8 comments in total)

Good photo,

I like the fact that the man is NOT looking at the children. Now it appears he is checking the environment and guarding over the safety of the children.

Close cropping/composition ads to the feeling of intimacy. For a moment the three have their little moment of togetherness in a hostile worlds.

Suggestion for slight improvement: I like strong blacks, but on my calibrated screen there is allmost no detail in the shadow area of the leg of the men (knee area) and in his hair. I'm sure that on most non-calibrated screens this problem is non existent.

Anyway, make a very large print of this phote, frame it and be proud of this achievement!

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On photo Here eyes in the Language of the Eyes challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice picture. But I think the high key effect of the face compared to the eyes is too much. Also the cloths are too dark for a pure high key photo.

Try bringing some more greys in the hair. Or tone down the dark greys in the cloths and the light greys in the chin and cheek area: bring everything except eyes and lips under 10% black. Less muddy.

Either way try to get a better balance. Now the photo splits into two parts. Above and under the eyes.

Expression and composition is spot on. So it is worth to spend some time improving the high key effect.

Perhaps my calibrated screen is different then yours. Allways measure with the eye dropper in Photoshop.

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