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Monochrom: Allthough picture quality will be super, i still don't get why anyone wants to pay for a rangefinder and then use the camera with liveview or an EVF. M camera's were since the 70's a tool for photographers who wanted to work different: unobtrusive, quick and sure to get a picture up, close and personal. Now Leica is turning the M into a "do-it-all" camera. Maybe they feel that they can't sell their camera's without all the extra's, but i think they are losing the edge they allways use to have with the M line.

Just two words: market and greed.

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waffel and co: They make a great looking camera , I like what they make .......then I liked the Epson Rd1, m8, m9 ,m4 etc ......so I am sorta rangefinder orientated but I abdicated to Fuji, cheaper, great results, better camera and the X E2 is a great leica lens companion

.....and much cheeper

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RichRMA: I wish other camera makers still used brass blanks for the top and bottom plates. That way, we'd still have real metal finishes instead of lousy paint on magnesium castings.

Agreed, but at what a price!

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photogeek: Too cheap. I'll wait until they release a titanium version for like $50K.

Aargh! You shouldn't have said that: now, surely, Leica is going to put that in practice and sell this new product for some 9.995 US$.

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No thanks! No more Leica for me. The loss I suffered due to the M9 sensor failure and Leica's inadeguate approach to the issue (replacement with a similar sensor prone to telapse) was enough for me.

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On Happy Holidays from dpreview article (125 comments in total)

Best wishes to all of you up there.

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On Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue article (378 comments in total)
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boarderphreak: Leica has issued a formal response!


As I understand, there will be no permanent fix as Kodak CCD sensor is not expected to undergo further upgrading processes...... Leica could be planning on having designed a new CMOS sensor for M-E and MM.
In that case, what about M9 and M9-P?

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Let's at least hope that these PRO lenses won't break off at the bayonet plastic mount as it occurred to some 12-40mm PRO. When it comes to reliability m4/3 system leaves much to be desired and can hardly be defined "PRO".

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Davidgilmour: I will never ever buy canon stuff again

....and neither will I

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Aahhh, what's point? Canon is only a waste of time.

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On Canon India teases 'something big' coming soon article (150 comments in total)

Another B/S camera body.

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On Get more accurate color with camera calibration article (216 comments in total)

Honestly, can't see any difference between before and after calibration.

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On Pentax K-3 Review preview (513 comments in total)

Full review!? This is a miracle.

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On Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent article (321 comments in total)

Well done.

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Rodger Kingston: Would have been useful if the cost, weight, and size of these interesting tripods could have been translated into figures us parochial Americans could understand.... maybe dollars, ounces, and inches.

Make an effort

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