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Kaj E: A small step in the right direction. The final solution is to start selling the software again instead of renting it.

Adobe would get their customers back.

Sandy, you are assuming that they wouldn't have more sales if it weren't just for rented software.

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On Adobe CC Announcements: What you need to know article (163 comments in total)

My concern, like many here, is the fact that a subscription service gives way too much control to Adobe. They can change their pricing structure on a whim. Introduce as low of a price as you need to so your competition can't weather the storm, and then ladle on the gravy with price increases when you are the last man standing. Isn't that what monopolies do?

I remember in the earlier days when Adobe charged $450 for a set of fonts. They are the definition of unbridled greed and I have no trust in them. I will stay with my purchased copy of Lightroom, thank you very much.

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On Apple to cease development of Aperture article (423 comments in total)

I'm not sure this a bad thing. It sounds like Apple is giving away the next generation of Aperture and will be updating it for free.

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Just when I thought Hasselblad couldn't do anything more to debase themselves......

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (597 comments in total)

And folks were kvetching about the price of the Sony RX-10...

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There is a god in heaven and the universe is balanced again. Now all Hasselblad needs to do is put Luca Alexandrini into the unemployment line and they can put this episode of 'suckery' behind them.

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On French newspaper publishes issue with no photos article (208 comments in total)

The reality is that with the proliferation of cell phone cameras, there is always someone on the scene to take a picture... whether it is a natural disaster or an accident, or even a war. As long as there are people present, there will be pictures available.

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On Another Hasselblad rebadge or Photoshopped hoax? article (187 comments in total)

I'm sure it will appeal to someone's 'Inner Fop.'

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Size is an issue that impacts other concerns. I accept the smaller screen size because I want a smaller phone to carry around. Until someone comes out with a holographic or foldable display, we make our choices and live with the constraints. First and foremost... I want a phone... small, high quality, seamlessly integrated and rock solid. The iPhone 5s gives me all of that. The camera works well enough for me. If I need more, I'll carry the RX100 around. It was a good review and told me what I needed to know. Thank you.

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On Sony A3000 preview (681 comments in total)

This is a 'poor man's Hasselblad Lunar." It is an ergonomic shell wrapped around an NEX.

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I am so embarrassed for them.

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On Pentax Q7 added to our studio comparison database article (118 comments in total)
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RichRMA: "Out of fashion?" Oh dear! What will my fashionista friends think??!!

If you are worried about your fashionista friends, get a Hasselblad Lunar or the Leica G-Star Raw... they will help you contact your inner fop.

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On Pentax Q7 added to our studio comparison database article (118 comments in total)

You can pick up a new Pentax Q with an 01 lens on ebay for around $225. At that price, it makes a very fun camera. If you are willing to do some PP, the results are very pleasing.

I must admit that the images from the Q7 are somewhat disappointing. I have a lot of fun using the older Q. If I don't pixel-peep, I'm happy with the results.... far happier than I was with the smearing on the newer Sony compacts.

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I never realized how big the customer base of wealthy fops must be.

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Nikon or Canon = tools
Leica or Alpa = objects

Though to be fair, this would apply to the Hermes editions or commemorative issues.

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On New image viewing options for forums article (162 comments in total)

Thank you very much! I really appreciate all the effort you have put into making this a fantastic site!

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This is no different than the fops who buy Hermes edition Leicas.

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