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I'm not a fan of the colors I'm seeing.

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iae aa eia: Some people here are completely blind. This is for sure the biggest change in the history of photography after the film era. The digital capture was only the beginning. Man, now you can focus a shot after taken, haha! That's amazingly amazing! Seriouly, man! Haha! Wow, no words...

Don't think I don't understand about photography. I understand, and very much, artistically and technically, and also appreciate all that stuff like manual focusing, 'shuttering', 'aperturing', 'whiting', 'ISOing', etc.; working on the camera, but, to think it's going to be little thing, is total blindness and huge ignorance.

B64: The same software that allows them to selectively focus on one plane could easily put the entire photo in focus. But that isn't a good way to demonstrate the Lytro's post-focus capability is it? :) I bet their web viewers will gravitate toward selective focusing, while other software (3rd party perhaps?) will let you output conventional images with more focusing parameters. Supposedly Lytro has even made holographic images from their snaps (because you can supposedly shift your POV a little bit). Wow!!

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On Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database article (220 comments in total)
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Steven Noyes: Olympus PEN E-PL3 seems to strike, by far, the best balance. The Nikno's base ISO 100 noise is very high to almost be distracting. It does hold the noise and by ISO 800 is starting to come out ahead. The V1's ISO 100 noise is almost troubling.

But overall, the IQ difference are very small between the different models.

I don't see it, Freddy. The only difference I see in color and detail are the difference in resolution and manufacturer's defaults, like sharpening and color. We shouldn't expect a huge difference at ISO 200. The place to look is ISO 3200+.

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