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Sjakie1956: "Canon is the king", "No, Nikon is the king". Both childish nonsense.
Display 100 printed wedding and product pictures on 30x45cm and I dare every "expert" to name the right camera and lens with every picture and they will all fail !!!
You may like ergonomics, feeling or handling, but they all produce great pictures if the capable photographer is behind the camera.
I read judgements here based only on what is read on internet and prejudice ??!!
Opinions are important, but please, based on facts.

good boy... really well said

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On Canon PowerShot G15 hands-on preview (246 comments in total)

why lots of people complaining about the tilt screen? most of more expensive and more advance DSLR dont have tilt screen and no one complain about it. and they produce great images! and if you said that they are P&S camera that should have because of their mobility, then treat them like a point and shoot cam.. don't complain about their small sensors. because they are just a simple camera for walk around when you are not bringing your cool big DSLRs! deal with it boys... there are no perfect camera like you want it to. these company must have some reason for their product.. they are not dumb..

but if you feel that you are smart enough compare to them, why don't you have your own camera company? :D

i am not a canon fan boy, i used canon, fuji and iphone :) and i love pentax and dreaming of leica and hasselblad....
and i will change my g11 with this g15 :)

hit me!

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On Leica M-Monochrom Hands-on Preview (451 comments in total)

I really hate this fan boys thing... OK.. if you have lots of money, buy this Leica...and guys, if you just have money to spend for canon, nikon, etc... don't bother complaining about this leica. just go out .. and do some photograph. lots of people become rich from any type of camera....

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