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On Massive $33,500 2450mm f/8 NASA lens surfaces on eBay article (221 comments in total)

I`d have bid on it of I knew there was an adapter available to fit my XA1.

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There's no escape from the fact that in the minds of the majority of snapshooters a dslr means a professional quality camera with separate and top quality lenses capable of the best imagery possible .
Anything less is regarded and seen as amateur class to them although usually in their price range.
When they discover they can own a good dslr for less than some compacts they often choose the dslr regardless of it being an entry level . A dslr IS still a dslr, the ultimate camera to own. Canikon would be pretty dumb to even think of abandoning it`s cash cows.

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FTW: Imagine all camera makers would find a way to one single common M mount, what a wonderful world of lenses we would live in. So, no need to say that the EOS M looks like a NEX-5 with some less features. It probably makes same good picture as the NEX. It is a better IQ tourist camera. Just ask myself why this "pocketables" like this one too, are made with that bulky lenses. They should be sold with pancakes as a standard kit lens, that makes sense, not this bulky thing like Sony has it also. And then, why pancakes in 20 or 22 mm. An alround tourist pancake needs between 12 and 16mm.

I agree with the previous poster who says the kit lens should be a pancake. The large kit lens which is always included defeats the purpose of the compact body itself and only conveys the true fact that they simply want to sell lenses period! That`s where the money is.

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On P1000409 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (4 comments in total)

I`m not impressed at all. A total lack of detail.

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On Just posted: Fujifilm X10 in-depth review article (155 comments in total)
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sqware: Finally!

A silver award for a camera that produces better looking 6 MP vs 12 mp jpegs and unsatisfactory raws ? Cmon now !

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)
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JesperMP: The sample image DSC01011 @ISO2500 looks just as good as or maybe a bit better than my S95 @ISO800. To me, it seems that RX100 delivers on the sensor IQ at high ISO.

Really excited about RX100. Shame I cant really justify replacing my S95 so soon.

Btw. I just hate it when people refer to RX100 or S95 or similar cameras as "point and shoot" cameras. It is a derogative term that does not acknowledge that these cameras gives you as much control as a "higher end" DSLR do. To my opinion RX100, S95 etc. are superior to the typical entry-level DSLR with the kit lens mounted.

As good or a bit better than your S95? LOL. Wishful thinking on your part?
The Sony sensor is nearly 3 times larger! If it doesn`t blow the Canon out of the water it will be a big embarrassmant for Sony.

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On Images of Panasonic GF5 start to appear article (118 comments in total)
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Almeida: Is this an editorial change that's here to stay? Will we start to have rumors on DPReview?

Hey, Dpreview was usually the last place to see a new rumored camera. They probably got tired of being left in the dark.
They play by the rules with their disclosure agreements but it seems no one else ever does.

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On US customers willing to spend more for Nikon article (99 comments in total)
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Earthlight: SD1 must be on the top though...

A big plus for Nikon (and Canon) is their stability.
If you look at what is happening with Olympus shares down 80% and Sony losing money 4 yrs running I wouldn`t want to be buying any of their high end cameras and or lenses.

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On US customers willing to spend more for Nikon article (99 comments in total)
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Earthlight: SD1 must be on the top though...

Whether or not Americans buy a Nikon or a Sony they still recognize Nikon as a premier camera maker.
The Sony name invokes " Play Station" or "Walkman" whereas the Nikon name invokes high quality / expensive camera , at least to those who aren`t glued to the camera forums. This may be why Nikon is able to get more for their product.
If money were no object everyone would probably like to own a Leica, but for those who can`t afford one ,they would choose what they think is the next best, Nikon of course.

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On US customers willing to spend more for Nikon article (99 comments in total)
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Earthlight: SD1 must be on the top though...

Nikon has for many years been the brand name most folks in the USA recognize as a maker of top quality cameras . Another is Leica.
Canon may be all as good as Nikon and even though it might outsell Nikon it still lacks the name brand recognition that Nikon has aquired.

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