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attomole: For a photographer even a budget restricted amateur I don't see the pont of anything less than A3+ Colour and B&W printer. Not that the all-in-ones are not fantastically usfull home office devices and even the cheapest branded ones I have used make nice colour prints, but A4 is not big enough to display.

There are not that many such devices out there (A3 photo printers) but I don't know of a review site that is across all the printers available and keeps pace with developments. I would have expected for the sort of people who come to this site it would be very useful data.

A3 is also too small for a decent sized print!
Any printer that can make bigger prints than A3, in a quality that you'd want to hang up, are so expensive that it is much better IMO to get those few prints, that you want large, done professionally.
The economics of that is obvious and the professional printers will be operated by someone capable, who's made hundreds of prints. and no worries at home about any wasted inks or calibration problems or blocked up print heads,... ;-)

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Dan1964: I'll never buy another Canon pixma. Never had a printer that used so much ink just turning it off and on.

I'm not a printer expert, but I read on some forums that the ink is used to clean out the printhead and all the tubes etc. that keep it free running and working when you need it!

If you buy the ready filled 3rd party ink it costs next to nothing! About 1 Euro per cartridge for my older MG6250 canon pixma Printer . So no big deal about that.

I use my printer almost every day to print out A4 size photos. I have stacks of them and use them more or less just as proofs. Photos from normal consumer ink jet printers will fade after a few months so if I want to hang a photo then it will be "test printed" with the pixma and then made much bigger and better by professional labs where the result also last much longer.

To buy a printer that would reach such pro levels (size and quality) would costs a fortune and is just not worth it for me,
so I'll stick with my pixma printer despite its faults.

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On Olympus debuts 'Anywhere Classroom' video series article (43 comments in total)
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Sonnik: At the end of the video, when she's giving us the web address, she says "back slash". Sorry, but that is a "forward slash". Little details done wrong, degrade confidence.

That is such a lame reply!!
... even if you type in the slash the wrong way round your browser will correct it for you.

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On UK-London 2012 2-2w in the Capital City Series: London, England challenge (1 comment in total)

I like the colours and quiet mood in this shot !

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On The Shard in the Capital City Series: London, England challenge (1 comment in total)

cool shot , love the colours & reflections

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tarakanchik: I think I remember this picture from the Landscapes forum, no? It had some sun spots too if I recall correctly :) Great shot, again!

Thanks for all the votes!

This is a shot from my series called “Forest Light”, you can see that series on my website.

Yes, I added this to the Landscape forum a few weeks back and got some nice constructive feedback there :-)
One person mentioned that there was a bit of flare visible on one of the trees, so I removed that with a small amount of cloning. and a second person suggested a slightly tighter crop to concentrate more on the stream, which, by chance, happened to fit much better to this particular challenge.

So it just goes to show the value of the DPR forums to help and encourage us all to improve our photography :-)

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On Rocket launched at the Great Central Railway in the Rocket launch challenge (8 comments in total)

great entry, Good luck in the challenge!

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On Romantic forest light in the Dark sunset in the forest challenge (3 comments in total)

Thanks for the votes :-)

This photo together with the one placed number 4 in this same challenge are both hanging at the moment with a few others in an exhibition called "Forest Light" at a local company. In about a month when these photos are exchanged for the next set, they'll be auctioned off to the employees of that company, and all the money goes to charity.

You can see them on my website:

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On On Sharpening Images article (4 comments in total)

Wow, Thank you. Glen!
This is an excellent and well written article.
I have processed and sharpened literally hundreds of images with ACDsee Pro7 and I have sort of learned by doing. You have now confirmed what I was thinking and taught me a few new tricks :-)
For example, I hadn't used the threshold or detail sliders before but now I can see what they do and appreciate that they can also play a role in the noise/sharpening optimisation.

Please keep up the good work. It really helps us ACDsee users here!
and probably others as well.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: a quick summary article (535 comments in total)
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eddie_cam: Wanna compare the size visually? Be my guest ...:,467

Nice website to compare many different camera sizes , very useful, thanks.

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Brian in Montana: I really liked this one a lot and had it tied for first place. Wish it had placed higher, but very good image.

Thanks for the nice comment :-)

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On Lonely Car at an Empty Road challenge (4 comments in total)

Can it be one car and one person alone on a road?

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On Autumn Leaf in the Autumn Macro challenge (5 comments in total)

Perfect combination of lighting, composition and timing !

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beautiful shot!

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Le Kilt: Nice shot, love her dress style and great framing, would have scored higher if someone (the winner?) didn't get a couple of friends to dump two 0.5 votes on it.

Thanks !

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Jimmy jang Boo: That lens looks like it's ready to take a bath.

I feared the same, but she had everything under control.
The lens stayed dry and survived to shoot another day :-)

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On Contexture in the Beautiful Textures challenge (2 comments in total)

Great shot!
Where did you find this, I can't figure out what it is ?

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Those seats don't look anything like comfortable ?

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On Whale Watching Antarctica in the Whales challenge (1 comment in total)

This is one cool action shot !!
Shows how big they really are are next to that small boat.

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On Photo taken with a Medium format Camera and Lens challenge (18 comments in total)
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babalu: It is a shame that the Host did allow so many infringements upon his own cardinal rule and theme of the challenge. Actually a document of his ignorance.
It is especially a shame that one of the non-medium format shots made a third place in this challenge.

It would be good to have a set of photos here that show the different perspective "look" you get when using a medium format camera compared to images made with smaller sensor cameras.
I would be in favor of disqualifying all NON-MEDIUM-FORMAT entries.

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