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I'm beginning work on my app now. I can't tell you what it does yet, but let me say, you're gonna love this!

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Review preview (341 comments in total)

Why oly cant has?

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They're breathing the smoke that's the industrial byproduct of the manufacturing of the very camera they are using to avoid taking a picture with that byproduct in it. That's like an ironic enigma, wrapped in the matrix, folded up in a house of mirrors by Nietczhe, Marx, and Kant, and then placed inside a burrito that was fed to Ronald Reagan and crapped out into a toilet made out of the graphs that Ross Perot used to draw.

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I'd expect that from rushlimbaugh.com but Wired.com? Srsly?

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On iPhone rumors heat up post (8 comments in total)

Yawn more comments from fandroids.

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Emperor's New Clothes.

Ever heard of that story?

Because these pictures are garbage!

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And... this is why you should ALWAYS get a Mack Diamond Warranty.

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On Olympus stems losses but PEN sales disappoint article (233 comments in total)
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justmeMN: In the USA, Olympus mirrorless is still an obscure product line, with little brand awareness, little advertising, and little retail shelf space. They don't seem to have much of a future here.

Yeah, the US economy is a piece of garbage. Unless you're a rich a-hole. Then it's awesome. But for regular people everything is over-priced now. This is due to the fact that idiots run our country.

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On Olympus stems losses but PEN sales disappoint article (233 comments in total)
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mediasorcerer: Olympus will be fine, the next omd will put them in a better position soon enough.
Part of me hopes they will create a csc with ff sensor at some stage of the game, or fixed zoom ff rangefinder style, it's the next logical step, and an area they are not covering, that badly needs some competition.
hey, im allowed to dream.

FF sake, the OM-D is full-frame. You people need to learn the meaning of language. They don't have to make a 4"x5" camera for it to be usable for pro photography.

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kaiser soze: When I first read about the Nikon 1 cameras, my assumption was that they would be priced far lower than other mirrorless cameras with much larger sensors. Then at some point I was aware that the pricing was not much lower, if any lower at all. I scratched my head, because it obviously did not make sense. And it is obvious that lots of other people had the same reaction, asking how that could possibly make any sense. Why did something that did not make any sense to lots of people nevertheless seem to make sense to the executives at Nikon? It reminds me of how time and again it is easy to observe that the top level executives of many large corporations are screw-ups. In the U.S. auto industry this is more the norm than the exception. But they get paid tens of millions of dollars per year, for being major screw-ups. If Nikon knew that they could not make the camera more affordable, they should not have bothered to make it. Dumb.

Note they said they are still makin profit. The cameras surely cost less to make, so, sell em at the same price as a DSLR and double your margin! I'm sure it sounded like a good idea at the time.

But there is only so many times the sales guy will recommend a camera that keeps getting returned due to being a Nikon 1.

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They are wayyy overexposed. At least feature GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY

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Of course he says that, it's what Aptina makes.

How much did they pay you DPReview?

Go back to the gear shop. DPReview SOLD OUT

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Anyone wanna buy an Olympus Zuiko 50mm f/1.2? :D :D :D I may not be needing it anymore hahaha

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bacteria: "The LEICA DG NOCTICRON 42.5mm/F1.2 achieves the fastest (1) F1.2 for a Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens"

DPreview should point out marketing lies when they paste them.

I won't believe Leica has never heard of the f0.95 Noktor hyperprime, which came out ages ago. I won't say the Noktor has better IQ, but clearly Leica's above statement is BS.

Your name describes your intelligence

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On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1200 comments in total)
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DotCom Editor: "The most unique new feature of the GX7 is its flip-up electronic viewfinder."


Something can't be more unique than something else. Unique is an absolute. Either something is unique, or it is not. There is no such thing as degrees of uniqueness.

DotCom Editor, you are 100% correct. LOL


Get it? 100% correct? Because correct is an abso- .... nevermind.

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Put a high power laser on that and you have something truly scary lol

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The slow, loud focusing speed of the existing 20 is its only real drawback. I'll probably keep it and use the other one on dual GH3's to do 3D video.


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On Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands-on Preview preview (195 comments in total)

Sadly it's Apple who should have done this awhile back. I have been saying for years that Canon or whoever should make a camera that takes an iPhone inserted in the back and uses it for the control interface.

But kudos to Samsung for innovating. The claim of DPreview that it somehow lacks "external controls" is the stupidest thing I've ever read. Hasn't DPreview ever heard of gestures? They could easily make certain gestures correspond with certain controls, completely obviating the need for dials and buttons. You know, swipe right while looking through the finder to see ISO. Swipe left to do exposure compensation. Double-tap for AE-lock. Etc. etc. ad infinitum.

People lack imagination and clarity of thought these days. It's just pathetic.

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Victor is rolling hard right now. That 18-55 on there makes me want to puke. What's next, a Mamiya Nikon J3?!

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Hell yeah! C'mon Olympus, you're next!

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