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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1396 comments in total)
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vFunct: Has anyone ever seen a professional photographer at a press event use anything BESIDES a Nikon or Canon?

All other manufacturers are a JOKE compared to these kings.

Mirrorless camera's are even WORSE than jokes.

There are absolutely ZERO Photojournalists in this world that use a mirror less camera. They are completely useless!

The only people that use mirror less cameras are measurebators! HAHA!

Really kiddos, stop playing with your mirror less camera and get a grown up camera like a Nikon.

Seriously, has anyone actually ever seen a photographer at a press event that uses anything besides a Nikon or Canon?

Of the 150 photographers at Fashion Week or a Sporting Event, I noticed that ALL used Nikon or Canon. HAHA!

All the other cameras must be used by girly weaklings.

I was at a press event with my E-M1 the other day. I had to step over homeless Chicago press photographers who tried to sell me their D4's on the way in.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1396 comments in total)
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Catalana: Very entertaining commentary. I'm sure that this camera will hit the sweet spot with quite a few folks, the only issue being the price. I don't try to speculate too much about features, but if this body turns out to produce excellent "image quality", I might consider it.
And just to be cheeky, I want to plug the D600. It is still one of the best cameras in regards to image quality. :-)

Easier just to rename it.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1396 comments in total)


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cjcampbell: All right. We have an iPad Air. Will there be an iPad Pro?

My sources say yes

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On Fujifilm XQ1 Preview preview (162 comments in total)

Why not use degrees instead of "equivalent mm"? Equivalent to what? Hardly anyone (less than 5% of photographers) shoots 135 anymore. IT'S NOT 2003 ANYMORE!

Also if you used degrees then your graph's horizontal scale wouldn't be so compressed to the left and stretched out to the right.

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BigBen08: Apple's memory pricing is still pretty steep. Going from 16GB to 128GB will cost you $300.

Also, iOS is far from "totally locked down". In fact iOS allows apps much more direct hardware access than Android does; music synthesizer apps on iPad run with almost NO lag, whereas on Android they are pretty much unusable. This is again because Android apps are forced to run within a Java VM that is extremely limiting on how the app can perform vs. the full capabilities of the hardware.

Apple provides a very powerful custom development environment that allows you to create fully custom software for your iPad to make it do almost anything you can dream up, using C, C++, Objective C, or Java. It's the exact opposite of "locked down."

As well it's a simple matter to jailbreak an iPad, which takes 5 minutes. There are tons of open source projects you can then install and run.

I mean with Android you typically have to "root" the device anyway to do much, so how's that any different?

Oh and iPad's battery doesn't expire while it just sits there doing nothing, as Android loves to do.

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BigBen08: Apple's memory pricing is still pretty steep. Going from 16GB to 128GB will cost you $300.

Wrong on ALL counts, Halc. Apple's memory is more expensive because it's super-fast SSD type memory, 10 to 50 times faster than crappy MicroSD cards that get lost in your carpet. There is zero delay loading very high resolution photos on an iPad. My Android tablet with its slow SD slot has higher gigahertz but it's a complete dog for working with photos. Android also takes a big performance hit due to running in a Java VM, whereas iOS rides directly on the custom 64-bit hardware. There really is NO comparison, unless you are mentally deficient, and know nothing about how computers work.

The fact is there are simple adapters to use MicroSD or USB with any iPad. Yes, it's an external adapter, but a USB cord is already an external connector, so who cares? As for SD, the only time I need to use my SD adapter on iPad is when I'm downloading photos into it, and I don't find the adapter to be an inconvenience.

You get what you pay for! My iPad battery is amazing after 18 months of use.

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On Panasonic DMC-GM1 preview (631 comments in total)
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OneGuy: Now is a good time to put in a wish for dpr's full review of this cam. (Dear Santa. I was very good most of the time and) Could you tell me how big of a hi quality print I can make with F1.7/20mm lens? With GF1 I go to 30x40 cm and routinely get good comments. So, how about 40x60 with GM1? More? Less? (Hello to elfs.)

I printed a 144x133" print from my Olympus E-3, that looks fantastic. The E-3 has a far worse sensor than this camera. I'm sure you can easily do a 40x60"!

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On Iain McKell photographs 'The New Gypsies' article (184 comments in total)

Cool subject. Crappy photos. I mean, really, these aren't that good. Why is DPReview putting this up here? Did the photographer pay you?

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Cool thanks for looking at not just cameras.

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DPReview has stated false information in the lead-in to this article.

They said CC allows "faster" access to updates. Wrong. CC does not allow faster access to software updates. Adobe *says* it does, but it doesn't. There is nothing about Creative Cloud that speeds up the ability of Adobe to update consumers' software.

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jcmarfilph: So why no iPhone 5s? It would have been nice to see it being stomped by these cameras.

And FWIW, the nokia night shot is obviously blurry so to include it in the comparison is useless. ISOs should have been fixed to one value for a fair comparison.

Remember the 5S is not trying to be what it's not. What Nokia has done is put a high-res camera in a crappy Windows OS phone, which has nowhere near the processor speed or app selection of the iPhone 5S. Meanwhile Apple gives you by far the fastest phone with best app selection and most advanced OS, and a pretty good camera that is FAST. The 5S is a camera that a photojournalist could use; it doesn't have the high-ISO of a Nikon D3S, but, it has the speed. Personally I'd rather have an 8MP picture of the exact right moment, than a 41MP picture after the moment is gone. A lot of types of photography are much more about timing. Nokia is going to work great for a non-moving or posed subject, but then, why not just use a regular camera for that? I dunno, none of 'em's perfect.

BTW -- iOS 7 has some new APIs that will allow apps to be made that can take advantage of setting ISO, WB, and some other things, it has a gain setting in there etc. Still no aperture or shutter speed, but I think that's because it has no shutter or aperture.

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Tonkotsu Ramen: hello,

will you update this article with iphone 5s results?

it feels a bit odd you guys didn't at least include an iphone 5 in this article.

The 5S is pretty similar to the 5 in my testing. But it's super FAST. The burst rate is incredible and you can just keep going. I think it's clear Apple is going after the Go Pro dollar and the mom-whose-kids-blink-alot dollar. And they are not concerned about the "person who wants to exceed the Nikon D800 in resolution with their phone" dollar. The Nokia's interesting but it's a much bigger device. I'd actually like to see Nokia just make a camera, with a Zeiss prime lens. Let Nokia do the interface and sensor for the Sony RX-200 or Fuji X200, or OM-D E-P6.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 28, 2013 at 06:34 UTC

I guess you guys couldn't get your hands on a 5S. It would be nice to see a more unbiased comparison. Many of us are satisfied with 8MP for a phone. The speed of rapid-fire and length of bursts on the 5S is really nice. I'm not sure I could live with a 4-second shot recovery time like on the Nokia.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 28, 2013 at 06:27 UTC as 26th comment | 2 replies

This is cool.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 17, 2013 at 07:53 UTC as 2nd comment

Hah, if any of you fools knew what is inside the E-M1 you would not be complaining. It's a bargain for 2500 Euros.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 15, 2013 at 03:25 UTC as 7th comment | 1 reply

To continue my message below: you can also expect, if you buy this camera, that they will not have an API for developers to use the WiFi (like Sony does), nor any robust control interface with active software development behind it (like Canon does). They will not have any open-source firmware like Samsung does (so that when they cease development of the firmware in a year from now, you might actually be able to improve your camera if you know how to program).

I really wish Oly would bring on someone to make sure their video features, user interface, and support for third-party developers was all greatly enhanced. I would gladly pay $200 higher for this camera if it had the additional features I lamented in my first post below. But now I have to buy a GH3 if I want decent video. It makes me sick.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 10, 2013 at 22:25 UTC as 16th comment | 1 reply

No fully articulating screen, no headphones jack, no uncompressed HDMI out, no way to set the focus to infinity, no 4-way controller on the vertical grip, no 24P, no high-speed video modes (120FPS, 240FPS), and no touch-to-focus while recording video. Olympus is great at making products that are simultaneously must-haves, yet still, huge let-downs, full of "if only's" that leave loyal users such as myself feeling like citizens of a third-world country where you can only expect minimal things from the society despite it being a beautiful paradise in most regards.

Here's what you can expect if you become an Olympus owner, even of their top-of-the-line products: they will only update the firmware to fix a major bug, but not to add any new features or functionality. If you email Olympus a suggestion for how to improve the firmware of your camera, they won't do it, but you'll see that improvement on the next camera they come out with. Buy a new one. Meanwhile Canon 7D is on firmware 2.x..

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On Underwater Fuel in the Legacy of Nuclear Waste challenge (5 comments in total)

Awesome. I think this very well could be the first DPReview challenge win ever for an APS-format camera. Note: so-called "APS-C" digital cameras are not really APS-C format. Outside of BS marketing hype, here in the real world of hard facts and accurate information, APS-C is a subset of the Advanced Photo System film format, and the dimensions of the APS-C frame equal 25.1 × 16.7 mm. No digital camera has ever been made with an APS-C format sensor. Liars call 23.7 x 15.7 mm "APS-C" but they are liars.

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I'm beginning work on my app now. I can't tell you what it does yet, but let me say, you're gonna love this!

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