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AboutThePicture: I'm looking for a device to share pictures straight out of my camera on a party . Thinking about sharing to website-beamer-wall. Then what is the real benefit of this thing against an EyeFi card? Cause I would think that people who are looking for a kind of a device like this, just want to share pictures straight on the wall on parties and things like that. And a good EyeFi card is about $50,- ......... Off course they say you can also control some camera functions with the CameraMator (like changing the whitebalance) but that I can already do with my camera. So what's the real benefit of the thing?

because some of have cameras (like the Nikon D700) that use CF cards and thus cannot use an eye-fi card.

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On The Lightroom catalog article (315 comments in total)

Tried LR about a year ago. As a 51 year old guy who grew up on Kodachrome 25 in the 70's, still develops film up to 4x5, prints up to 16x20 from B&W, started using digital in the late 90s and shoot with a Nikon D700 now, who scanned thousand of old family photos a long time ago, learned to use a DOS DB before learning to use a WP, and cringes every time I hear someone say "folder" when they mean "sub-directory, I found LR unacceptable.

I like knowing where my files physically are, under ONE primary Sub-directory making it easy to backup to a secondary or tertiary drive, sync to Carbonite, or automatically add files to my system screensaver.

I learned 12 years ago to create a sub-directory structure, YYYY MO DAY DESCRIPTIVE WORDS (up to 64 characters), using 2xExplorer (a dual-pane file MGR), ThumbsPlus (a photo browser-linked to external programs such as PS). I learned 12 years ago to save edits simply by adding a "c" (for change) to the file name.

Never lost a file or photo.

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