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Guys lets not forget the reasons why we take photographs - to capture a moment in time to reflect upon down the track.

If HDR tickles your inner ear then knock yourself out...I use it and more often than not the non-photographer is the one pushing for really weird end results...this to me altering what the eye can truly see...some recent efforts in-house led to some show cars looking almost cartoon-y like yet strangely appealing.

Like any art form there are detractors and absolute raging fans.

Live with it as a developing medium and comment on the true beauty of the photo - composition, lighting and storyline!

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On Nikon D800 preview (1106 comments in total)

It seems to me there's a lot of hot air surrounding PRE-production test units of late but in all seriousness the lead time until a box lands on my desk with the unit inside is so far away it's not really worth getting all excited. I strongly feel these days the marketing machine often forgets about the users and their true requirements.

Given the quality of the current sensors and the stellar results they provide will the average user seriously have a need for such large resolution? Such fancy terminology and an inbuilt need to then spend big bucks on updating peripheral product like heaven forbid QXD cards?

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Carnivore99: The Instagram developers are completely Apple-centric and have been in no rush to develop for Android or any other platform despite their hollow promises to the contrary. The absence of a native iPad app by now also indicates a disappointing level of overall complacency on their part, in my opinion. I guess when you're the King you don't have to try very hard, but it's unfortunate to see them rest on their laurels so early.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the app and the IG community that has grown around it. But I think it would serve Burbn right for someone else to come along and come along and do a competing app better at this point, leaving Instagram to wonder how they became the MySpace of the photo-sharing app world.

I hear you Carnivore99 - I have travelled with the IG wagon since its departure and am chuffed at the development and community growth - however the comms back from Burbn (0) leave something to be desired.

The updates come and go but seriously nothing mind-blowing ever makes it...instead of furnishing newer / lamer filters they could do a survey of users and really tackle the important UI stuff.

Makes you wonder if its a matter of funding? iPad apps can be developed in no time so what the hell is going on down at their offices?

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