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On Ricoh announces HD Pentax DA AF 1.4X AW rear converter news story (52 comments in total)
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bossa: DA*300mm is a FF lens as is the DA*200, DA*55 and a number of other DA lenses. The fact this converter is listed as 35mm FF may auger well for a Pentax FF camera in the near future.

aaah no where does it mention FF. In fact none of the compatible lenses are FF except the two DFA macros. Yes some lenses cover an FF image circle, it doesn't make the lens an FF lens.
You are twisting what is said to confirm your belief a FF is coming soon.

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On Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app news story (210 comments in total)
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Holger Drallmeyer: Am I missing something? LR runs on Surface tablets for a long while already. And what about $99 a year? Isn't that a huge rip off? I probably just don't get it.

Actually a surface pro with keyboard does not weigh a lot less than a mac air and also costs around the same. with the same sized storage.
Surface pro without keyboard is 0.9 kg
Macbook air 11" is 1.08 Kg
So bigger screen and a keyboard for an extra 180grams. I'd argue if weight was a big factor you'd be getting an android/apple tablet or smartphoine anyway.

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On Adobe adds Perspective Warp and 3D printing to Photoshop CC news story (158 comments in total)

The issue with the rental model stills continues. If you stop paying for the rental model, your files are trapped without anyway of opening them. Worst case they should allow you to open and save any files even if your subscription is no longer valid.
Luckily Lightroom is probably all most photographers really need.

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On Integrating the MacBook Air into a pro workflow article (351 comments in total)

A lot of people bash apple macbooks, but seriously, only in the last year have laptops been available that matched some of the specs of the macbooks especially the resolution of the 15" pro retina. And its not like these new laptops are cheaper anyway.

Just searched on the Fujitsu lifebook whic looks great buts its the same price as a similarly specced macbook (in Australia), however it is new and looks good. ish it was an option 2+ years ago when the only laptop with greater than a 1920X1080 screen was made by apple.

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On Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom news story (193 comments in total)

I think the idea of it being a zoom to 600mm. I'd be happy with it starting at 200 or even 300, but i think that doesn't change the lens design much.

All the pentax users crying out for long lenses miss out as do m4/3. Is it that hard to change mounts for Tamron to make it profitable?

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assuming of course it comes to your device... I love my android phone but OS updates take forever to reach the phone after android has been released.

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On Panasonic DMC-GM1 preview (639 comments in total)
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ultimitsu: Finally, a true representation of "equivalent to 135 FF" , even better then I expected, it is done in a graph.

Well done DPR, keep it up. Stop the "24-200/2.8" frauds.

Its not a true representation. F2.8 means just that, the size of the aperture and in relation to ISO and shutter speed. The difference is f2.8 on m4/3 gives the same DOF as f5.6 on a FF sensor.

If it was f5.6 then you'd need faster shutter speed or higher ISO and its not. There is no need to call it fraud because its not and the sooner people reliase that FF is not the only sensor that can actually take pretty damn good photographs the better.

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It seems that this site is now dedicated to low quality imaging devices!

I see above; junk mounted onto Nikon and Canon bodies?
Why on earth would anybody with a single working neuron invest in superb cameras then pay good money for bad-plastic bits to put on the front other than lens caps or body caps?

If you want poor image definition and focus, take any lens, switch to manual focus and simply de-focus! Are they so lacking in photography skill that they havent worked this out yet?

iPhone, + accessory lenses.

We certainly need a High quality review site dedicated to very high quality equipment both in terms of Cameras both FF and medium format.
Monorail, and Panorama systems.

Post photography processing, system calibration and on through to Printing.

DPR 3 years ago bears no resemblance to the content today.

LOMO, Oh Yes! I will post a separate comment on my one and only experience concerning use of Lomo in outback photography in Australia.

Clearly you have no idea regarding photography and to you its all about out specs etc. I'm pretty certain the lens is metal and glass.
Guess what good photographers take amazing photos with these kinds of lenses.

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I'd pay for a subscription if pricing was global, but that is another reason for doing this. They can geoblock users into paying a certain price.

It won't stop piracy as unlike online games where you need other people online to enjoy it there is no real need to go online with CC other than to validate the license, which will be hackable on your computer.

BTW, yes i bought legit copies of lightroom 4 and CS5 plus premiere elements.

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I'd consider the CC model except for the fact that in many countries outside the USA the price is double to triple. The introductory special rate for existing license holder sin oz is a whopping $29 a month! Many australians bought the software from the USA because it was half price. This is adobe way of saying screw you we can stop you and make you pay double or triple. The excuse of higher costs doesn't really apply anymore because its all online.

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On Editing on the road article (114 comments in total)
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sesopenko: Backing up to an iPad is more about playing with a toy than using an efficient tool. Why do people continue to try to convince themselves that their iPad is an effective business tool by providing obscure and inefficient use case scenarios.

I took my iPad last trip with me. I also had a hyperdrive colourspace. I really only used the iPad to view photos and upload to my blog. The Hyperdrive did the backups. Although I'm seriously thinking of going back to a netbook for my next trip.

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Until devices get the USB host ability, they won't work with this. I'm hoping that they will eventually support numerous cameras.

All the new android devices should start to have USB host ability, mainly because it is supported in the latest versions of Android. apple devices are another story. I'd have an iPad right now if i could connect a USB HDD to it....

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Yes the pentax SR system compensates for rotational movement as well as standard horizontal and vertical movement.

I can't wait to get ones of these for my K-5. I'm guessing noone cares about the GPS, but the astrotracing feature which requires in body stabilisation is one of the few ingenius things to come from a camera company in a while.

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