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CanonKen: Can I stack them? Trying for a 17 day waterfall exposure.

Yes pdelux,

is right, but not a normal plastic cap, it must be made of steel, or better yet, with lead, otherwise the other frequencies, can pass: X and Gamma rays, from one side, and the radio frequencies on the other side, so could impress the sensor ... perhaps.

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Claudio NC: The minimum focus distance is 38 cm, that is 380 mm, that is 0.38 m, is well visible here:

Eeeh? Say what Michael?!

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The minimum focus distance is 38 cm, that is 380 mm, that is 0.38 m, is well visible here:

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Michel Cojan: «Minimum focus distance is 38mm.»
Should read 38mm (millimeters) or 38cm (centimeters) ? not exactly the same...

Where do you see these numbers?

Mais51, on the picture n°5 , I can see a '4', that is meters, not ft.
And this is not the start, the lowest, obviously.

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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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Nikonandmore: Is this a joke? This was news 5 years ago, same sensor. Canon does nothing new to innovate and must think we are all stupid and have alzheimers.. lol


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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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star shooter: If this sensor is 120Megs what would its top ISO be...1,000,000? Now that would be something, eh?

Other than that, this sensor would be great for Astrophotography, studio, portrait and landscape.

With extension untill 25.

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On Sigma dp0 Quattro announced with 14mm F4 lens article (138 comments in total)
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Schweikert: I owned a DP1 and greatly enjoyed the image quality, truly awesome for a small camera. The menu was fine as well as the size of the body. But the biggest issue is simply software, Sigma Photo Pro sucks beyond all imagination and no Lightroom support made the pleasure of the camera and the files quickly fade.

Awesome sensor though.

Sigma, you're so close but clueless to the needs of actual users!


the person who created Iridient Developer do not want to work on this new Raw of Sigma Quattro, that is very different from the others, too much work, too complex, too much time to lose. Already the previous Raw Foveon cameras required a gruelling work, he does not want to go crazy further, has other priorities.

So, unfortunately Iridient don't support Quattros.

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1891 comments in total)
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richard cohen: Good explanation of the issue. I have to send my d750 back in, and the biggest problem I have is being without the camera for up to three weeks! I was hoping to get a second body at some point, and that is going to have to wait until after the repairs are done. I never experienced this problem and probably never would, but the value of an 'unfixed' d750 will be a lot less than one that has had the repair, so I will send it in. Nikon is making it very easy, just put in the serial number and then print out shipping label. Free both ways which is the way it should be, and no b.s. about sales receipts or anything else they sometimes use to refuse service. All in all, this is the way I would hope nikon would react, they could not have done a better job imo. After all the bashing they have taken, they deserve kudos for the way this is being handled.

Why do not you buy immediately a second camera as reserve, to not have this serious preoccupation? ... as a cheap APS-C body, new or second hand?

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1891 comments in total)
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smaverickuma: The ultimate solution?

Use a manual focus lens. (Ha!)

I see you've all figured out on the issue, congratulations for the nice unintentional humor, is very encouraging.

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1891 comments in total)

stevez, I replay to you, but I write to all.

If the Sony A7, A7R and A7S are mirrorless cameras ... I can say you that, also these, have this issue, a strong shaped flare!
Instead, Fujifilm X-E1, X-T1 and X-A1 are immune to this kind of issue, and I think that all the others, X Fuji mirrorless could be free of this issue. Also the Pentax K-01 and Olympus EM-1 have not that flare (like D750), even if they are not totaly immune: they have another form of flare.
They produce a purple flare comet form, perpendicular to all the 4 sides in this Olympus, that is probably created by a little frame present around the sensor (a metallic frame that is not enough matte black and that reflect too much), and a flare on 1 side only -the right side when is in landscape orientation- in the Pentax K-01.
This Pentax have an element, not black, but clear metallic on 1 side of the sensor box! I have all these 8 cameras, Sony, Fuji, Pentax and Olympus, I speak for what I can see every time I use them.

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1891 comments in total)
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stevez: Nicely done DPR. I especially like that you've tested other cameras besides the D750 and found similar results. I remember on rare occasion finding unusual flare even on my D700. Makes me glad I've switched to mirrorless with none of those flare or focus issues.

Mirrorless not mean to have not a flare issue.

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On Fujifilm announces X-A2 with selfie-friendly LCD article (132 comments in total)
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D200_4me: Well it seems the "it must be tiny (even if it's so tiny it not as easy to operate) and it must have all the same features as camera x" crowd is still alive and kicking...and complaining, as usual. Probably complaining about something they'd never be interested in buying anyway.

So let me get this straight. Everyone wants a cameras as tiny as a small point and shoot with a 24-500mm f/1.2 zoom lens that retracts into the body so it's pocketable....but the camera still must have all the dials, controls, image quality and functions of a Nikon D4S, otherwise the manufacturer failed completely and is clueless. Is that right?

Not enough for me, might have at least a 21-1200mm f/0.9 and 10-1000000 ISO in a 500g with an expandable and form-variation body. Of course I mean an 1 milion ISO with a near to zero noise, at full 100Mpx resolution sensor with full spectral response variation (including or cutting) from IR to UV.

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batmatty: Maybe someday Nikon will release a camera that doesn't need to be serviced every few months. Wishful thinking for 2015!

On my Fuji S1 and S2 (made with Nikon body, years 2000 ...2003) after about 1 year of use, and a few tens of thousands of shots, the shutter mechanism was already broken.

My D600, in addition to the known spots on the sensor has had, after few months of use and about 20000 shots, a fault in the shutter mechanism: the lever that controls the diaphragm was blocked during use and was no longer moving, it was completely blocked. My Nikon D300 is still ok.

Never happened this break-faults on my Canon cameras, 1Ds MKII, 5D, 5DII, 550D and Pentax K5, despite having made tens of thousands of shots with the 550D and hundreds of thousands of shots with all the others.
In return, as downside, the Canon have always had and continue to have the well-known and significant problem of poor sensors, I mean that well known problem (banding-pattern & noise) on the low light side of the histogram, so offering a lot inferior quality than the others, Sony-Nikon, etc.

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cosmonaut: Buy Sony be happy.

Sounds good as a slogan.

I have 8 or 9 Sony ... I like a lot something of those cameras, but also hate a lot of other things.
I am not happy at all with them, but i use also them.

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Sad Joe: GOOD: Nikon have owned up to poor QA in record time so they have learnt from their mistakes when handling the D600 issue. BAD: The team at Imaging Resource investigated the problem and found that it also occurs - albeit to a lesser degree - in other high-end DSLRs like the Canon EOS-1D X - so don't dare say that DPNEWS isn't fair - they did their best to drag Canon in as well !! VERDICT: NEVER repeat NEVER buy a new Nikon on day one - give it at least a month for issues to surface. Are you reading this possible D5500 buyers ?????

... !!!!!!! reading WHAT Joe ???????????

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I would like to see a D760, or D770, or D780, or any other number choosen by Nikon ... but quickly, this year on the market, with a perfect matt black box without any minor reflecting elements when shooting and the T 1/8000 s.
Ok if 24Mp, but would be better with 36Mp sensor.

Full electronic shutter possibility (similar to that one on Sony A7S), IR remote receiver, for the shutter, with 2 sensors (1 on the back and 1 on front) or something of better, as a gem-type sensor, fixed or retractable, on the top of the camera, with full 360° capability, or near to 360°.

Those who expect to have images not weakened/damaged from camera vibrations at any T of exposure, (but usually longer than 1/200 ... 1/100) realize well about the usefulness of these latter 2 functionalities.
Camera on a tripod, or not.

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On Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera 2013 roundup article (467 comments in total)

Hubertus B,

this you have expressed here, is a criticism rather naughty, but, sorry DPreview ... I share.

If you could look and read Italian photo magazines, (I think almost all except one: FC), you could see a lot worse and sad situation.
They are often so "efficient" that are ... I say, "able" to publish review of cameras and lenses, that are already present on the market for at least 1 year, sometimes 2 years or more!
And in addition, some are just copies, badly tecnically translated, of foreign magazines.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 rumored to be out of production article (211 comments in total)
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SeeRoy: Pix excellent. Handling abominable.

I agree fully!

It's a little better with Olympus additional power grip (but with it you have more instability and vibrations if placed on the tripod) or something as the RRS L plate with his little grip, but without rubber.

Those hard-mushy small buttons of the 4 ways pad are ridiculous.
Every time, put a strain your patience, even in a confortable studio, not only if you have cold hands outside in the winter.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 rumored to be out of production article (211 comments in total)

I do not get why you give this news no-news.
Seems to me that, usually, DPReview don't give this kind of info ...
Boh !?
Few real news lately and want to fill the decrease?

I'm wrong?

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Very well!

Now USA have certainly not more excuses to pull out.
Thanks to this innovation, NASA can finally return to the Moon using their historical Hasselblad with this new digital-back

... Go!

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